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A Tailor’s Curse


I am going to share with you the bleak story of Tailor Brown who never had the time to write because he was always hemming pants.  I forgot to mention that he hated hemming pants. But day and night he took care of his family’s dreaded  business.

It was his mother’s dying last wish for him to carry-on the family name.  He watched the ticking clock each day as he hemmed pants after pants.  Cursing himself! Cursing his mother!

All  he yearned for was to feel his fingers dangle the pen so delicately across the paper waiting for that very special moment when he would connect his thoughts with a beautiful string of words.

He shared his laments with me one day as he hemmed my kayaks and then made a surprising decision which never had occurred to him before “I am going to close-up shop early twice a week! I am going to make time to write!”

He  had finally made the decision to schedule a small amount of time each week to follow his passion. As I left the shop I gave him a big wave and wished him luck on his future endeavors!

Unfortunately, Tailor Brown died the next day from lead poisoning.  A freak accident! Can you believe it? The colored thread he was using was extremely toxic and seeped right under his thumb. I understand  from reading  the newspaper that there was a malfunction in the thread making machine at a factory in China – they never bothered to recall the products.

I felt so much sadness  for Mr. Brown! He had finally had his Eureka moment but never had a chance to bring it to fruition. Such a horrible way to go  falling face first into a basket of tanned pants.



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Darcie Cameron is a RYT 200 who believes Yoga is a gift that is accessible to everyone with proper modifications, a patient smile and just taking the time to breathe. One of the greatest presents you will ever unwrap is when you connect your mind, body and spirit in perfect sync with your own breath. Connect with Darcie on Facebook

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  1. Then again there’s still that wonderful moment of freedom; a voyage begun!
    Lead poisoning. I often think of how much of that stuff we were subjected to as kids. Lead in solder. in paint, in batteries, in gasoline, in weights.
    As A kid I would often go fishing and would attach lead shot to the line to make it sink. I’d generally bite it to clamp it around the line.
    No wonder I’m so stunned!
    PS–in NL “stunned” is more-or-less synonymous with “stupid.”
    PPS–now that I think about it, they’re not exactly the same. Stunned is when you make a mistake that is somewhat reasonable; an “honest” mistake. Stupid is when you keep doing it 🙂

    1. I think there is an excitement in the start of any project. In the middle it can seem over-whelming, and the end it can feel good just to finish the project. I think that is how I look at the book it will be something that may not be on the bestseller list but I can look back and know that I did something I loved.

      Hah! I thought it would be a fitting end to Tailor Brown. Lead poisoning would be a horrible way to go but you are right how many of us have been introduced to it at such an early age. I am going to use that for an excuse the next time I lose my glasses and the whole time they are sitting right on top of my head 🙂

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