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Celebrity and Wildlife Sightings: I Have Nose for It!

I have a very sensitive nose which leads me in all directions giving me the ability to spot celebrities and wild animals.  They are very much the same trying to hide from the public eye, produce a strange aroma, and are unpredictable when they are out of their element.  My nose senses their subtle traits and my eyes are always quick to catch them!

My sister Jane is very skeptical of my nose sniffing abilities from Tom Cruise and Snoop Dog sightings to the bear in the woods or the dear hiding behind the tree.

She never believes me even when they are standing right in front of us!

Until one day my sister and I were driving back to my grandmother’s house on the old rickety road.  I peered out the passenger window only noticing a black bear running into the bush.

I looked at her and exclaimed “Bear! Did you see the bear?”

All that was left was the distant swaying of the trees.

She gave me a skeptical look, “There was no bear!”

 Damn You Bear!

“Yes! It was a bear! “

She then laughed and said, “Okay! A bear!”

I could sense she didn’t believe me and I let out along deep sigh!

It was with that we had a nice visit with our Nana, she chastised me for my taste in men, my sisters choice in pursuing a PhD, and we hopped back in the car to drive home feeling a little cranky about our not so cuddly grandmother.

It was at that moment we watched a Mama bear and her cubs run out the woods and onto the side of the road.

“See! I told you a bear!”

We watched in awe the little family dive back into the bush and I was filled with smug satisfaction that for once I was right in my life.

It was years later, we had a rough night, at the hospital, my father was very sick, and we were staying in the hotel downtown.

As we walked sleepily into the hotel  I noticed a short man with several young beautiful women standing around him. I made eye contact with him and wondered where had I seen this creature before?  My mind turned the pages of the encyclopedia and I was thinking of every magical being including the unicorn.

Was it a badger? No.

Short man? Yes.

Was it Napoleon? Nop.

Jean Jacket and tight jeans? Yes.

Beautiful Women? Yes.

It was at that categorical moment the light bulb went off in my head!

Rock Star! Hell yes!

I looked at my sister, “That’s Bryan Adams!”

She gave me a cynical look thinking I really lost it, “No! It is not!”

“Yes it is!”

He then went into  the elevator, looked at us, with a smug smile, knowing that he had escaped a barrage of questions, and a request  to sign my sister’s Sebastian Faulks novel.  It was the only thing I was holding at the time.

My sister laughed, “That was not Bryan Adams!”

At this point I was tired, and there no explaining that elusive creature was indeed Mr. Summer of 69!

And as we were waiting for the elevator another man appeared with a guitar and my sister in her best voice “And I suppose that’s one of his roadies?”

It was with that I sighed  and the next morning the newspaper arrived at the door only to discover Bryan Adams had played in the city that very night. So never question my ability to spot wild animals or celebrities!  They may try to live with the common man but with a keen eye and good nose you can spot them a mile away.

One word of advice  always trust your instincts and if they are frothing at the mouth just get their picture and run!

 Where does your nose lead you? Have you ever spotted a celebrity sighting?

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  1. I’ve never had a celebrity sighting but maybe I will now that I’m learning to pay more attention to my instincts 🙂

    My latest instinct led me to register for a drawing class which starts next week – we shall see!


  2. I’ve had all sorts of celebrity sightings. Most recently we were in Las Vegas and rode up in an elevator with Richard Belzer [Det. Munch on Law & Order SVU]. He looks in real life EXACTLY like he does on TV. Kind of a freaky elevator ride, actually.

  3. Pretty cool celebrity sighting!!! I am almost 99% sure I saw Mr. Spike Lee. I also have seen Aerosmith who were in town for a concert and came into the place I worked – a total mob scene. Another place I worked I helped pro football and baseball players out. I also sat next to a pro player on a flight – that was an interesting experience being stared upon because of my seat mate for hours. Pretty interesting when you are around a celebrity or see a celebrity – Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’ve not sniffed out celebrities in the wild, but we had bear, moose, deer, and fox in our back yard. In fact, my former neighbour was at the house having a beer, but had to drop down to her home to check something in the oven. She walked out of our house, turned onto the street, and looked up at a moose looking at her 30 feet away. She went one way (flying back into our house), moose the other.

  5. Such a fun post!
    I’ve had a few celeb citings– sold bras to Mrs. Fields, the cookie lady, when I was a bra-slinger in Utah. She was nice and bought dozens of bras!
    Was on an elevator with Father Andrew Greeley (the sexy thriller writer) at a conference my group was putting on. He’s a little Irish elf of a man. I’d been looking all over the hotel for him– he was a keynote speaker. When I found him, I got a bit tongue-tied.
    Saw Shirley Maclaine, the actress, sitting on a bench downtown all by herself while they were filming a movie here in Wilmington.
    Saw John Travolta in our town, known as “Hollywood East,” while he was filming a street scene.
    But you’ve got me wondering … if these are the ones I saw, who were the ones that got away without me sniffing them out???
    I’ll save my animal sightings for another day!

      1. Father Greely is adorable with a naughty twinkle in his eye. He would probably hate me saying that. He is also a big troublemaker in the Church, but isn’t anyone who is worth his salt?

  6. I have quite a few photos of the bushes that the beaver, bear, porcupine and other sundry animals disappeared into. Figure I might as well document my sightings even if nobody else sees anything but green and brown.

  7. We ran into Tom and Nicole in the LL Bean parking lot in Maine many years ago. No mistaking that smile of his! I also stood next to Reese Weatherspon in NYC 2 years ago. Everyone else acted like it was no big deal, so I just tried to keep my jaw from dropping.

    1. I love the LL Bean in Freeport – I never purchase anything just ohhh and ahhh over the camping gear. He does have a beautiful smile 🙂 My jaw would have dropped I love when people play it cool but man that’s hard to do…Did you get her autograph?

      1. Oh no! She had this air about her, eyes not connecting with anyone at the deli, that made an invisible wallow protection. Plus, I was afraid of behaving like the country bumpkin in the big city 😉

  8. I’m your total opposite. Just like Jane, I’m always the skeptic one. When walking friends I usually look straight, usually at one point not like my friends whose eyes are almost always running amok so when they exclaim, “Addie, tweeeeeeet (that’s our code for hot/good-looking guys)”, I sometimes never get a glimpse.

    I can spot a celebrity pretty easily at times, local ones, yeah but I just give it a shrug.

  9. So cool! I hope your sister trusts your nose now…. I haven’t had any celebrity spottings, but my brother-in-law and his wife once ended up sharing a table with jack nicholson at Barney’s in NYC. And through work, I have celebrity clients – rap stars, porn stars, reality TV stars and one (former movie star)

  10. Living in Vegas I was always rewarded with celebrity sightings. One night my boys and I were having dinner in one of the Casino restraunts and seated across from me was Tim McGraw. I tried to be discreet but I know he knew I was looking becausse our eyes met several times. My boys were not about to believe mw and I let the subject drop. The next day on the radio the DJ annouced the caino news telling that Tim McGraw had dinner at the same place we did. Both boys were so sad they missed out.
    I have tons of celbrity tales as well as wild animals. I had two wild turkeys in my back yard when I Moved her until my dog ran them off.

  11. My nose tends to lead me toward Thai food. Now if only my stomach could tolerate it as well as it used to . . . !

    As for celebrity sightings? All the time. What surprises me is being surprised, such as when I realized a few weeks ago that the guy on the WB lot that Li’l D was babbling to was one of The Big Bang Theory’s principals. I think I fall more on your sister’s end of the spectrum than yours; I usually only notice when someone else says something!

    1. Mmmm! Thai food! Now that would be delicious right now….

      I suppose you would see them all the time! I bet you just trip over them 😉 Also it’s pretty cool lil D’ was babbling to one of the principals. Really Cool!

  12. A number of celeb sightings–Robin Williams, Lyle Lovett, Nickleback (shared an elevator when they were in Edmonton for the Junos–Canadian Grammys), Adam Sandler, Jesse Jackson (stage managed a convention where he was speaking), the King and Queen of Norway and the Queen of Sweden, Wayne Gretzky, Michael Douglas, Janine Turner (met her and her daughter just before Christmas; very pleasant ladies), etc. Nicest was meeting Cynthia Stevenson when she was in line next to us for a flight and was friendly and chatted very cheerfully.

    I love Nelle’s camel story! Our version here is that a nearby rancher runs bison on a property we pass fairly often, and they’re guarded by a camel. You can bet I did a double take the first time I saw it, and was glad when we passed the next time that I could prove to my husband I hadn’t imagined it. 🙂

    1. Holy Cow! Bat Woman! You have just won the title for celebrity magnet! That is all very cool! I feel like the only person in Edmonton who has not had a nickelback or wayne gretzky sighting? Did you live here for a time? Or were you just visiting? And Queens? Is there etiquette for when you run into royalty?

      Nelle tells great stories! A camel is much more exotic then a poor old mooose 🙂 We always take the kids to visit the Bison at Elk Island National Park and one wanted to hop in our car to go for a spin. It was a little unnerving those fellas are huge!

      1. I haven’t been to Elk Island yet myself, but DH Richard tells me the same from his one visit there! He loved it.

        We went up numerous times a year from Seattle (where we lived) to Edmonton for the 13 years R was conductor of Pro Coro Canada there, so spent lots of happy time in Edmtn. Wayne G we actually saw in Boston, not Edmtn, as we happened to be there for an early music festival while the Bruins were in the playoffs.

        And yes, there is not only etiquette and protocol for royal-sightings if they’re pre-arranged (the Norwegian royals were on our uni campus and I was on the prep committee): we had to be schooled by the Secret Service in advance. Turned out to be pretty silly. Maybe I should post about it. 😉 The sighting of the Swedish Queen was not so organized–we just sat directly across the concert hall from her in Stockholm once when the symphony was playing. But it was kind of fun to look over there and have it dawn on us suddenly that that was the *Queen* over there! I didn’t jump up and wave and yell, “Hiya, Queen! How ya doin’?” though, which would probably be the Stupid American Visitor protocol.

      2. It’s a neat little spot and a great place to snow show in the winter months. Your husband has an amazing talent and job! I couldn’t imagine the work or creativity that it takes 🙂

        OMG! I would love to be part of the secret service! I would flirt with them just for the fun of it and ask them to show me there big gun! I couldn’t resist! I would be a terrible! Terrible Guest to any form of royalty 😉

  13. Now you make me wish I had a sister so we could go back and forth on issues like these . . . anyhoo, my nose leads me to freshly ground dark roasted hot coffee! Anytime, anyplace!!
    Celeb sightings occurred when I was younger working in a resort tobacco/gift shop and waited on Bo Derek, the late John Denver and Mr. TightPants himself, Tom Jones!
    Celebrities…such a fascinating bunch eh?

  14. “I made eye contact with him and wondered where had I seen this creature before? My mind turned the pages of the encyclopedia and I was thinking of every magical being including the unicorn.”

    that had me laughing and wondering … how thick is your encyclopedia ? 😀
    it must have a great search algorithm 😀

  15. So many good stories, I am going to sit down and make a list of all the celebs I have encountered ove the years.
    My sighting of Tim was after he married Faith.
    It is doubtful I will ever forget it. The only problem was we were sitting a table apart but facing each other. I was totally aware of my manners and tried not to make any food mistakes like reaching for my tea and spilling it or talking with my mouth full lol.

  16. I have a patient who has tons of pics of herself with politicians, musicians, athletes you name it she gets around. Me? I have had celeb sightings but they run for the hills if they see me hahaha

  17. *snicker* a nose for celebrities and wild animals – I wonder if there’s a connection.

    I’ve seen bears and celebrities, probably in about equal numbers, but not in the same places.

  18. Hey Belle, How do I follow your blog on my blog? I have other blogs but all I can get is just the comments. What am I doing wrong?
    I love your blog. I just had a wild animal sighting this morning. A red fox was standing in the field from my house. By the time I got my camera he was gone, but he was soooo pretty.
    I am waiting for the snowy owls to make their way to Arkansas and hopefully get some great pics.

    1. Thank you! A red fox would be a beautiful spot to see in the morning! I hope you have your camera ready next time 🙂 You can follow my blog two ways one is by clicking follow which is by clicking on my blog and an option should appear on the top left hand corner in the black and grey from wordpress or you can sign’up on the right hand side by placing your email in the section That says Stay Up to date on my neurotic musings. I hope this helps 🙂

  19. My husband and I basically ate breakfast with David Arquette. We were in Toronto for our honeymoon and he must have been staying at the same hotel. He sat about two seats away from us, with no one in between us, so we count that as having breakfast together. 😉

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