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The Trance of Music and Memories

Music is the collision of the poet’s heart with the melody of a beautiful instrument and it has the ability to make us lost in our world. Sometimes it brings joy, other times sadness, and moments of reflection.  It is rare for a particular individual not to like any music. We may have our preferences and dislike particular genres but I have never heard anyone declare “I hate music!”

If anyone did declare this then I would have to walk away immediately before giving them a very long sigh, eye roll, and a very hard smack on the forehead.   However, if you gaze at your music collection I bet there is always one or two songs of unrequited love. The one  song about the love that got away and the magic formula of what if still lingers in the heart.

athabasca riverThe mystery of the lost love has always been intriguing as you remember them as who they once were and an idea with how they may have grown older.  In the past it would be  only gathering tidbits of from mutual acquaintances or bumping into one another on that crowded street.  It is the romantic idea that the love once had been there to be taken once again through the mere thought of coincidence. The destiny of two lovers torn apart from the wild dramas of youth only to meet again older and wiser unwilling to make the same mistakes twice.

Bob Dylan’s  If You See Her, Say Hello is one of those songs that sometimes we have to let go and move forward with the magic of knowing they are out there somewhere.  Somethings change, evolve, but the memory of that one lost love is still there with the hope that they would come back into our hearts.

The romantic idea when musing over a drink and taken back into a different time. A time that can never be repeated but moving forward that life has other plans.  One where you can wonder where that person is today and choose to glance at their Facebook profile or leave it in the past with the distant memories. So when you listen to that one song it is a reminder that love never dies but evolves into a memory of what once was leading into a new chapter of your life.

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Darcie Cameron is a RYT 200 who believes Yoga is a gift that is accessible to everyone with proper modifications, a patient smile and just taking the time to breathe. One of the greatest presents you will ever unwrap is when you connect your mind, body and spirit in perfect sync with your own breath. Connect with Darcie on Facebook

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  1. your words flow like a stream, and may i add further, love is the most misunderstood emotion of all, it’s the parable of the sower, it’s what you give away for love itself, as no one owns love of any kind, you just get to borrow it for awhile. it’s why we call on the memory of those who gave great service, they thought very little of themselves, nothing at all, love never became an obsession, just an action. in a world where true love is not too abundant, it makes the divine creator weep, as love only connects with the heart. and like the parable of the talents, the good use we put love to, will ensure more love will flow back to you, like the swings and the roundabouts of life, love has to keep flowing to be of great healing use and benefit.

  2. Darcie, it still freaks me out that I can hear a song and be instantly transported to another time and place. It’s the best (and sometimes worst) time machine there is.

  3. No nostalgia for lost loves here – I’m not a very romantic person. But there’s no question that music and life are inextricably intertwined. In some cases, only a single note or two is needed for me to know the song, remember the context, and be transported back to another time of life.

    I do think I’ve changed in this over the years. As I’ve grown older, I’ve become more and more convinced that what “is” is good enough. Do I remember the past? Of course. Long for it? Not so much. But there were some years that had terrific soundtracks. 😉

  4. I have many songs that can take me back in a flash..It’s weird how that happens but in a good way! Just reading your words right now brought me back to another place..Thanks!!! (although, not sure if my husband would appreciate my memory…Hehehehe)

  5. You last sentence is very moving and thought provoking. As a registered, self- confessed soggy person I am always thinking about relationships and connections. I said once that ‘the beauty of a moment is in its passing’ and with past lovers this beauty and sense of loss and maybe’s can be bought to life again by music. Before you hit me, I do live in the music. Very much so. Are you familiar with the film “The Lake House” where the couple dance together briefly to that Paul McCartney song “This Never Happened Before.” Anyway, play the video on Youtube, and have a hankie at the ready

  6. I love this post… I agree – music takes me to so many places and makes me think of so many people and time of my life. My dog had a song.. every time I hear it I see her. I can’t listen to James Taylor without thinking about Alex. THere is a song that reminds me of my first job… I can go on and on..

  7. While I rarely listen to the Country genre nowadays, Trisha Yearwood’s “The Song Remembers When” always reminds me of unrequited loves. There are many songs that always make me think of this person or that one, the first few notes transport me emotionally to another time and place… always.

  8. Beautiful:) I equate music with memories at times – At Last by Ella James was our song at our Wedding reception – my oldest nephew moving his feet at 6 months old in his carrier to Boot Scooting Boogie by Brooks and Dunn – ahhh the memories! Happy Friday – Happy Weekend

  9. I guess not only do we all have some of that music, but also, we probably all have a “one who got away” in our lives. I did. And when I found her again, let’s just say, I wish she had remained but a romantic memory in my heart. Reality rarely lives up to fantasy.

    1. It is funny Kate when I started this post my original plan was to look-up to see what was the probability of two people thinking of each other with the same memory at the same time. I guess the chances are very slim because I could not find something…

      But wouldn’t it be romantic if somewhere in the world two lost loves both hear the same song, at the same time, in different parts of the world, thinking of each other. Sometimes my imagination gets the better of me 🙂

      It’s funny this song always reminds me of driving in a car for a long time but I really have nothing attached to it.

  10. I also appreciate how songs can take us back to a specific place and time — good or bad. That’s the reason for my latest blog, intended as a surprise 33rd anniversary present for my wife. It will be 100 songs that relate in some way to our life together.

    In the meantime, until I spring it on her, I get to have a constant reminder to me of some of our best memories. I hope it will do the same for her, afterward. (Besides, the older I get, the worse my memory gets. 🙂 )

    At the suggestion of a reader, I now have a section where others can share their songs and stories (I thought my wife would enjoy those, too). I’d welcome anyone here who has a “song” to share it at (You can go from there to the main page, of course, if you happen to be interested.)

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