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An Ass in the Box

We all run into that one person who has seen us a thousand times before but yet they seem to forget who we are depending on how we look or smell that day.  It is at that point I hear the circus music my brain filters on double duty in […]

My Brain Filtering System

As an impulsive person it took me some time to work on the finer art of conversation, to be patient, smile, nod, and listen. Many times I find myself opting out of conversations of sex, religion, and politics.  My brain calmly begins to filter if I disagree on the point […]

The Circle of Life

As we wandered from thee meadow and into the marshland we walked off the trail to watch the ducks swim in the water. It was as I looked over my shoulder to the left I felt a cold shiver and excitement as I saw what laid only a few feet […]

The Sound of Silence

We went for a hike along The Hayburger Trail  and on our journey we came across an open meadow full of warmth that invited us in for a rest. We stopped in the middle and admired its beauty. My husband told my children , “Be very quiet! Lets stand still […]

Don’t Mess with My Mom

My Mom is a force to be reckoned with and she will be the first tell you exactly what you don’t want to hear at the most inappropriate time. Especially if you live in a Pollyanna bubble like me! But that is life! We have had our differences in the […]

The Haunted Hamburger

Jerome, Arizona, The “Mile High City” is the legendary place of haunted happenings and was once a thriving mining community.  It is now a historical site and residence boasting of population of fifty.  But I suspect they forgot to count all of the resident  ghosts in the area. As we  […]

Senior Swim

The beautiful weather in Sedona made for some lovely evening swims. One particular evening there were many retirees  lounging by the pool enjoying the lovely weather. My littlest being observant of the older age demographic got a special twinkle in his eye as he walked through the pool gate. He […]

The Energy of Sedona

Sedona offers so much in just its breath-taking beauty. It is a place where you can walk outside your front door inhale the fresh scent of juniper, admire the views of the red rock, and relax into another time.  It is truly a hidden gem that will take your breath […]