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It’s Not Funny

I don’t think I can explain the way I behaved this morning – it was like an outer body experience taken over by aliens. No. Actually. I was dealing with an asshole and  I turned into an asshole. I am taking accountability for my actions.

In life there are certain things that are extremely important to me my family, friends, time, and money. I want to be able to purchase things that last for a long time. I don’t need the next fang dangled and shinier gadget. I just want the ones I have to work.

Lately, I have been noticing a trend in fridges, ovens, washing machines, dryers, i-phones, all breaking down too soon.

We are always told that it is cheaper to replace it then to get it fixed.

This morning I took my i-phone (less than two years old)  into the store with the plan of getting it fixed.

I should have known when the employee  kept serving the men, then started to serve me, only to serve the next men that entered the store – this was not going to be my day. He quizzed me on my phone number, my account, then  laughed that I was upset that I wanted my phone fixed “because all phones break in less than two years.”

I didn’t think it was funny.

He proceeded to talk down to me like a little woman with a condescending tone! He was not providing options to get  my phone fixed and was only trying to sell me on an upgrade.

“It is a software malfunction and it is going to cost a lot to get it fixed. I-phones only have a one year warranty. It might be cheaper for you to do an upgrade.”

“Why do I have to pay for a software malfunction on my phone? I didn’t cause the malfunction?”

His body language changed and I could tell he did not like that I was questioning his authority.

He decided he needed to talk to my husband because my name was not on the account. I knew for a fact my name was on the account because I had it fixed two years prior so I wouldn’t have to deal with issues like – needing my husband’s permission to get my damn phone fixed!

I called my husband, he talked to him, and then I asked now that he had verified me that we could  carry-on with the options for the phone.

He refused “because he was  just going over the options with my husband.”

If my husband wanted me to have access to the account  he would have to contact another number with customer support which he had failed to tell my husband before hanging up.

I had been in the store over an hour. I was livid. Raging.

I called him a sexist pig.

He called me a racist.


It wasn’t pretty.

I exited the store exclaiming “Utter bullshit! You are such an asshole!”

Not my finest moment.

As I hopped in the truck to drive away –  he looked out the store window and  was laughing at me.

 He won!

I am still cooling off. None of it was funny.  His behavior nor my response to his behavior.  It just wasn’t funny.

I feel sick to my stomach about the events that transpired on this quiet Monday morning. I should have risen above it all. And  now it is just another shitty life lesson.

All I know is I am tired. I still have a broken phone.  I am ashamed of losing my temper. I will try to be a kinder, patient, and more understanding person. I will turn the other cheek.  I will not lose my cool because it is just not funny.

A brief side note: I don’t think a broken phone that I spent a lot of money on should malfunction in less than two years. It’s not funny. Why are companies constantly making big-ticket products that fizzle out in less than five years? . As consumers our money is precious and we should be asking those questions instead of forking over more money for the next big thing only to have it break in another two years.  Why aren’t we getting value for anything we pay for any more?




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Darcie Cameron is a RYT 200 who believes Yoga is a gift that is accessible to everyone with proper modifications, a patient smile and just taking the time to breathe. One of the greatest presents you will ever unwrap is when you connect your mind, body and spirit in perfect sync with your own breath. Connect with Darcie on Facebook

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  1. “Asshole” is putting it nicely. Write a letter to corporate. He should lose his job over his insensitivity to the customer.

    And I agree 100%. I hate the fact that society is so disposable nowadays. If we can put a man on the moon, you know damn well we can build a phone that will last longer than two years. It’s nothing but a get-rich conspiracy generated by Corporate America, and it sucks.

    1. I tweeted and got a response from their customer care department later in the afternoon. They advised me that they would be looking into it and as well for the inconvenience are replacing my phone free of charge with more data coverage. I was blown away how fast they were to respond in the end there was some closure.

      I agree Mark it does suck – the news is always talking about a debt crisis. I think that is a huge part of the problem and on top of that what is the final environmental impact from all of this?

      1. I was going to suggest the same thing as Mark because Apple is a highly regarded company that wouldn’t tolerate such an attitude. Not sure if it was an Apple store but it looks like the store’s corporate office recognizes that women make large purchases without a permission slip. Hope you got him fired.

      2. It was a Rogers vendor that sells Apple Products. I assumed by going to the vendor that I purchased my phone and contract that I would get better service. I should never assume….

        In the end the corporate offices responded and are replacing my phone. I have one year left with the contract and will be changing carriers. After is all said and done.

    1. I feel terrible how I responded and stopped to calling him an A**hole but at the same time he was a sexist jerk.

      In the end after dealing with customer care they even noted that I was verified to make decisions on the account. I was impressed with how quickly they rectified the situation and are replacing my obsolete phone.

      It is ridiculous that there would be a software malfunction after a year and a half. I don’t need the best but just something to communicate daily with my friends and family.

      1. It still angers me. I used to be in retail and managed a variety of stores. I would have fired his A** on the spot.
        In terms of your phone. If you have a plan with a cell phone company, almost all of them have a “loyalty plan” which offers a free upgrade after a year or two. That’s the first thing I would have looked at. They can transfer all your data to a new phone with a new warranty package. The geek should have looked at that first, then offer a phone that is similar to what you have now, so the transition of not overwhelming.
        I won’t go into retail marketing, but women are more important than men in retail shopping, so the store manager should also be put up against the wall and shot for training the staff correctly.

        As for calling him an A_ H_ if I were there I would take you to the nearest bar and buy you a drink! Well done! 😀

      2. I hope they give him a firm reprimand and keeping an eye on him. If this is how he treats female customers I would hate to see how he interacts with their female employees.

        I have also worked in customer service for many years. i was extremely upset about everything yesterday.

        In the long run the customer care department took action and are replacing my phone. As well the sketchy thing is the serial number for my i-phone was registered under my old phone. On top of that I was verified to make decisions on the account.

        I wonder if he thought I was an easy ticket to make a commission or reach his monthly sales target. Who knows? But I wasn’t buying any of it.

        Drinks are always good! As well as meditation. Just shaking it all off and moving forward.

  2. Booooo. I’m so sorry you had to deal with someone like that. I’m falling apart today over the fact that I can’t seem to delete my pictures in my iPhone that are stored in the I-cloud. I’m pretty upset about that today. My storage is maxed in my phone and I can’t do anything about it. Dang it!! We both should go to yoga tonight. 😊 namaste

    1. That is a bummer. It can be really frustrating! I went to yoga last night and it was such a great relief. I think you are right – should definitely go again tonight!

      Meditate the ick off. Dnamaste!

  3. You are only human. Hope everything works out for you. I usually do not buy brand new things anymore due to the fact that they do break down easy. Someone I know paid over $200 US dollars for a phone. I got one comparable for $40 US dollars. Difference between her and I is, I still have mine. 😉

    1. Thank you. I was fortunate in the end I tweeted the customer care department and they contacted me later in the afternoon. I am now getting a replacement for my phone and they will be speaking with the gentleman.

      The real kicker is when they looked at my account I was verified to make decisions. It was such a frustrating experience! I will never step foot into that store, again.

      You are right – more expensive isn’t always better.

  4. WOW. I don’t even know what to say, Belle. Just… WOW. You were probably calmer than I would have been, if that is any consolation at all. I take it very personally when service staff prefer to speak to my husband, and even more personally when idiots throw words like ‘racist’ at anyone they’ve made angry. Because that guy — that idiot — just made it a little bit harder for the rest of us to see across those social categories and harder still to see how arbitrary those social categories really are. Based on that exchange alone I know he’s an ignorant, immature, misogynistic, fuckface, and I’ve never even met them.
    So cheers to you for not letting him use that word to shut you down. You might not be happy with your behaviour, but I’m happy you didn’t let him use his seriously flawed idea of what racism is to manipulate you.
    Tomorrow will be a better day!

    1. Thank you, Desi. I think you just put into words what I couldn’t describe and how I was feeling when he through that word at me. I was shocked. Raged.

      The kicker is I was in touch with customer care department after writing this and was verified on the account to make decisions for our plan. He just didn’t like me questioning him – it was disgusting.

      Today will be a better day. Yes. It will.

  5. Bad worker, that little man. If I were you, Darcie, I’d print out this post, find out his name, write it clearly in a letter to corporate, and explain how this treatment by this employee has cost them a customer. And you’d like to know how to get your phone fixed. No wonder you blew your stack! And by the way, calling somebody sexist does in no way equal racist. Just saying. Take a deep breath. Yeah, we all wish we could just walk away from shoddy treatment, but there’s a limit to condescending behavoir like this one can tolerate. Really.

    1. Thank you, Mark. The whole process was infuriating. I tweeted the customer care department and they were in touch with me later in the afternoon.

      The also clarified that I was verified to make changes to the account. They will be talking to this gentleman and as well be sending me a replacement phone.

      I am slowly cooling off and was surprised how great their phone service was…The whole point of going into the store was to get face to face customer service. Something I feel like we are missing – I assumed it would be better but boy was I ever wrong about that theory.

  6. It is always the worst thing ever when customer service does not want to help you and instead try to get you to buy something you really do not need. He was salty because you did not want to upgrade and knew what you wanted. I just do not understand what training some of these customer service people go through. Your job is to help the customer not aggravate them.
    And kudos to customer care for getting back to you quickly and dealing with it.

  7. You’re not wrong, Darcie. That these things are made to break in less than two years is ridiculous. If I were you, I’d report his behavior to a higher up. He’s there to serve customers, not to make their lives difficult.

  8. I’m entirely with you. The guy was a total jerk, and the planned obsolescence irritates the hell out of me and no mistake. I also have an 18th month old IPhone which is starting to wobble so I understand your feelings. Try going back to the store with your husband and get the jerks attention again. When he smirks up to you just say, “I wanted to tell you that meeting you has been a thoroughly second rate experience” and then leave without further comment. Try and find another store. Can any other place be as bad as that one.

    1. I will never go back to that vendor in a million years. I tweeted and contacted the customer care department immediately that afternoon. They were quick to assist and are now sending me a replacement free of charge with more data storage for my inconvenience.

      The real kicker is when I was speaking with the department they noticed that I was verified to make decisions on the account. The guy new he wasn’t going to make any easy sale with me and just didn’t want the work of serving me. It is frustrating. He has also being pulled aside and given a talking too from what they informed me.

  9. All kidding aside it seems to me that this is not about a contrary piece of equipment but, rather a refusal by the company representative to treat you with the dignity you deserve. Sure, ideally you should not have “lost it” but we are all human and all of us have our breaking points. Any rational person would agree you were carried far beyond what anyone would call reasonable. That rep should not be working in that position. At the very least you are owed an apology and, again at the very least, that employee needs to face disciplinary action.

    1. I am just trying to shake it all off and move forward. I have a year left on the contract and once it has ended I will be shopping for a better service provider.

      The customer support that contacted me told me that they would be speaking with him. SO I hope they give him a stern talking too.

  10. I’m sorry that happened to you, but I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself. This guy was a JERK and he got exactly what he deserved. Not that you would normally act that way, but some people are just too disrespectful and need to be brought down a peg or ten.

    [Had a similar experience a few years ago with a bank branch manager who behaved in the most deplorable way. And she was a woman! Still makes me livid.]

    Happy though to hear that Apple is going to solve your phone problem– and talk with this incompetent sales man. Wonder if he’ll get the boot?

  11. I’m glad that your issue was resolved, but when it comes to customer service in this day and age, that was an anomaly. I’m not proud of it, but I would have reacted exactly the same way in that situation. A few years ago, my boyfriend and I visited an apple store because he was experiencing problems with his Mac computer. We knew it wasn’t under warranty, as it was about 5 or 6 years old. We just wanted advice. The sales associate we encountered was beyond snotty. As he looked the laptop up and down he replied “We can’t help you because your computer is vintage”. Just imagine the most typical “valley girl”/”mean girl’s” accent, and you’ll get the gist. He made us feel like we’d just emerged from a swamp, and had hideous boils oozing from our bodies.

  12. Oh I don’t think I would have fared any better if I had to deal with someone who requested to speak to my husband, rather than speak to me. I mean seriously, did the entry sign say “no shirts, no shoes, no penis – no service” ???? No. then speak to ME you dick.
    And you’re absolutely right about the quality – I keep arguing this with my husband. And the fact that these companies lock you into a 2-3 year contract, whereas the technology is updating almost every year and a half now. and so you have to pay for the phone because you are locked into your contract. I am stuck with an iphone 4 for another year a half because of these stupid contracts. Unless I want to pay the full price for the new phone. meanwhile, my damn phone is suffering every time I use it because it cannot keep up with the new IOS updates. ugh….gggggggrrrrrr

    I would have throat punched him likely.

    But until everyone collectively calls BS!!! I see the BS!! and refuses the next upgrade: they own us.

    1. You are so right! We should organize a Just Say No to forever contracts day and everyone stuck with an outdated phone/ extra long contract should contact their service providers at the same time of day and over burden their system.

      A phone Mutiny creating havoc on their customer service lines.

  13. First, I think this situation would have made anyone incredibly upset. Next, now that you’ve had a few days to come down from the heat of the moment – perhaps calling the store and arranging for a meeting with the manager to discuss your phone situation would be in order? You could even slip in an apology to the clerk (via the manager?) whose behavior was so awful – not to endorse his behavior, but to clear your conscience as you are upset about having lost your cool? Perhaps it could even be turned into a teaching moment by explaining exactly why his behavior was so offensive, not to mention his actions after you’d left the store.

    I have also run into similar situations, at the car dealership for repairs and attempting to have an expensive vacuum fixed. The vacuum situation resulted in me leaving the store and writing a “nasty-gram” to the manager of the store stating I’d received such POOR service that I was never going back to their store again – and I haven’t.

    Sadly, the reason behind Replace-don’t-Repair is all due to the almighty dollar. I would much rather repair than replace – so I know how you feel about that. I wish you luck and hope the situation resolves into something better.

    1. Thank you! I tweeted their customer care department in within a couple of hours they contacted me and resolved the whole situation. Needless, to say once my contract is up in another year I will be shopping around.

  14. I’m glad you got a hold of customer service they are trained to help customers, sales are not. I used to do phone customer service for a couple different carriers. This guy was just plain rude and I would have went off too. You were justified, don’t sweat it.

    Just FYI for you or others attracted to this article: It makes a difference where you go, there are outlets – authorized dealers that you can make payments in and buy phones. They don’t really make any money except when they are selling you something so they don’t try too hard, also if you’re changing you plan they will usually mess it up and get you a big bill with lots of overages. So it’s best to make sure you go to the Corporate Store for plan changes and phone issues. I always seen problems on I phones, IDK why, but they always have some sort of problems. The phones I seen the least calls for problems was LG, that’s what I have and I used my last one for 6 years before it dropped out of my purse and I ran it over with my car, Lol. or it would probably still be working today.

    Read your blog all the time and love it, I just don’t normally comment.

    1. Thank you, Mary for sharing your comments! It is always great to hear from everyone! It is good to know that it makes a difference to know to avoid the vendors and just stick with corporate vendors. I wonder if they were paid more if that would make a difference in service?

  15. “should have risen above it” yes… that sounds good.. but lets be realistic. I don’t think many of us would have been able to. I would have acted the same way as you…

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