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The Fragrant Ritual of Comfort

Hair it is a part of who we are and our identity. It aggravates us, comforts us, and sometimes shields us from the elements. It is after one of those days  I look forward to is stepping into a steamy shower and washing my hair.

The few minutes in the shower is my own time to clear my thoughts, relax my muscles, and wash away the negativity of  the day. I look forward to lathering the shampoo into my hair and inhaling the fragrant scent  that wraps its blanket around me with comfort.

I then wait letting the conditioner repair and untangle the wavy mess that is my hair. It is by untangling the mess with ease which  gives me a small sense of control in the tornado that has swept through my day.

It is in that silent moment I stretch and breath trying to regain a minute of clarity. As the moment passes I slowly rinse with my thoughts running forward thinking tomorrow will be a much better day.

I know in the next wild moments of life when my hair is blowing in the wind and there is no answers that I will get a  fragrant scent that sweeps across my face.  It is that scent that comforts me and lets me know it will all be okay.

Do you have a small step in your daily routine to help shift the perspective of your day?

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Darcie Cameron is a RYT 200 who believes Yoga is a gift that is accessible to everyone with proper modifications, a patient smile and just taking the time to breathe. One of the greatest presents you will ever unwrap is when you connect your mind, body and spirit in perfect sync with your own breath. Connect with Darcie on Facebook

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  1. Lovely post, as usual! For me, it is crawling into bed and turning on Food Network shifts my perspective and let’s me forget it all. It is the ONLY time I have all day that is just for me.
    Oh, wine also helps! 😉

  2. nice post. when I sit down for a writing job, the one thing that makes my mind work and think is running my hands through my hair. now that I read your entry, I am think it’s the untangling of the knots in the hair that let my mind untangle the confused thoughts in my mind and let me write it out on paper 🙂

    The one moment in the day that let’s me calmly thing about the day and hours gone by is the moment when I prostrate to the lord.

  3. Similar to yours but different… I shower and wash my hair before work… but I am all business then… going fast, since I am always running late…

    But when I come home from work, I take another shower to wash off the day… this one is different. It is leisurely… relaxing.. I just let the hot water run over me and the day’s tensions start to melt away… oh, and then I usually have a glass of wine, which also helps 🙂

  4. My day begins and ends with the same ritual – brushing my kitty. She wakes me in the morning, then waits while I make coffee – my first activity of the day is sitting down, drinking that first cup while I brush her. At night, the last activity before bed is another brushing. At night, I brush, and then give her a few kitty treats.

    She loves the routine, and if I get distracted, will wait patiently. If I seem to have forgotten her, she makes sure I know she’s around and waiting! And yes – she purrs in gratitude.

    1. My dog prefers to sit on my lap, at my feet, and cuddles next to me where ever I go. I know when I come out of the shower she will be waiting at the door. Our pets are a part of the family, they always listen and never talk back. They just give us so much in their warmth 🙂

  5. After a trying day, a nice hot shower does feel great, but I’m still a bath kinda girl. A long soak, a glass of wine, and I can feel my muscles relaxing and my mind emptying.

  6. Well, I wish the question was what would be your DREAMY “small step in your daily routine to help shift the perspective of your day,” and I would have answered, a hot stone massage by my personal massage therapist. 🙂 Haha.

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