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The Circle of Life

As we wandered from thee meadow and into the marshland we walked off the trail to watch the ducks swim in the water. It was as I looked over my shoulder to the left I felt a cold shiver and excitement as I saw what laid only a few feet […]

One Last Hurrah!

It was a weekend of tumbles and fun! We hit Marmot Basin for one last hurrah of winter! And called to mother nature for the warm vibes of spring. We tackled the fresh powder, enjoyed the views of Jasper and loved every minute of  our weekend. The conditions were perfect  […]

Trash Talk Tuesday

Did you ever have one of those weekends where you feel invigorated? Inspired for change?  As I enjoyed a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend in Banff with my family soaking up the scenery, hiking the trails, and cooking the turkey.  I jotted this quickly down in my journal:  It was one of those […]

A Lesson from Mother Nature

 I had ambitious plans this weekend which included completing my retaining wall, planting my garden, and enjoying a nice Sunday at Elk Island National Park. However, Mother Nature had other plans for me.  I woke up Saturday morning ready to face the day but as I looked out my window. […]

My Prayer to the Sun Gods

After my imaginary rant with Mother Nature on Sunday morning; I began to wonder if the heavens had their own bureaucracy. Maybe I could go above Mother Nature’s head to summon the warm weather. It was clear that channelling my energy through Mother Nature was no use to me and […]