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The Knack of Letting Go

Over the winter season my spacious home began to feel cluttered as if the walls were caving in from a junk pile of toys.  If you were to  wander up to the top floor of my home you would discover a small space overlooking a beautiful window that the sun […]

My Mom’s Baked Beans

As the snow gently falls outside it makes me crave those special foods that my Mom made when I was a kid. It was always after  an afternoon of snow fort building, sledding, and a little cross-country skiing that I would run into the house starved for supper. I knew […]

Moving Day!

In a few hours I will be moving from our little home on the park and getting ready to unpack the boxes in our new home. It is only up the street still walking distance of the children’s school and close to the friends that I have made throughout the […]

Being Ten Again

I discovered when I return home to visit my Mother for an extended time that I revert to my ten-year old self. In the past week I have gotten accustomed to my Mother making my coffee, baking my favorite treats, and the biggest perk is a late night trip to […]

The Sound of Silence

We went for a hike along The Hayburger Trail  and on our journey we came across an open meadow full of warmth that invited us in for a rest. We stopped in the middle and admired its beauty. My husband told my children , “Be very quiet! Lets stand still […]

Don’t Mess with My Mom

My Mom is a force to be reckoned with and she will be the first tell you exactly what you don’t want to hear at the most inappropriate time. Especially if you live in a Pollyanna bubble like me! But that is life! We have had our differences in the […]

A Mother’s Unrest

As time passes and we fade to dust do our souls travel to another place? Does a restless soul get trapped ?  And is this why  paranormal activity may exist? I know when we hear the ghost stories over the camp fire at night gaff at the tales because it […]

Call Me Old-Fashioned…

Do you remember the days at the supper table? The phone would ring and nobody would answer it because you were eating. It didn’t matter what who was calling because it had to wait. Meal Time  was family time regardless if you were crying over meatloaf and canned peas… We […]

Why do I Love Toes in My Nose?

It’s the start of August 1st and that means NaBloPoMo! The theme for the month is Fiction! Yes! Fiction! The topics, the titles, are endless, and should keep my blogging until the wee hours of summer. The prompt for today is, “What is your  favorite book?” My mind reeled, I […]