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An Asshat

I once met an asshat, He smelt like an obnoxious right-winger, So I gave him the middle finger, He was always a tit-for-tat! Have you ever met an asshat? What did he smell like? Blogger Note: You can easily insert left instead of right depending on political preference…

A Springtime Wish

As the snow begins to melt and the sun begins to shine several thoughts run across my mind. One is the inevitable ten pounds from winter hibernation and begin to focus on all of the things I hate about me. I am guilty about making jokes about my muffin-tops, dingle […]

Beware of the Toilet Snake

It is  when I am on a sunny beach vacation a shot of tequila or two might be thrown into the mix for good measure while relaxing in the sun.  And in the evenings there is the cocktails, water and wine that like to accompany my meal. It is in […]

A Nun with a Bad Habit

It was several weeks ago that I had the annual conversation with my Mother on why I don’t go to church.  It is in these conversations in which I  usually turn into my teenage self  hanging-up the phone exclaiming, “I hate it!” I am then left to ponder does God […]


Last week Bennie feel in love with Mag’s hypnotic power and luscious lips! He took the leap, groomed his mustache, put on his best bow tie, and asked her out! Mag felt a deep sense of relief! Mag failed to realize her hair poof had been destroyed will fighting the […]