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My Children’s True Heroes

The NHL lockout boils down to the players believing they are not being paid enough money to play the sport they have given blood, sweat, and tears. I understand the countless hours they have put on the ice, the financial setbacks that their parents most have faced to ensure they […]

An Ass in the Box

We all run into that one person who has seen us a thousand times before but yet they seem to forget who we are depending on how we look or smell that day.  It is at that point I hear the circus music my brain filters on double duty in […]

My Brain Filtering System

As an impulsive person it took me some time to work on the finer art of conversation, to be patient, smile, nod, and listen. Many times I find myself opting out of conversations of sex, religion, and politics.  My brain calmly begins to filter if I disagree on the point […]

Silence for a Solider

[Texas June inspires with her thoughts and perspectives on life. She talks about daily musing on her farm, comments on politics, and has a flare for creative writing. Her one question is “Considering it would be the ultimate Republic goal, what is the one thing every citizen could do towards […]

If I Were a Cave Woman

[Nelle Writes is honing her craft as she toils away late nights on writing the perfect novel. She takes time away to share thoughts and snippets of her life on her stimulating blog posts. Nelle asks, “Can you share how your world would look if it were recreated in a […]

Does the Lion Ever Sleep?

[ Desi Valentine is  super mom! She sees no limits and pushes herself  to live life to the fullest! I would like to congratulate her on her next adventure as she makes the journey into grad school. Desi’s one question is “If you were sleep walking while on safari in […]