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Silver Linings Playbook: We Are All a Little Broken

After a long day of drudgery, list tackling, and chasing one escapee dog down the street in flannel pajamas. I settled into my comfy chair with my fuzzy slippers and flicked on Silver Linings Playbook.  The movie is about a man attempting to put his life back together after plummeting his wife’s lover  and being diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

silver lings playbook

As I watched the movie  unravel with  heart-breaking discomfort and then brought to laughter during  awkward moments of  triumph over the little things in life.  I was left rooting for the characters all trying to make sense out of their lives and how it can be better.

My husband afterwards commented that it seemed broken.

“The movie did not flow naturally as it should.”

But the whole point of the movie is we are all a little broken in some small way. Our lives are a rickety roller coaster ride that stops, jerks, creaks, full of highs and lows.   Nothing in our lives is guaranteed and when the world is falling part we need to have that one hope that we will be able to put all of the pieces back together.

Silver Linings Playbook is the reminder that when the chips our down no man can be an island. He sometimes needs the warmth of family and friends to help put him back together. In that hope of rebuilding  there is the longing for something more that we all deserve to be loved by someone who understands all of our faults and foibles.

Have you watched Silver Linings Playbook? What did you think of the movie?

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  1. I haven’t seen the movie, but I have the book. It sounds like, from your synopsis, that the movie departs from the book a fair bit, at least as far as descriptive details go. That said, we ARE all a little broken, and the book reminds us, gently and with humour, that often the only difference between who is “normal” and who is “damaged” is a clinical diagnosis. So, from that perspective, I guess the movie nails it. One of these days I’ll have to snuggle up and give it a view. 🙂

  2. sounds like a movie worth watching.
    I need constant reminder that life is just like that. with stops, and breaks, and falls –
    “Our lives are a rickety roller coaster ride that stops, jerks, creaks, full of highs and lows.”

  3. This movie is on my list to see – I have heard 50/50 on this movie either love it or not so much! Thanks for sharing your take on the movie and have to agree that we all are broken or flaws – ourselves and living life is not perfection by any stretch of the imagination!

    1. I think you will love it if you have not read the book. I am thinking of diving into that this weekend. It will be interesting to compare both the movie and book.

      The one thing I loved is no one is perfect but they all try to provide support in their own broken way to each other. Life should never be perfect. If it was I would be scared. Very scared.

      1. I like to think I am a work in progress and throw perfection out the window – ha! I am right there with you in being scared if the world we lived in was like that – YIKES!!!

        I have not read the book and will put it on my reading list – thanks:)

  4. My hubby and I just watched this movie too. I thought Bradley did a great job of showing the struggle of a man with a personality disorder. And the brokeness was exactly what I liked about the movie. that it was not your typical rom-com. Because life is hardly ever like your typical rom-com. This was definitely more like life.

  5. I haven’t seen it yet, but I think I’d like to now. I just asked Anthony if he’s seen it, actually. Since he have it, it might be our next watch-together movie. (If I had the wakefulness, I’d try to watch it now.)

  6. what I liked about the movie was that my husband liked it. we can all be broken and sports and competition (even dancing) will bring people together. Sports seems like the only common discussion with men that can that makes them comfortable. Political discussions make everyone angry.

    1. It is so true.

      Political discussions divide many men across the table. But when you bring it around to sports it has the ability to bring people together and cheer with the one common goal of winning.

  7. now i need to see this movie…especially after your great review. and, was the escapee same dog that tried to get famous not too long ago? ☺

    1. The exact same dog! This morning she broke into the freezer and ate a whole carton of heavenly hash ice cream. I might have to take her to celebrity dog rehab. The bugger.

      I hope you enjoy it!

      1. what? pretty amazing dog if it can hack into a freezer…maybe you need to find a manager and make her a superstar instead of rehab. ha ha ☺

      1. It wasn’t fun. I don’t look back on my childhood fondly. I finally helped get her treatment which is way harder than it should be. Things are great now as she’s on medication.

      2. I am glad things are better for both of you. It must have been a long and lonely road to get the right diagnosis and help. I am glad awareness for mental health is slowly changing for the better.

  8. So glad you wrote about this movie. I recently read the book, and was surprised by how much I loved the book. Surprised, because it can be so hard to accurately portray mental illness without perpetuating the already existing stigma. Everyone experiences mental illness in his/her own way, and the book showed that. I loved the details in the book, many of which were changed in the movie.
    I liked the movie, but since I LOVED the book so much, I couldn’t help but be a little disappointed that some details were changed seemingly for no reason. For instance, the trigger song was changed from Kenny G.’s Songbird to Stevie Wonder’s Cherie Amour. In the book, the therapist was given a stronger role, and the dad hardly spoke at all. But I guess you don’t hire Robert DeNiro and then not give him any lines to speak.
    I was impressed with Jennifer Lawrence’s acting in the film, as well as the lady who played the mom. I’m glad and a little surprised the movie got made at all! Hope you get the chance to read the book, Belle!

    1. I am taking your advice and reading the book this weekend when I go camping. I think it would be interesting to compare both and I usually end up liking the book more than the movie.

      It is interesting how they change things from the book to the process of making the movie. I thought it was very well done and wish Hollywood would take the hint to make more movies like this 🙂

  9. Belle, I loved the movie, not only because it had the eye candy of Bradley Cooper, but because I was very much impressed with his acting in this film. I loved the plot, Robert Deniro, and how this dysfunctional family was portrayed. I also liked their reaction when they got their score in the dance contest–priceless! Indeed, we are all a little broken, my friend. 🙂

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