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Irrelevant Noise

As I tossed and turned throughout the night my mind raced over words, ideas, and the connection of  people in this world. It bothered me how easily people were led by the pied piper playing his flute. One by one they drunk his music following blindly without thinking that his manipulation was not for the common good but only for his gain.

We see it time and time again as history bound to repeat itself with charismatic leaders allow their followers to drink their poison. How does something like Jonestown? Or Waco happen? How do smart people follow without question? And when they do  question the person raising their voice in authority they submit only because that person raised their voice that much louder?

I finally dosed off after an hour of a racing mind and fell into a haze in where I was walking down a busy street. I was trying to drown out the nose to calm what was bothering me. My feet hit the pavement that much faster and harder trying to escape all of it.

One song became the background music as I rushed down those frenetic streets with no destination in mind. I knew it was time to move  away from the irrelevant noise  of the past because none of it was no longer my concern. If I listened any longer to the piper or the sorrow of the town it would only break my own heart.

How do you tune out the irrelevant noise?

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Darcie Cameron is a RYT 200 who believes Yoga is a gift that is accessible to everyone with proper modifications, a patient smile and just taking the time to breathe. One of the greatest presents you will ever unwrap is when you connect your mind, body and spirit in perfect sync with your own breath. Connect with Darcie on Facebook

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  1. I don’t watch the news. I only read what’s necessary to know what’s happening, without the multiple interpretations. I sometimes feel out of touch, but I am happier.

  2. I escape the irrelevant noise by stepping away from the internet and TV news and conversations with mocking, cynical people. Then I distract myself with a few drinks, or tetras, or nice music, or a walk with my camera, or home decor catalogues. With intent, I move away from the dark into the light, so to speak.

    1. I will never understand how Hitler inspired so many people to do so many awful and terrible things. I will never in my life understand how you could stand by and allow a genocide.

      An older neighbor once told me a story about how her father was Mayor in a German town and when the guard arrived they held a gun to his head. They made it clear to him that he was either with them or against them. In the end, she told me of how her family had hid several Jewish families in their basement. It was a terrifying time for everyone.

      It is never good to be complacent it times of trouble. The more courageous voices to rise the better for humanity.

  3. ((hugs)) It weighs on my mind, too, these polished people with hypnotic voices who so effectively convince us that their way is The One And Only Right Way. And now I have “Eve of Destruction” stuck in my head…. Time for a run!

  4. It means a lot to me that somewhere out there, in a place I’ll never likely see, someone thinks of life deeply as you do. Your ruminations are always full of content and merit. I treasure them

  5. We are destined to be voices in the wilderness, Belle. But it’s the better path I think. There is only one thing we can control and that is our response to what happens among mankind.

  6. Here in Germany, just the other day, I noticed a neighbor woman unconsciously do a military ‘skip’ to bring herself into lockstep march with her daughter, as they walked down the street. In this society, children are indoctrinated into unquestioning conformity to the ‘rules’ (Germany is rule-bound to an extreme) from the youngest possible age. This lack of mental freedom in a child’s upbringing is, I believe, what brought this population to the unquestioning obedience of authority leading to the nation’s near utter destruction in 1945. Now, it seems Germany is ready to follow the pied pier again, only in this case in blind obedience to the USA’s world-wide aggressions, whether neo-conservative or neo-liberal. The criminality in a macro-cosmic sense a realm of national politics, differs but little to the Jim Jones of this world, except in scale and people’s ability to perceive, my observation.

    1. It is funny that you mention it but one of my good friends is second generation German living in Canada. I always find her child rearing extremely rigorous and striving for perfection. She cannot stand for any rules to be broken.

      I think sometimes people need to take a step back and questions what is the good that the government is achieving? If not, how do you foster that change? And once a government begins to harm it’s people does it not lose its legitimacy to rule?

  7. It is the macro-economic model of today’s world, that is damaging the people of the world as a whole. When a cabal of corporate boards are calling the policy shots and ‘democracy’ is become a facade to conceal crimes at a meta level, it is certainly fair to raise questions of legitimacy:

    ^ In this partnership you see one Christian fundamentalist (former NATO Supreme Commander and National Prayer Breakfast big shot General James Jones) who has been responsible for creating ‘terror’ (blow-back for the USA) in context of the USA projecting its military worldwide, justifying more of the same. His side-kick, Condoleezza Rice, is pointing to ‘nation building’ (she calls it ‘development) as the method for pursuing the policies that secure other nations resources to corporations like CHEVRON. The reality is, however, these two represent a class of hyper-wealthy sociopath who could care less how many die, what color they are, where they live in this world, at home or abroad, White or Black, so long as the money continues to pour into their pockets.

    To quote Maureen Dowd, Obama is their ‘boy toy.’ Or that is to say the figurehead for the infection, the head of the pimple, if you will.

    The problem here is, the Black community infatuation with the man who is selling them down the river no different to he is selling the progressives who initially put him into office down the river.

    This raises an interesting question; in any case of ‘lost legitimacy’ in governance, what is the responsibility of ‘the people’ to secure a transition returning us to a legitimate rule of law in a manner that does not lead to national implosion? The USA’s domestic break-up could make the former Yugoslavia break-up look like a elementary schoolyard spat.

    1. I wish I had the answers to many of these questions but I don’t…If people could influence change through peace and persuasion the world would reach a beautiful utopia.

      The realist in me knows this will never happen in our lifetime.

  8. Belle, I find tuning out irrelevant noise is one of the hardest things to do. My sister calls it “black” noise and it is toxic. I try to evade it by refocusing my thoughts on something important or relaxing; escaping to my “happy place” seems to do the trick most of the time! Nevertheless, we have to wonder what makes us follow blindly at times. This is something we must ponder, friend! 🙂

  9. I meditate, something I wished I’d learned to do earlier in life. Now, if I can just teach one of our dogs, JJ to meditate too so he doesn’t keep waking me up when he hears funny noises.

  10. I have one dog which snores quietly often next to me. But, JJ doesn’t. He woofs a lot for no reason, he barks in his sleep, loudly and serves as my alarm clock. When 6:30am rolls around his nose is in my face or my back.

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