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Cruising Down Blue Mountain

I am not sure what compelled me to sign my family up for the Blue Mountain Bicycle Tour excursion on our vacation in Jamaica last winter. It might have been my love for coffee, the need to step off of the beach, or the sudden call for adventure. I suspect […]

The Thirty Dollar Pie

As we drove to West Glacier National Park we happened to pass a small place called The Huckleberry Pie Patch which held the promise of really great pie!  After a day visiting MacDonald Lake, taking a stroll up the Avalanche trail, and admiring the water run off from the mountains.  My appetite […]

Dreaming the Day Away

My husband and I made a pact after staying our first frigid winter in Edmonton that we would save for one sunny destination each year. We vowed never to go through a full winter without  a break ever, again. The lack of vitamin D, staring at the grey skies, and […]

Mountain Climbing Dreams

The past weekend did several small  hikes in Canmore  and came across several rock climbers on our journey. My littlest looked on with envy. He is always dreaming of the day that he will be climbing the side of a mountain. I have had moments when I have hollered on […]

The Haunted Hamburger

Jerome, Arizona, The “Mile High City” is the legendary place of haunted happenings and was once a thriving mining community.  It is now a historical site and residence boasting of population of fifty.  But I suspect they forgot to count all of the resident  ghosts in the area. As we  […]

Senior Swim

The beautiful weather in Sedona made for some lovely evening swims. One particular evening there were many retirees  lounging by the pool enjoying the lovely weather. My littlest being observant of the older age demographic got a special twinkle in his eye as he walked through the pool gate. He […]

The Energy of Sedona

Sedona offers so much in just its breath-taking beauty. It is a place where you can walk outside your front door inhale the fresh scent of juniper, admire the views of the red rock, and relax into another time.  It is truly a hidden gem that will take your breath […]