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A No Good! Terrible Haircut!

I have been cleaning cupboards, closets, and rooms with the mission to organize my chaotic house. It has been freeing to let go of the clutter and at the same time a riot to take a walk through the past coming across old photos.

The other day as I was humming through old photo boxes and watching the movie About a Boy. I looked at one of my photos with horror and then looked at the TV screen.

Poor little strange Marcus had the  exact same childhood haircut as me!
A bad haircut builds character

I reflected back on that time in my awkward youth – voted most unique in my class. It was not a huge stretch that maybe Marcus and I had a lot in common growing up.  Only one of many traits  bonding us together was the fact that our mother gave us both terrible, no good haircuts!

The worst part of it all was that Marcus is a fictional character and I am not!

As I began to reflect on all of this I began to feel a little  healthy resentment towards my mother and decided to call her out on it.

“Mom, I have been going through some old photos and it dawned on me that you decided it a necessity for me to have God awful hair. Why was that?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know. I looked like a boy. It was a terrible haircut.”

“I suppose. But your sisters hair was no better!”


A moment of silence as she tried to dig herself out of that hole.

“Just be lucky that you have hair. Humph!”

“Yes. Mom I am grateful I have hair. I know there are a lot of kids in this world with no hair.”

*eye roll*

I never really got a valid answer from her except some vagueness towards that was the times.


I would like to say as I look back on my childhood with fond memories and that my hair was not a big deal.

I can’t! It was a huge deal!  I am still bitter! 

However, life goes on and fortunately hair can grow.



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Darcie Cameron is a RYT 200 who believes Yoga is a gift that is accessible to everyone with proper modifications, a patient smile and just taking the time to breathe. One of the greatest presents you will ever unwrap is when you connect your mind, body and spirit in perfect sync with your own breath. Connect with Darcie on Facebook

30 replies

  1. The Dorothy Hammil haircut?

    That’s okay! I have pictures of myself in the 80s wearing neon clothes so bright you can’t look at the photograph directly. You would have thought I was an extra on Saved By the Bell!

  2. Every little girl in my 4th grade class had that haircut. Me included. My mother referred to it as a Beatles haircut, but why it was so popular in my small town beats me. Perhaps our mothers found it faster to get us out the door in the morning when our hair was short like that? It certainly wasn’t because the style was flattering. 😉

  3. I had my fair share of bad hair growing up too. The hard part like you was when I looked liked a boy. Then my mother would dress me in my brother’s hand me downs. More times than not I was my brother’s little brother than sister. Then the real horror was when my mother dressed us similar for pictures, really, why?!? Oh the memories, the weirdness, the awkwardness, the laughs, etc.

    Oh Happy Day 🙂

  4. I had horrible highlights in my hair. Totally unnecessary but my sister was adamant that it was cool. I look back now and I look like I tried to copy Justin Timberlake but with long hair.

  5. In the 3rd grade I decided that I was going to chop my to-my-waist length hair off because it was “too much work brushing it”. The stylist cried as she cut it down to a Pixie cut. My mom was horrified but let me do it. I loved it! At least I did for a week. I got bored with it after that. I grew it out, I got it cut to shoulder length. I grew it out again.

    Over the years it’s varied in it’s length but it’s always been “long” after that 3rd grade lapse in judgement. 😉

  6. I’ve had a number of horrible haircuts in my life. The first was a “feminine” mullet (3 y.o.), the second was a bowl haircut (5/6 y.o.), and there is not enough space to talk about the later ones. The sad thing is I really, really wanted the second one, so that decision was all me. Glad to see you can laugh about yours now!

  7. oh lawd — I had this cute too. Once! and only once. And the worst part is when I asked my mom about it — she said that I asked for it!! So unacceptable. I can’t imagine what I was thinking, except I did play a lot of sports and I can only assume it was getting in the way. Now I think the pony tail is the greatest invention Ever! 🙂

  8. When I was in the second grade, my mother agreed to let our teenage neighbor give me a haircut. I refer to this period as “The Van Halen years”! Have you seen the t.v. version of About A Boy? It’s really cute.

  9. I had that nasty hair cut too.. my hair is very thick and cutting it in that awful style didn’t help me feel good about myself when I was growing up. When I was older I grew my hair long… my hair is shoulder length and a cute cut. I NEVER cut my children’s hair in that style and I never would. I’m glad that is not the times now… I think all of us that had that haircut vowed never to do that to our children 🙂

  10. When I was in 4th grade it wasn’t my hair it was my 1st pair of glasses. Mom must have picked out the ugliest most hideous pair they sold. My brother-in-law was shown that picture a few years ago and he laughed until he cried. Trust me, your hair cut wasn’t that bad!

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