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Diary of a Submissive: Pushing it to the Edge

Sophie Morgan candidly shares her sexual awakening by pushing the reader to the edge in “Diary of a Submissive.” It was in this memoir in which the author pulls you into the world of BDSM and shows you it through the eyes of a submissive. A gut wrenching hard read but if you make it to the end it is your own just reward for understanding why she is conflicted between pain and pleasure.

This novel was challening  and there were moments when I cringed; reading scenarios of paddling, foot sucking, and hand cuffing.  As the book develops she allows her conquests to push her further breaking her limits.  In my opinion it all seemed exhausting to put forth so much effort into receiving a mind-blowing orgasm as a just reward.

I was left exhausted by the sexual scenarios and her taking her beatings like a “good girl.”  As much as I wanted to understand her world the book became tedious to read after another “take-off your knickers.” At one point I just wanted to exclaim, “Good Grief! Can we move on from the paddling? I have had a very long day!”

“Diary of Submissive” is not for the faint of heart as Sophie Morgan pushes you to the edge by allowing you to glimpse into her world.  It is an eye-opening read to anyone who has ever been curious of the BDSM culture.  Sophie Morgan points out  that being “submissive” is only one small part of her identity and that there is so much more to her than meets the eye.

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    1. I am coming over to visit today and look forward to reading it! I know I rolled my eyes a few times throughout the book but in the end it does have a closure which demonstrates why she pushes it to the limit. But it is definitely not my cup of tea 😉

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