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Winter Tear Drops

The snows beauty is sudden as the white witch  leaves her furry  with impassable  drifts and the hint of frost seething through the air.  She has cast a cursed spell that toils with an ache in your heart and shivers you to the bone.  It is in the last days of winter  the longing for  change to  occur with a sudden jab as the snow falls heavily to the ground.

At these moments  longing sets in for something new, a change, and  a myriad of colors to make things better again.

The reawakening of crocus and tulips to lift the spirits making us want to dance and delight in the warm evenings of spring.

But the knowledge of the white witches spell only reminds you that days will slowly go by until that goodness arrives at the hands of father time.

A winter tear drop falls one by one slowly and steadily wondering when will this state of exhaustion be lifted with the welcoming of the sun.

The white witch has her way of twisting our emotions as we trudge through the drifts and shovel the wet snow. It is her wrath that we battle through the cold nights to revel in the warmth of spring.

One  last winter tear drop and then it will be done in the morning you can relish in the welcoming of the sun.

How do you escape the drudgery of winter?

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Darcie Cameron is a RYT 200 who believes Yoga is a gift that is accessible to everyone with proper modifications, a patient smile and just taking the time to breathe. One of the greatest presents you will ever unwrap is when you connect your mind, body and spirit in perfect sync with your own breath. Connect with Darcie on Facebook

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      1. Thank you!

        It is fun to watch the fur babies and little ones play in the snow! We try to stay active for most of the season but usually near the end of February it gets a little frustrating…

        I think my Mom needs a retirement plan for Florida that way I would have an excuse to visit 😉

  1. Mmmmmm, soup! This has been such a strange winter. We’ve really had no snow at all. Which is good and bad. Good because it’s been warmer, and thus, cheaper, and bad because of all the grey and mud. Gah!!
    I don’t know how we get through it, we just do after years of practice I guess!

    1. Last week it was grey and mud – the hope of an early spring.

      This week it is snow with a cruel winter chill.

      I just wish Mother Nature would make up her mind! I don’t know what she has to be confused about…

  2. “It is her wrath that we battle through the cold nights to revel in the warmth of spring.”

    Great line. So perfect.

    A: I read & blog & try to organize closets & buy bouquets of flowers for the kitchen table & light candles– & stare menacingly at the calendar wishing I could make time fly through February.

    1. Thank you, Ally! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to fly away for a week? I might take your advice and pick up a big bouquet of flowers for my kitchen while I’m out trudging through the snow! I need a little more color in my life and vitamin D 😉

  3. I can appreciate the beauty in winter, but my appreciation is short-lived. I always buy myself a few pairs of warm, cozy pajamas at the beginning of winter in anticipation of spending cold nights and weekends snuggled up with a cup of tea. To distract myself from the cold, I try to read books set in warm climates and imagine I am there.

    My first sign that winter is almost over is the Philadelphia Flower Show. The gigantic convention center is filled with flowers and their fragrances. Once I see that, I know that winter is on its way out of town.

    1. I feel the same way 🙂

      I would love to go to a flower show! It would be the perfect way to welcome spring and indulge in all of the scents. You just gave me an idea to visit the conservatory this week! Thank you!

  4. Before kids, I found activities to make sure I did not drown with our Montreal winters: snow shoeing, walks, etc. With kids, it’s been more of a challenge as even the smallest outing is an event: getting the kids, ready, dressed, the diaper nag, packing snacks, etc… But once out, well-dressed, our kids smiles make it all worthwhile.

    1. That is one of the things I hate about winter but as they get older it gets easier 🙂 It really does bring a smile to my face when I see my children playing in the snow and having a great time! Sometimes I would prefer the comfort of the beach…

  5. We usually head someplace warm, late in the winter for a week. The winter season can last so long here, and we don’t get much spring. Maybe we have a week of spring and then it’s mosquito season, hazy hot and humid. I battle the doldrums with vitamin d and looking for beauty through the lens of my camera. Or I just bundle up with my snuggie blanket and read or watch tv with a fire in the fireplace. Snow sure is pretty when it first falls, but then it’s a PITA!

    1. It sounds similar to our winter and spring! Don’t even get me started on the mosquitoes they have a life of our own! Snow can definitely be a PITA! Especially when you want winter to be over…I think I am going to pop some vitamin D today, buy a bouquet of flowers, and read a book set in a warm tropical climate. Only one more month to go with fingers-crossed…

  6. It depends. I’m not adverse to winter activity, not adverse to ignoring it. This one has been the most unusual of my life, at least so far, with bare ground 95% of the time. Contrast to four years ago, when I had to step out of my car and look over the snow bank for oncoming traffic before backing out.

  7. Winter as the White Witch. What a visceral visual. Perfect. Appropriate.

    As whacked as this sounds, it is one that makes me wish to live in a colder climate. We hardly ever know cold where I am. I don’t know how I’d deal with months and months and months of grey, but a blast of it once in a while would be nice. I know that would work the other way. 🙂

    1. I always think of the white witch in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe when we have a snowy blizzard 🙂

      I love snow at the start of the season but by the end of February I am ready for it to melt. Sometimes it makes for a long winter. We try to make the most of it but sometimes I would much prefer a rainy day.

  8. It’s the middle of Summer, here. This Summer has been warm and very wet, instead of hot and thirsty as it has been over the last few years. At least there are no bushfires this year, and the dams will be full, so there shouldn’t be any water restrictions until at least next Spring. For some reason, Australians have decided that Autumn begins on 1st March, instead of the 21st. Why? In any case, the Southern Hemisphere has five seasons, and all of the indigenous peoples of the Southern Hemisphere have five names for the seasons. It is only we, the invaders from the North, who still persist in trying to fit five seasons into our Northern Hemisphere four.

  9. Lots of red wine – my excuse to drink it is that it warms me and I’m always cold. Other than that, reading is a good way to spend the winter. I almost want it to snow some more just so I can stay in and read.

  10. Being from Southen Ontario, I have learned the most beautiful part of Winnipeg, Manitoba is the clear blue skies and the heat of the sun, even in -40c with wind chill weather.

    The other alternative, was just returning from Mexico for a week’s vacation. As my husband said on our last day, let’s head up to the pool. My response was I can sit at a pool any day of the week, I cannot sit by the sea, hear the waves, absorb the sun and listen to the palm trees in the breeze. Of course, the Bahama Mamas, the Mojitos and the Pina Coladas helped a little.

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