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The Legend of the Cookie Dough Tapeworm

It is whenever I bake chocolate chip cookies  I have childhood memories of  trying to steal a taste of the dough from my Mother’s mixing bowl.  The whole process was a very pain-staking  because you  had to watch for her to get distracted  and leave the bowl alone for a minute in order to get a gooey taste of deliciousness.  If she came back and you were caught with the hand in the bowl then you knew you were in for the story about the tapeworm.


My Mom would glance over “Get your hand out of there! Do I have to remind you of what happened to your Aunt when she was a child?”

“No. I know”

“I don’t think you do. It was one day we were all going for a walk and your Aunt was hit by a drunk driving down the road. Do you know what flew out of her mouth?”

“A tapeworm.”

“Yes. A tapeworm and the reason your Aunt had the tapeworm in her stomach  was because your grandmother would always let her eat the raw cookie dough.”

“I know. But a little won’t hurt.”

“Fine. Have a smidgen. But don’t blame me if you get a tapeworm.”

It was with slumped shoulders defeated I would think of the drunk neighbor that hit my aunt on the side of the road. I would do anything to give him a piece of my mind for ruining the perfect treat which should be eaten by the breakfast bowl.

“Did anything happen to the neighbor?”

“No. He just got back in his car and drove off.”

The lessons my mother taught me from this story was  I was always to stand in a ditch when a car passed us on a country road because you never knew who had too much to drink  after church on Sunday afternoon.  And second the household ban on cookie dough taught me how to bake my own cookies so I could enjoy a taste of dough without my Mother’s watchful eye.

The other day I caught my son trying to put his hand in the mixing bowl trying to sample the  dough.  I looked him straight in the eye ” If you eat that you will get tapeworm. Do you want to know why?”

And that is how legends like “The Cookie Dough Tapeworm”  carry on from generation to generation.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I love this one SO MUCH!!! While I never got reprimanded for eating raw cookie dough, my Mom would tell stories to us – and yes, we’d hear those stories over and over again – but then I caught myself telling OTHER people those same stories.

    Storytelling at it’s finest. Bravo, ma’am. Bravo!

  2. There’s nothing better than raw cookie dough – unless it’s cake batter, or frosting or whipped cream still in the bowl. It’s a wonderful tale you tell – I really enjoyed it. I’ve been sitting here trying to remember if my own mother warned me off some behavior with a tale like this, but I just can’t remember one.

    What I remember is that I didn’t really care to wait for the cookie dough. I was the world’s most determined chocolate chip thief. I could scale kitchen cabinets and refrigerators in a minute to get to those delights – and often did, when I had the right babysitter!

  3. OMG – I love this.. I could just hear your mother telling you the story over and over again ( and see her smiling from ear to ear knowing you repeated it). My mom always told me I would get tapeworm too if I ate raw cookie dough. Well, now I obsessively bake chocolate chip cookies (eating tons of dough) and I am proud to say no worms!

  4. I love that legend, and I remember vividly how helping ‘clean’ the mixing bowl was a treat I always loved. Even now I can be found wandering somewhere near it , if there is cooking being done

  5. It is funny how those little stories always stick with us no matter how much we age. I can remember my balding father telling me as a 2 year old child, that God got mad at him and pulled out all his hair. It obviously served a purpose to make me want to behave because I surely did not want to have God pull my hair out!

    Thank you for sharing.

  6. this is such a delightful tale – love how moms start these way out stories and we keep passing it along. ☺ my favorite one: watch too much TV and your eyes will look like the shape of the set. of course you have to check to make sure… 😆

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