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Sometimes a Frog is Just a Frog

Most women at an early age are fed the Kool-Aid and lead to believe that at one time they will discover a frog in waiting is their prince charming. They wait with anticipation for the flick of the fairy godmother wand which will lead them to their handsome prince with […]

The Dusty Blogging Trail

My dog leads us on our walks running ahead sniffing the trail, she will then stop, and run back to get us.   It is in her world she leads one  step ahead of the other and makes sure we all get to our destination. Her nose is her instinct  to […]

A Child with a Creative Eye

In grade three  I discovered that having creative thought was not allowed in Sunday School. My teacher handed us the coloring pages of Jesus and  I took that as the cue to let my creativity run wild. It was with gusto  I had colored Jesus’s skin green and his hair […]

Grace Under Pressure

The Monarch makes a journey each year from Northern Canada to Mexico taking flight against all of nature’s unpredictable elements. It is this tiny wonder which flies up to fifty miles a day to reach its final destination high in the Mexican mountains. Each year I watch the Monarch dance […]