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Best Songs for Anger Management

{Mark Petuska of Mark My Words blogger and novelist shares his insights on his blog about the passionate things in life that matter! His one question for me is “What is your favorite song of all time, and why?” This one was tough. I’m still thinking about it. So until I have it figured out I’m sharing with you my  list of songs that I use for anger management.}

I would like to pretend I am very zen and I can ohm my way through anything. But sadly this is not necessarily the case. I try to be calm and carry-on, smile when I’ve peeved, and walk away from confrontation. Every now and then my  annoyed smile disappears, an angry rumble begins to roll in my belly, my fists begin to clench, and there is only one thing I can do to contain my anger from bouncing to a heightened emergency warning of ten.

Play My Music Really Loud! Obnoxiously Loud!

My Top Ten List of Music for Letting the Aggression Out:

10) Bruise Violet, Babes in Toyland

9) Speed Machine, Nashville Pussy

8) Dirty Boots, Sonic Youth

7) Stupid Girl, Garbage

6) Caribou, The Pixies

5) Lithium, Nirvana

4) Shitlist, L7 

3) Best of You, FooFighters

2) I Love Myself Today, Bif Naked

1) Bad Reputation, Joan Jett

Music can be very therapeutic especially when added with an aggressive workout or speeding on the highway in your car. Sometime hard and fast is the only way to go! Scream it, Jump it, and let it all out! If anyone is within my vicinity while I’m listening to any of this list it is best for you to slowly  back away from the stomping woman and let her do her thing.

Do you let it all out to certain songs when you are miffed? Do you have one song that you would add to the list?

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Darcie Cameron is a RYT 200 who believes Yoga is a gift that is accessible to everyone with proper modifications, a patient smile and just taking the time to breathe. One of the greatest presents you will ever unwrap is when you connect your mind, body and spirit in perfect sync with your own breath. Connect with Darcie on Facebook

17 replies

  1. Shitlist and Bruise Violet are great choices – I’ve got them on my iPod for similar angry occasions. Fortunately, I haven’t played either one in quite some time. I guess that means life is good. I’ll take it!

  2. Love this set of songs, Belle. Myself, I am a fiery person, quick to anger, and keeping a calm front is very hard. I head for JS Bach. Scientists have found that his music actually calms the brain waves, and I fin that to be the case. Sometimes I opt for silence and a complete change of activity -usually blogging about some obscure thing which needs huge tranches of research.

    1. I will have to try the JS Bach for next time but usually when I’m that angry (which doesn’t happen very often) I need a good workout.

      It’s fun just to get lost in the research and very good way to get your mind off things. Sometimes we just need a little tunnel vision on something else to get through it.

  3. Led Zep helps me when I am really angry. But when I am upset, I like listen to music that makes me cry and James Taylor is doing the trick for me lately…

  4. I listen to a lot of Saliva when I’m less-than-joyful. They have a song entitled, “Fuck All Y’all”… and those are the first words of the song as well, so in the summertime, when I’m driving with the windows down, music up loud and stopped at a light – if that song starts up – the double takes I get are hilarious. It usually helps lighten my mood tremendously just to see the looks on people’s faces when they hear the words.

  5. Cool list (The Pixies are a must), though you forgot to include “Jesus Built My Hotrod” by Ministry!

    “Daily News” by The Expoited is always part of my “beat the hell out of my steering wheel” playlist as well =]

  6. I could never think of a favorite all-time song because whatever I might like depends on my mood at the time. For anger management, I could either get into a crazy one to scream along with or a happy sounding songs like Mumford and Sons or anything with a fiddle. Sometimes, as silly as it sounds, even big band music makes me happy!

    1. I feel the same way about my favorite song! It has to be something that will transcend over time. It’s hard to pick just one…

      I love Mumford and Sons they always make my belly a little warmer and full!

  7. this list blows, try some hardcore music like “Accelerator” from Gearwhore, or Pump Panel construction mix from Blade. those are the true anger management music, make sure to turn the volume up to max level while listening to these, though, and then watch your anger dissipate in a matter of seconds!

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