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One Hairy Ape and a Hot Tub

On our last trip the kids wanted to take full advantage of the water slides at the hotel  after a long day of skiing. My husband was already nestled by the fire napping and the children had that pleading look in their eye – I wearily agreed to go.  I […]

Winter Tear Drops

The snows beauty is sudden as the white witch  leaves her furry  with impassable  drifts and the hint of frost seething through the air.  She has cast a cursed spell that toils with an ache in your heart and shivers you to the bone.  It is in the last days […]

Mag Power

The last time we saw Mag the Egg  she was caught in the perilous clutches of the spoon! Was she able to tap into her egg powers to defeat its ravenous ways? Her egg powers were more than the spoon could resist! It knew it was no match for Mag! […]

The Ghost by the Fire

On our last night in Banff I feel asleep to the crackling of the fire and the chatter of my little men. The fresh mountain air and the warmth of the fire has a calming effect – always lulling me into a deep relaxing slumber. It was later in the […]

The Weird Sisters: What is in a Name?

Eleanor Brown weaves a tale that would make the bard proud in The Weird Sisters. It is a novel about the struggles of coming home, hiding secrets, facing disappointments, and finding a little piece of yourself which may have been lost from the treasured moments of childhood. Rose, Bean, and […]

A Lesson in Tumbling

This past weekend my family and I headed to Lake Louise to beat the winter doldrums.  We loaded up the skis in the car and were ready to hit the slopes!  The first day was perfect as the sun warmed us and the trails were wide open!   It was the […]

A Valentine’s Day Wish

As I watch my children write their valentines  one by one for their classmates – it makes me wish I could give a valentine to each of you and attached to it would be one heart – shaped chocolate. It would be my thanks to you for brightening my day […]