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My Mom’s Baked Beans

As the snow gently falls outside it makes me crave those special foods that my Mom made when I was a kid. It was always after  an afternoon of snow fort building, sledding, and a little cross-country skiing that I would run into the house starved for supper. I knew […]

A Bad Case of the Onions

My husband  has his cooking  specialties schnitzel and steak. It is the rare of occurrence he steps out of his cooking box and attempts a new dish. It is at these times I cross my fingers and hope for a semi delectable dish with take-out as an option on speed […]

It’s Spewing Leeks!

[Paprika Furstenburg of Good Humored dashes up her blog with a good dose of  wit! She has made me chuckle going where no woman has gone before in the bathroom. Also  a known fact all walks of life find her very attractive especially  mosquitoes and a wide variety of bugs. […]