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A Call for Beta Readers

I am in the final phases of finishing my Young Adult novel and now in desperate need of a few good readers.  This is me taking the plunge and asking for your help in critiquing my novel!

I will be welcoming all constructive feedback with a petrified smile.

The Tracking 2


I have been fortunate to have met so many people with a keen eye and brilliant minds in this blogging space. I would love to share with you my novel in progress and gain your insight in the New Year.

If you are interested please send me an email at

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  1. I’m in, if you think I’m a good fit for your work. I read a fair bit of YA, have beta’d for a couple of self-published authors, have done a few rounds of peer-review, and have had my own work (both academic and pure creative) peer-reviewed and beta-read. And though my master’s is in education and cultural studies, all of my research is based in popular narratives and commercial literature. Which is a long way of saying I have read and critiqued a lot, and am very willing to do more. I think you already have my email address, but if not can you PM me? (And HUGE props to you, Belle the Brave. Sending your work out for beta is no small thing! Good for you!!!)

    1. Awesome! Your resume terrifies me which means I will get honest and constructive feedback from you. I will be forwarding my manuscript to you in the new year with a bottle of wine 🙂

      We have to plan coffee soon!

  2. I am a young adult that loves to read! The type of thing you described sounds right down my alley, I love The Uglies series and basically all dystopian novels. Although I don’t have experience reviewing things, I am very honest, I read constantly, and once again, I am a young adult! Congrats on writing something that sounds so wonderful!

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