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Cruising Down Blue Mountain

I am not sure what compelled me to sign my family up for the Blue Mountain Bicycle Tour excursion on our vacation in Jamaica last winter. It might have been my love for coffee, the need to step off of the beach, or the sudden call for adventure. I suspect it could have been all of the above.

The day of our bike tour the bus picked us up from the resort  and we joined fellow tourists for an enjoyable day!  We left the beautiful cliff side views of the turquoise water and made our way into the Blue Mountain region. The bus began to climb up the narrow path I looked at my husband with nervous trepidation.

“It looks  a long way down! I am not so sure about this.”

He smiled, “You signed us up! It will be fine.”

Our small group of traveling companions loaded off the bus put on our safety gear and selected our bikes. I looked at my trusted cruiser and knew we would be the perfect match for the day.

Blue Mountain Bike Tour

My husbands and kids were the first to go and zipped past me.

“See ya later, Mom!”

I  rolled my eyes and muttered “Little Twerps.”

As I looked at my family far ahead in the distance I developed the sudden  urge to fly past them! My feet hit the pedals and I began to speed with a childish delight! I was feeling exuberant from the fresh air and ready to pick more speed! But without warning  the person flying in front of me  slammed on their brakes to snap a few photos.

I went to slow down pressing on the pedals and that was when I realized that I didn’t have any brakes!  I let out a squeal of panic and swerved right to avoid hitting the snap happy cyclist.

She hollered her apology “Sorry!”

I was too petrified to raise my hand in acknowledgement while I attempted to keep my bike from tumbling off the cliff and hollered back “It’s okay!”

After that I decided it was wiser to slowly glide  down the mountain at a snail’s pace.

In that time I was able to be in the present moment and look-out to admire the panoramic views of the Blue Mountains.   I talked to one of the guides about the process of how they roast the coffee beans, the vibrant history, and agriculture within the region.  The Blue Mountain Bike Tour offered another side of Jamaica that I have never imagined and with fresh coffee waiting at one of the checkpoints it became one of the highlights of my vacation.


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  1. Life is so much better when we live it at the pace that works for us. Glad to hear you were able to stop in time. What did you do, wear the soles of your shoes off drrrrragggging along the ground perhaps? 🙂

  2. For me bicycling is terrifying, no matter what speed I’m going. I can only keep my eyes on the road immediately in front of me, so I am impressed that you were able to look up and see the beauty that surrounded you. Great story.

  3. My husband is an avid bicyclist, I’m a neighborhood rider. BUT he loves pumping up the mountain and is very cautious going down the mountain. He is the opposite of most cyclists. Glad the view was nice 🙂

      1. Yes and letting go can be scary but it usually takes us to wonderful places! Glad you were able to also slow down and enjoy a wonderful day.

  4. I can’t believe it’s been a hundred years or so since I’ve been here—my subscription to your blog somehow spontaneously deleted and I didn’t realize it—but it’s great to be back! This sounds like a fabulous, if terrifying, adventure. You clearly haven’t ceased to take on new challenges! I look forward to getting back in the groove of seeing ‘what you get up to’ next!

    1. It’s nice to see you!! I have just gotten back into the routine of blogging twice a week. I had a good break and it is nice to be back.

      I am always up for a good challenge the goal is just to smile through it. I look forward to seeing more of you 🙂

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