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Sometimes a Frog is Just a Frog

Most women at an early age are fed the Kool-Aid and lead to believe that at one time they will discover a frog in waiting is their prince charming. They wait with anticipation for the flick of the fairy godmother wand which will lead them to their handsome prince with a heart of gold!

As time begins to pass many women begin to lower their standards and set their sights on the elusive man boy. They attempt to nurture and cajole this young man out of his play phase with the hopes of him becoming their very own prince charming.

True Love at last….

It was just the other day I overheard a conversation at the coffee shop between a young twenty something male and his real estate agent.

“I’m looking for a one bedroom condo.”

“Are there any specific features that you would like?”

“My girlfriend thinks I should get a two bedroom condo but I don’t want her to get any ideas.”

“Oh! So your girlfriend won’t be moving in with you?”

“Well! Not now! We will see! We looked the other day and she likes more design features, storage, and color. I just want something sleek and modern.”

“Okay? Should your girlfriend be with us to help you figure out want you want?”

“Nah! I think I should just get the opposite and then she won’t be so keen to move in with me.”

Sometimes  fairy tales don’t always come true and  when you kiss a frog it stays a frog. I just wish a kind  fairy god mother would flick her wand and wake this girl up!

Do you believe in Fairy Tales? Did you kiss a frog to discover your Prince Charming?

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Darcie Cameron is a RYT 200 who believes Yoga is a gift that is accessible to everyone with proper modifications, a patient smile and just taking the time to breathe. One of the greatest presents you will ever unwrap is when you connect your mind, body and spirit in perfect sync with your own breath. Connect with Darcie on Facebook

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  1. Frogs aren’t unlike people in some ways. Here is a photo of a beautifully colored frog. He is a lovely portrait to the eye – sleek, pretty and pleasing. But to those who get too close to him, he is also enchanting, toxic and deadly all at once.

    Kissing this frog will put you on your eternal journey through infinity. I just wonder if these frogs embark on the same journey when they pass just to see if our spirits make the same mistakes our conscience minds talked us into when we had bodies. 🙂

  2. Sadly, this girl probably won’t wake up until she gets hurt… It is so hard… I am going through something similar with a family member. She was dating a guy for a long time who was NOT right for her. Everyone knew it. She knew it… and eventually she ended it… She started dating Prince Charming. The entire family is ready to marry this guy (guys included – he is so perfect) but yet she still thinks of mr. bad news, and we are so afraid she is going to choose mr. bad and lose charming only to regret it soon after…

    1. Sometimes we have to learn things the hard way and I think at one point or another we have all been through it. It must be so hard for you to watch I hope she chooses Prince Charming! I’m waving my wand and sparkling love dust her way!

  3. My sense is we’ve all got a little frog in us. I am certainly attracted to hidden treasure, who isn’t? I just can’t help but think some good resides in all of us, and the froggy guy is such an example of this.
    It’s all so tricky. It would be impossible to find someone without any flaws, as we ourselves are rife with them.

    I guess redemption and the quest to find it in another or to help produce it in another is a very big risk. Probably much more of a risk than can be supported in our world today. Love does give birth to beauty. True love. Most modern relationships, as I’ve witnessed them, are founded less and less upon selfless giving, compassion, understanding…all that good love stuff. They are modeled more on economics. Unions without love will not produce any sort of transformation in either partner. Frogs will remain frogs and little girls will remain little girls, only more bitter.

    But can a true prince be a true prince without having at some point been a frog? Isn’t the moral of the story the salvation that comes when we realize before so and so loved me I was a bit of a toad (comparatively speaking). Love is supposed to right the positions of our heart, and apparently it does this by a simple act of grace; when we accept a love that is not earned, a love that is not born of a sense of entitlement, we are essentially admitting we are a frog. I’m thinking this kind of love is very rare.

    I am still learning how to love unconditionally, to find it in my heart to see the beauty in the creature that lives between land and water. I think the transition from frog to prince is much much harder than I’ve ever realized. The frog is comfortable in his isolation, he is comfortable not being found. He has so much shame. There’s nothing worse than loving someone and realizing they are too afraid to receive that love. When that happens the frog speads his famous warts onto you.

    The man in your story seems like the kind of guy who is neither frog, nor prince. He’s something else. It’s like he is a frog trapped in a prince’s body. He seems very content with himself as he is, demonstrates little self-awareness. Maybe someone needs to kick him in the butt and turn him back to a humble toad.

    See that’s the thing about the frog/prince fairytale. The frog wants something, they want to be seen for who they are. That’s sort of sweet. But this guy buying the condo doesn’t seem to want to see himself. I think in order for the transformation to occur the frog needs to know something is missing, he needs to want it badly.

    OK….I hope you will forgive me for thinking out loud. I couldn’t sleep and this helped calm me down. Thank you.

  4. I love that conversation. It reminds me of the time I figured out that it would never work. I was all white walls and lots of light. He was all dark wood paneling and drapes.

    Sometimes, the Princess gets a glimpse all on her own!

  5. Honestly, it sounds like he was being pressured into a decision he wasn’t ready to make by someone he just wasn’t that “into”. My eyes were opened this past weekend to unwanted pressure from people (my dear friends bulldozing their neighbor into putting up trim on his house that THEY wanted). Maybe he just doesn’t know how to tell the girlfriend, “No”?

    I think we all have a bit of “frog” in us – we are humans and humans mess up royally. Some are Bull frogs, making a lot of noise, take up a lot of space and try to rule the pond by pushing their opinions onto others; some because they don’t move out of the way of the oncoming traffic and get squished.

    Regardless of what kind of frog we are and where we find ourselves, what is right for a tree frog isn’t always right for a leopard frog.

  6. I think this is funny and so male! Perhaps a little fear of commitment here. He should buy what he wants. They can always buy something else if things work out! BTW, I have a frog couple in my pond and the male is just delightful. Perhaps they get a bad rap or maybe it’s all the bumps on the skin!

  7. I met my husband in what could be a scene in a movie. I remember watching Sleepless in Seattle and crying right along with Rita Wilson over her description of the hello and all I could say was hello scene in Affair to Remember, thinking that was a fairy tale the could NEVER happen in real life.

    A few months later, it did.

    I think too many women settle for men who suck. Either they’ve invested too much time in a relationship, such that the evil they know is more attractive than the possibilities they don’t understand, or they think they don’t deserve better. Far too many men end up with a woman because she settled for his crummy behavior instead of telling him to hit the road because she is worth more than he’s giving. Back when I was single in my thirties, my girlfriends didn’t help me with this notion. They told me I was too picky, too demanding, that I just wanted to be alone. I am married to my soul mate today, and it’s no thanks to any of those women who are not my friends anymore. Sometimes, we can wake up there, too. 🙂

    1. Sometimes we can and I am very happy you found your prince charming 🙂 The best thing we can do is move it along until we find the right person for you. Keep your standards high and the right one will come when you least expect it.

  8. I kissed a number of frogs before I found my prince charming. That being said I can’t imagine that any woman wouldn’t know deep down in her heart-of-hearts that this guy is a forever frog– not a prince charming to be. Oh my. Poor girl.

  9. I hate frogs and toads. And actually, I dated a guy once who would have been lucky to be toad. That would have been a step up for him, since he was more of the jackass variety, lol. 😉

  10. Not only a frog, but a foolish frog.

    I see fairy tales every day – new ones, the kind of magic that Nature provides for us every day. The night time sky, autumn colors, cool mornings – these and more have the combination of wonder and reality that are the core of the best fairy tales.

  11. I think every frog is someone’s prince charming and vice versa. IT may be naive and romantic of me to think that, but that guy, as afraid of commitment as he is, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him fawn over the right girl and beg HER to move in with him. This one ain’t it, poor girl!

  12. ah what a douche! I am sorry but that’s what he is! I hate guys like this! Spineless men who can’t say things directly to your face! YUCKS!

    My prince charming was never a frog! 😀

  13. This is the kind of conversation I always wonder about when friends are hooking up. “So we know what’s being said when you’re together . . . but what about when you’re not?” I wish I weren’t so suspicious about these things, but I remain a non-believer in romance or Prince Charming although I believe very much in love.

  14. Alas, none of the Disney Princess tales have come true for me, and that is probably a good thing since I don’t like beasts or men 😉

  15. Hello there! I stopped by because I realized you are a full-blown support to many, many BlogHer members but are also a writer and I’ve NEVER BEEN HERE…WHAT?? I’m so sorry. And selfish. And now I’m changing that. I love this theme – I chose it once when I decided I had too much to write that shouldn’t be signed where my mother could find it. She shivers at curse words. Next, I love that you take the time in your writing to add the conversation that enhances a post. Conversation draws you into the room and allows a reader’s voyeuristic side to be fed, but not too close. However, with this piece it IS close enough to influence my heart to sigh and wish and hope that something will change for her…AND him. Take care, you. You’re a keeper.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment it was a delight to read this morning! There are so many writers on BlogHer (including you) that have so much talent. It makes me in awe of all of you 🙂

      The one thing I discovered is you can never keep a blog a secret especially from your mother 😉 I do I hope something changes for the best for both of them. It’s never easy to be young and in love especially when someone is pulling your heart strings along.

  16. I can’t figure out whether it would be better to settle for a not-quite-Prince-Charming-but-I-like-him-a-lot-anyway, and risk missing out on Mr Perfect, or to spend my whole life searching for Mr Perfect and risk never finding anyone! I’m not quite sure how to translate this into frog metaphors… Maybe what I’m trying to say is – settle for a nice frog or keep kissing around in the hope of a prince?

  17. *beep* to that fellow and if fairy tales were true, fairy godmother wasn’t working for this girl.
    And where are all the frogs waiting to be *ping* into prince Charming is what I would like to know.

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