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A Hairy Situtation

{PS I Love Soap Co.  is a maverick when it comes to soap and she whips up a storm with her wonderful creations! Her one question for me “If stranded on a deserted island with husband and kids what is the one thing I would bring?” I was tempted to […]

My Children’s True Heroes

The NHL lockout boils down to the players believing they are not being paid enough money to play the sport they have given blood, sweat, and tears. I understand the countless hours they have put on the ice, the financial setbacks that their parents most have faced to ensure they […]

Trust Your Eyes

Linwood Barclay’s, Trust Your Eyes, is the story of a man who must come to terms with the death of his father and negotiate through rocky waters with his schizophrenic brother.  The only thing Ray Killbride did not count on was his brother discovering an online murder walking through the […]

One Question

It was last October that I participated in a month of your questions! It was a fun way to keep my on blogging track! So I am asking you for a favor to help me get my blogging groove back! Can you leave me one question in the comment box? […]