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My Interview with CBC Marketplace: The Busted Edition

In February CBC Marketplace visited my home to talk about my coffee consumption and the use of  my Tassimo.  It was in that interview I discovered Tassimo  had been false advertising the claims that the t-discs were recyclable.

So while many of us drink a cup of our Tassimo coffee and throw the pod into the blue bin.  We have been mislead into believing that the pods are being recycled. It is estimated  that over 300 million pods including Nespresso and Keurig pods are  filling up our landfills.

busted_edition_thumbSo many of us consumers have been duped into believing we can drink our convenient Tassimo coffee and recycle too.   I hope you stop by and check-out the Tassimo  segment and my interview at the four-minute mark.

Have you ever been duped by false advertising?

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  1. Huh. I always assumed that those pods were recyclable. What a scam– not to mention wasteful. Rather cool that you were interviewed about this. A star is born, or maybe more accurately– brewed.

    1. Have a peek at this: This a program where discs can be properly recycled for free and proceeds of the recycled goods go to charitable programs. The discs are recyclable, so it’s not false advertising. It’s just that not all local blue bin recycle programs can accept them so they are diverted to the landfill.

      1. Hi Scott,

        Thank you for taking the time to comment at this time I have no interest in using Tassimo and as for the teracycle program that is wonderful. But it shouldn’t advertise as discs being recyclable if not all blue bin programs can accept them. I like the convenience of recycling not sending my pods in mail which adds to my carbon footprint.

    1. It is a very good introduction because I feel like I am in a maze trying to figure it all out. We get our produce from the Organic Box which delivers farm fresh produce and eggs to your door. I just cracked an egg to compare it to the picture and thankfully it is farm fresh.

  2. UGH! Mr. Muse and I HAD a Tassimo and besides the price of the pods, the fact that we couldn’t recycle them just pissed me off. Now I just brew coffee in a Mr. Coffee 12-cup pot and reheat leftovers… if there are any.

  3. oh, so famous…and i love your dog trying to get into the package you left outside. ha ha…but really, i did not think about those plastic things. huh. i do drink Keurig but only on rare occasions due to the very high price. maybe someone DIY smart can think of some recycle craft or use for them…hmm, time to check Pinterest for some clues maybe?

    1. Giggles. Sadie is a superstar! I think the kids were more excited to see her on TV. I know their is a DIY for the tassimo but it seems like a lot of extra work. I will stick to my fresh pot of coffee and leave the false advertising to them.

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