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Reflections of Gratitude

Wilma our new travel trailer has become my first love and has finally rescued me from the drudgery of tenting. I no longer have to lug fifteen million things, over pack for unpredictable weather, and  I am rescued from blowing up the air mattress every waking hour of the night. My life has become camping heaven on wheels!

kelly's bathtub, William A Switzer Provincial Park

We vowed that we would make use of the trailer every other weekend exploring new parks and places outside the city.  This first month on the open road has been a wonderful journey and spending quiet time with my family has been the icing on the cake.The computers are put away, most places we visit have no cell  phone service,  and we spend all of our time outside.

I am grateful for these special  bonding moments and look forward to more adventures with us and Wilma in the future. She has opened a new window for our family and easy way to recharge from the hustle of the city.

I also love the moments where I can break away from the camping pack to recharge my batteries and reflect in the beauty of nature.It is at that moments I realize how truly thankful I am for all of the good things in my life.

How do you take time to reflect on the beauty in your life?

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Darcie Cameron is a RYT 200 who believes Yoga is a gift that is accessible to everyone with proper modifications, a patient smile and just taking the time to breathe. One of the greatest presents you will ever unwrap is when you connect your mind, body and spirit in perfect sync with your own breath. Connect with Darcie on Facebook

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  1. Great Post!

    We decided to purchase a tent trailer in 2007 and it was the best decision ever! Our pop-up has been such a blessing in opening our world up when it comes to traveling, exploring and adventuring:) It is our greatest escape too, especially to nature and the great outdoors.

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Mr. Muse built our teardrop camper a few years ago after going through a severe thunderstorm complete with tornado that found us heading for cover in the car for the rest of the night. One damaged tent the next morning, he heard me saying “I want to NOT sleep on an air mattress anymore”. I love my teardrop, a dry place to sleep, a real mattress and still all of the “comforts” of tent camping, i.e. cooking around the campfire.

    Reflecting on the beauty in my life and my surroundings… every morning and often every afternoon. I live in a really pretty area.

    1. I remember having a similar experience several times and each time there was an exclamation of “We need to get off the ground.” And then the feeling of trying to get warm the next day.

      Sometimes we are lucky enough to enjoy the beauty of our surroundings. You must enjoy every minute of it.

  3. Lets face it. I sob to admit it but I’m buckling under the weight of envy that I feel for your delicious and wonderful adventures. Having said that, the way you feel about it, and express it says everything I would say in the same circumstances and I’m really pleased that someone as nice and interesting as you has the chance to enjoy them

  4. Darcie! I am missing you being out and about. Finally put two neurons together to come to your blog to find you. Signed up. Yay, me! Much Love to you and yours, Fonldy, Robin

  5. i would so love Wilma, the adventures and the fun of sharing life with loved ones outside with nature. a snapshot of heaven in my opinion. reflecting on beauty…hmm, have not thought on it but recently, i saw a You Tube video on a young man named Zach. he wrote a song shortly before he passed away called Clouds. the short video & his song made me realize how important it is not to take anything in life for granted. beauty is reflected strongly when at the end of each day i can reflect knowing i took nothing or no one for granted.
    can’t wait to hear all your adventures with Wilma and your family ☺

    1. So true! If we can reflect each day on the beauty of the people in our lives and joy they bring us then we have all done good.

      I am going to look the video up – I hope it doesn’t bring tears.

  6. Tara and I would love to have a camping trailer, too. Tents are fine and dandy, but the comfort and convenience of a trailer would make the experience a thousand times better! Especially when you’ve been rained on for 17 hours straight while camping in a tent.

    1. I remember times waking up in a puddle and then trying to warm-up in the luke warm shower the next morning. Just trying to shake the chill off.

      I love having Wilma! You are always warm, off the ground, and it has a fridge. Luxury on wheels.

    1. lol. Tent camping was our vacation for many years and we have lots of great memories. We also have lots of not so wonderful memories thanks to unpredictable weather. It can be a lot more work and effort.

  7. It’s funny – a lot of boaters I know reach the point where they give up sail for power. There’s a lot of work involved with sailing, and limitations on where you can go (depending on the boat’s draft, the wind direction and so on). I think as we age, things that we enjoyed in our younger years just don’t appeal so much.

    I loved sailing and did a lot of it. But I’m done with it now. Sometimes people ask, “Don’t you miss it?” I don’t. But there are other things to do, more suited to my changing interests. And even the smallest comforts can make a huge difference. I still remember getting to my hotel in Las Palmas after traveling in West Africa. There were flowers in the room, chilled wine, a plush robe. But all I could do was look at the fellow who brought my bag up and say, “I’ll bet you’ve got hot water, too!”

    1. I have fantasies of sailing out into the open sea but it probably will never happen. It would be a wonderful experience but then I can only imagine the work that is involved in directing the boat in the right direction.

      I remember having a similar experience when I left India. I was never so happy to have a warm bath! A plush robe would have just sent me straight to heaven.

  8. I LOVE CAMPING. Camping is amazing, and we used to go together as a huge family with like… 5 camper trailers. It got so much that we bought a huge family beach house instead. I still love to camp however :0

  9. We are now thinking seriously of doing the ‘school bus’ conversion for our slow long-term traveling. We’ve been fortunate so far with our rooftop tents, but with our big family we’re thinking the bus route might suit us better. Congrats on Wilma, and keep enjoying the beautiful outdoors. We thoroughly enjoyed the rain/lightening we got last night, first rain since January, but enjoyed it because it didn’t last too long and our stuff wasn’t soaking wet.

      1. We had tornado warnings this weekend and you could see crazy clouds in the horizon. At times like that I worry but a thunder lightening show is more of a highlight of the weekend 🙂

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