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A Political Analysis of Voters Underwear

{ Nelle Writes shares snippets of her works of fiction and is in the final stages of editing her labor of love. The one thing I love about Nelle is her humor! A s well she  is never afraid to dive into the political to share her opinions and insights. Her one question for me is “Do you wear thongs, grannies, or nothing at all?” As a lady I cannot answer that but like any good politician I can go around the subject with an answer.}

In the past few weeks I have quietly observed the Democratic and Republican conventions. I have listened to the speakers and heard them rally the American public to vote for the best candidate this November.  As people begin to get riled up in the issues I can only imagine how comfortable they are in their own underwear.

Does their choice in underwear reflect who they will be voting for this November? I made this chart to make the voting lines clear that you vote what you wear in the privacy of your booth.

My guess for the political candidates  is that Mitt Romney still loves his fast cars from the eighties and will be donning his  leopard briefs. Obama will be  cool  with ease would of course saunter in his boxers.

So as election day looms!  What will you be wearing in the booth? Do you agree with my political analysis?

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  1. See, now you have me wondering if Stephen Harper gets crazy with leopard print or just sticks to those ultra-supportive tighty-whiteys. *shudders* And now that mental image is burned into my psyche for the rest of my life.

    1. I think Stephen probably gets a little frisky when he is visiting Quebec! Perhaps, it’s in the air but I suspect he likes to swim in his speedos. Just to test out his wild side…But other than that strictly tighty-whiteys. His Mom might have even embroidered his name on them so he will never them mixed up at the gym 😉

  2. Hahahaha! I was wondering how you were going to answer that one!

    Oh, and by the way, I have a feeling Obama is cool enough to freeball =]

  3. This was hilarious. I’m not sure if it is accurate for me all the time, I choose both my political stance and underwear depending on which one does NOT give me a wedgie.

  4. This was a well argued and thorough piece of research on what is clearly an important topic. As a non US citizen I am pleased to hope that my choice of underwear on election day will remain out of the news

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