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Cruising Down Blue Mountain

I am not sure what compelled me to sign my family up for the Blue Mountain Bicycle Tour excursion on our vacation in Jamaica last winter. It might have been my love for coffee, the need to step off of the beach, or the sudden call for adventure. I suspect […]

What’s in a View?

The moment you catch yourself gazing out over the vast landscape can be your shining light of inspiration while if you were to stare out across a garbage pit it could force you recoil from everything you have ever known. It is how each view is shaped and molded that […]

The Warmth of a Sunrise

On vacation I enjoy sneaking out of bed early to take photos of the quiet landscape before the hustle and bustle of the day. It is a magical time as the sunrises and the colors dance across the sky. The landscape turns from dark to light with not a single […]

Falling into the New Year

If there is one thing I am good at it is falling and it is never done with grace.  My fear of falling extends into many aspects of my life and one particular aspect is skiing. My husband and children  ski two runs with me in the morning before ditching […]

Reflections of Gratitude

Wilma our new travel trailer has become my first love and has finally rescued me from the drudgery of tenting. I no longer have to lug fifteen million things, over pack for unpredictable weather, and  I am rescued from blowing up the air mattress every waking hour of the night. My […]

The Thirty Dollar Pie

As we drove to West Glacier National Park we happened to pass a small place called The Huckleberry Pie Patch which held the promise of really great pie!  After a day visiting MacDonald Lake, taking a stroll up the Avalanche trail, and admiring the water run off from the mountains.  My appetite […]

The Long Drive

As we loaded up the truck and headed down south to Montana we decided the best route would be to go through Waterton National Park. The views were known to be breath-taking and once we crossed the border we would not be that far from Whitefish. We turned off the GPS […]

My Campfire Reading List

The summer I graduated from high school I went on a road trip with my sister to New York city in search of the perfect apartment before she attended Fordham University in the fall to complete her master and PhD.   We drove down from New Brunswick in a little […]