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A Distant Memory and a Pair of Red Pumps

Sometimes when I slip on my red pumps they take me back to a different person, time, and place. If these shoes could take me  back into the past I wonder would I do things a little different?  Would I be wiser to the games of the heart?

My graduation year from high school was the year I feel in love with a boy two years older than me a computer geek and musician.

He had  blue eyes that would melt your heart and the long thick hair. His musical voice made my heart leap whenever he sang within my distance.

It was a summer love meant to last forever. But as the cold winds of fall began to arrive so did a different person.

I discovered from a  friend that he had been cheating on not with one girl, or two girls, but four different girls.

My heart was broken. I felt naive, tattered, and torn my belief in true love was shattered. I was a mess in tears for weeks, losing significant weight, and wondering why I didn’t see the signs.

It was with the luck on of my closest friends stood by my side in my love-sick grief. He was the one that was with me when we walked into the small town clinic to get tested for HIV/AIDS.

The day I got the call from the sexual health clinic  a huge weight was lifted when I heard the word negative.  It was a silver-lining over a very dark cloud.

But how many girls and women do not get the same silver lining? It is this March 10th the  United States will recognize National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS awareness day. It is a day to rock our red pumps and raise awareness!

Did you know every 9.5 minutes, someone in the US will be infected with HIV? And that there are more than 1 million adults and adolescents in the United States living with HIV. Approximately one-fifth of them (21%) do not know that they have been infected.

We all know that summer love can come to a bitter end but it is  our health which makes us strong to carry-on!  It is up to us to  be proactive about our  own sexual health.  And if you are parent that is concerned about your teens sexual activity Planned parenthood offers a wide array of tools to get your teens talking opening the doors to communication.

It was the next summer as the girls and I rolled out of the bar in our short skirts and high heels ready for  the next party. I saw him on the corner busking with his friends. And it was at that moment I knew he had a passion but it was never for  me.

If I had to relive that summer of imaginary love would I?  Maybe? But then I wouldn’t have been pro-active in my own sexual health and wiser to the games of the heart.

Will you be rocking the Red Pump on March 10th?

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43 replies

  1. Alanis in my head…you live, you learn…such a wise one!

    No red pumps here,unfortunately, but the solidarity is. PP does offer a wide array of services and information. Good post, Belle!

    1. PP is a great organization that you volunteer for and I don’t think I gave it enough service in this post! It is place where all woman can go to feel safe and be pro-active about their health. I envision you in sparkly pumps and listening to Alanis! Now I have her in my head…

  2. May I rock my cute but flat red sandals? What a sensitive post– I hope you put this out to BlogHer, too. You have written it in a way that it might save someone’s life!

  3. I don’t have any red pumps, but this gives me the perfect reason to get some red shoes (sneakers or flats).

  4. Planned Parenthood is such a great organization. I remember going there with friends in high school and introducing other friends. They were the one safe resource that we felt we had and they doled out information in a factual and caring manner. I wish we had one where I live now and thanks to your post, I’m now mulling over what I can do on the 10th (other than rocking my red converse).

    1. I think Planned Parenthood provides a great service to the community. The province I lived in at the time provided funded services such as the sexual health clinic for women under the age of twenty-five. It was a great place for young women.

      I think you need to rock those red converse with a tap dance then write a post spreading the word on HIV/AIDS awareness 😉

  5. Your story rings true. It might of been a difficult summer for you, but you learned so much– and can now share your knowledge with so many ppl via this blog. Well done.

  6. It’s always a shock to me to realize how old I am. You fell for a computer geek, and I never saw a computer until I was well out of graduate school and in a second job – even then, it wasn’t much used. It still had the punch cards!

    Everything was different in my day. Planned parenthood? We hardly talked about sex – we talked about boys, but holding hands and “making out” was pretty much it, at least in high school.

    Times have changed, and it’s good to see that people like you are raising up the organizations and tools young women can use to keep themselves safe and healthy.

  7. wow… thanks for sharing such an intimate and personal story… I can’t imagine how hard this was for you, and I am so thankful you were lucky… It is so scary…

    Considering my shoe collection, I don’t have red pumps, but I will wear shoes with red on them…

    1. Thank you 🙂 It was a hard post to write…It is very scary to be young and realize so many doors could be closed before you. That is why it is so important to be pro-active in your sexual health. I think a lot of young women aren’t getting that message enough.

      If anyone can rock a beautiful pair of shoes – it is you!

  8. Sometimes the rain must fall before the sun shines. You had a great friend that stood beside you during that hard time.
    I wonder what my life would have been like if my parents had talked to me about sex but that was something that was hush hush in our houe.
    My older sister tookme to Planned Parenthood and I will always be grateful for her caring about me to take the time from her own busy life to help me become aware.
    No red shoes in my clost but I will be thinking about them no matter what I wear.
    Thanks for a great story. Keep shouting it out…

    1. Thank you! Lets all shout out from the roof tops! And make people more aware of the risks! Make sure he wears the glove or no love!

      It is good to have older sisters they come in handy in so many ways and we learn so much from them 🙂

  9. Four times? He cheated on you FOUR times? Seriously, I am almost crying. How could he do that to YOU? You are worth so much than that, Belle. I know you are. Blessings…

  10. What a great post, with great information. It is so important that we keep an open dialogue with our children, so when they are facing sexual decisions they have someone to talk to. And if we can’t keep the dialogue open, we need to find someone who can!
    I’m curious about the sexuality education programs in Canadian schools. Are they abstinence-only like so many in the U.S.?

    1. Thank you 🙂 We need to keep the dialog open with our kids! The basics of sex are taught in Grade four and then upwards it goes into more depth…My friend teaches junior high sex ed. and is very open about venereal diseases. She even does a power point presentation to show students exactly what it looks like and it definitely makes them think twice about protecting their own sexual health.

  11. Belle, what a fabulous post! It completely resonated with me. For me, the AIDS testing experience took place during my first marriage. My then husband had been unfaithful but unlike you, I did not have a close friend to accompany me. I remember sitting in the waiting room, scared out of my wits. Thank you for sharing your story with us and for creating awareness, lady!

    1. My heart breaks for you! I hate the cad that broke your heart! I can’t imagine how terrifying it must have been to go it alone…It takes a lot of courage to make the first step and I am glad you did 🙂

  12. Very nice post Belle 🙂
    Such an important message for all of us.
    may everyone be as lucky as you were with the negative test.
    May all girls and women out there be empowered, be educated to make informed intelligent decisions about life.

  13. Great post! I was going to leave some comment about how sexy those red pumps are but given the subject matter and what you’ve written here, it seems inappropriate.

    But they are. 🙂

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