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Featured on Yoga Anonymous

In the past few years I have shied away from writing opinion pieces but this week I braved the waters submitting my piece Increase Body Diversity in Yoga Selfies to Yoga Anonymous. They featured it on their site yesterday afternoon and the response on their YOGANONYMOUS. ” target=”_blank”>FaceBook page has been […]

Hula like I Just Don’t Care

I eyed it at the sports store  and couldn’t resist! Almost every day it calls my name and taunts me to play, “Just for a minute! Only a minute!” How can I resist such a round shape, simple to whip around my waist, and use as a delightful diversion! It […]

The Luring Call of the Sirens

I have taken to swimming several times a week which has been great for my aching joints with the additional benefit of the calorie burn.  I also have been very vocal about finding the perfect swimsuit to keep everything in place while attempting to do the back crawl.   On […]

The Presence of Swimming

I love the feeling of swimming laps  as I glide across the water erasing my busy thoughts as I focus on my breath and stride. The water lulls my aches and soothes my  spirit as I disappear into the water. I push-off the wall, stretch out , rotating my arms,  […]

Dreaming the Day Away

My husband and I made a pact after staying our first frigid winter in Edmonton that we would save for one sunny destination each year. We vowed never to go through a full winter without  a break ever, again. The lack of vitamin D, staring at the grey skies, and […]

The Attack of the Fat Sucker

As I leisurely strolled down the Costco aisle I discovered Maiden Form Fat Free Dressing Tank Top for the low price of 19.99!  I was immediately hooked and grabbed a medium!   It the cheaper version of Spanx with the promise of hiding my muffin tops that appealed to my vanity. The […]