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Spark it is the link that ignite the passionate creativity from your brain to your heart! It is that moment of inspiration which tingle through your fingers as you type away at the keys. It is the eureka moment when the light bulb comes on in your head! 

A spark can happen at any time and any place! It is the start of an idea, a dream, a labour of love.

How do you find your spark?

Is it waiting in the back corner of your brain when triggered by a beautiful sunset? Is it resting in your heart when that one song plays on the radio? Or does it transpire from the poignancy of a painting?

Inspiration rests from within us all and it is the creativity which is genuine! The need to create, share, and collaborate with others to see our projects come to fruition. It is at these times we are left to spiral out of control in our own creative energy.

How do you maintain that energy?

I know for some it is meditation, others daily routines, and some like me just flailing about in a chaotic mess. It is trudging out of the mess or routine that clarity can hit us!


The clarity to see our project through from beginning to end! The truth behind our words and actions! It is something that we can all do at one time and place!

The question is where do we begin? Where do you find your creative spark?

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Darcie Cameron is a RYT 200 who believes Yoga is a gift that is accessible to everyone with proper modifications, a patient smile and just taking the time to breathe. One of the greatest presents you will ever unwrap is when you connect your mind, body and spirit in perfect sync with your own breath. Connect with Darcie on Facebook

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  1. ruh roh…. deep thinking threatens to activate my brain. First, dust off the cobwebs…

    Sparks…in terms of location, usually in bed, the shower, or driving. And on that first one…;-) In terms of the idea, usually out of my experiences, or within the extended context of those experiences, ie things that happen within a community, and not necessarily to me, although the ones to me do show up.

    Then there are things of interest to me.

    Energy… if I feel a story, and I don’t continue working it if I don’t, then energy self sustains – interest generates energy that produces content that produces energy. If I feel resistance, and I’ve been 35 or so pages in and chucked it all, I trust my intuition and what it tells me.

    One key here is to write, it really needs to be a daily thing or close to it, even if the output is one page. I’m so engrossed in editing the novel that on occasion pause for a few hours and kick out a short story, just to let my imagination roam.

    Clarity… first start writing and run with it, then when it gets hard to keep track, backtrack, edit some, and by the stopping point, familiarity is present, as well as remembrance of things possibly written and forgotten. If there are lots of moving parts, have a character map where info can go for reference, big and little things – I don’t want a character 5’11” only to have them 6’2″ thirty pages later. Anyway, looping in writing – the going back and working forward again, is an essential for me. And editing, once started, should have specific goals for each round.

    1. hahaha! What cobb webs?

      I love your answer! At the end of the day it seems cyclical edit, write, edit, write, and work towards perfection. I try not to get inspired in the shower – it’s a dangerous place I once broke my nose in their 😉

      1. lmao to shower injuries. I’m a shower thinker, always have been, and i’ve been known to damn near hibernate in one.

        Driving would be the primary place for me though, especially with the right music.

        The looping when bogging in a story helps, because you revise some, but also create a baseline for moving forward.

      2. Driving with music is much safer for me! The shower is just deadly – I once ended up in the ER in my penguin pajamas with a broken

        I like having the baseline for moving forward – it can make a difference 🙂

  2. Belle, I find my spark in the unlikeliest of places. At times it simply happens when I’m on a forest walk and other times, it can be while I do a mundane task like shopping for groceries. For me, sparks are triggered by sights, smells, people, beautiful scenes, and even while I sit quietly resting my eyes. 🙂

  3. My spark is rather inconsistent. Sometimes it comes when I just let my mind wander and sometimes it comes as a distraction from some unpleasant task. Sometimes something I see or hear is just so ridiculous I can’t stop myself from writing about it.

  4. Such great comments already, that I’d say all of the above. Especially in the shower or driving, even though both of these are dangerous due to slippery soap bubbles and 2,000 pounds of steel moving at 60 mph.
    Maybe the danger fuels my adrenalin addiction?
    I have been known to make lists of post topics as I drive. Please do not tell Bad Luck Detective.

    1. They have been wonderful! I love getting such great feedback! I hear ya on the bubbles! Showers are a death trap! I know! I broke my nose in one and the worst part is I didn’t even have a drink 😉

      LOL! Bad Luck Detective is coming after you with her pink handcuffs! Lists while you drive! Now that is just trouble! I know nothing about that…

    2. melanie and darcie do you guys have phones with a voice recorder? i often think of things while driving too. i press the button to get siri and say “take a note” and i’ve got like six trillion notes that don’t even trigger a memory of why i wanted to write about that, but at the spark, i record it. and sometimes i have one where i remember with a passion. also, a quick photo at a red light or something to remind you.

  5. I am always looking for the unusual and sometimes it is the odd things that give me my spark.
    Someone shot and hit our water tower last night and water is still pouring onto this little old ladies house, so you can see that my mind has been been sparking lol.

  6. You have defined the work spark clearly well. I get sparks from the littlest things in life – up to me how to turn them big and well-written.

    Happy New Year, Belle. Just want to say how much I enjoy the sparks you share with us, your avid readers. 😀

  7. At age sixty-four, the red phosphorus on my striker strip is worn a bit thin; on the other hand, I am smoldering with desire to make better use of what time I have left. So for me, the spark comes from getting in touch with what I really care about, with what I need to leave behind written in soot on the cave wall of life. Sometimes that requires sitting still, closing my eyes to see, waiting for the unfound door to open and breathe the ready coal into flames.

  8. A lot of the people I’ve met, things I’ve done, places I’ve gone and stuff I’ve learned since meeting and marrying–serendipitously–Mr Sparks have been serious sources of my inspiration and motivation for creative work. No joke! But I’d hasten to add that any and all of the previous commenters’ noted sources of sparks count for me too; it’s mostly non-specific and random in my case. So yes, I do keep notepads and sketchbooks all over the place and haul my laptop pretty much everywhere I dare.

    But I’d also say that Process has become a much bigger factor in causing, capturing and developing any spark that I can: I’ve learned that practice itself is a better spark-generator than any other single thing, so if there isn’t any sparking evident and I want it to happen, I just have to jump in and write or draw or whatever without any evident direction, literally scribble or make meaningless batches of words until my naturally-editorial mind squashes them into a semblance of purpose from which to move forward. You guessed it: I’ve posted about that very thing on my blog–if inspiration won’t offer any concrete subject matter on the occasion, then the *search* for inspiration should jolly well serve as subject, at the least!

    Great post here, and of course, inspiring and thought provoking!! Thanks for getting the wheels turning.

    Kathryn (Sparks) 🙂

    1. Thank you! Sometimes we just have to make the spark happen by picking up those pencil crayons or start snapping with the camera in order for the spark to come to life. Other times, it just comes to us and it is just a matter of igniting it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could be in tune to it all of the time?

  9. creativity kicks in when the undesirable pending list grows to an unmanageable level 🙂
    creativity becomes another word for procrastination on the “should do” stuff … [just talking abt me]

    1. i have a newsletter to edit. a book chapter to complete, a book to edit, an annual report to be compiled, a project team to be led to the finish line, a research project to finish, a journal article to be polished up … etc etc
      i keep starting one creative project after another and now …
      i’m just being creative on my blog …
      that’s how it becomes procrastination… 😀

  10. in the shower… or in bed… Hopefully when I am about to get up (so I still remember). Also, in the car… I am most creative when my mind is busy on somethign else….

  11. Creative sparks are much too infrequent for me these days. I am searching for methods to spark my sparks (?) and ignite my passion for creating again. Thank you for the post!

  12. I have a spark. Now that I am in my 50s I am afraid of burning out with my spark of energy. I have a list a mile long to look at tomorrow. I am excited for the new year. I hope to work on a resolution for the month of January.

    Happy New Year. I’m excited. I hope reality of work and personal stress don’t overwhelm my spark and energy.

    1. I can’t see you ever burn out the way you baked all of those delicious cookies! What do you think your resolution will be for the month of January?

      I wish you the best in 2012! And that your personal stress takes a backstage pass to your spotlight!

  13. This is gonna sound stupid but here goes – I once got a “Spark” on the way home from work (30 min drive, straight no houses) and didn’t want to stop. So I made a sound recording with my phone while I worked out the verses!
    I was driving and not looking at the phone, don’t worry. But felt silly just the same.

  14. I find my spark when I am alone, in some sort of quiet. In the quiet of the morning, while working out, showering. I don’t ever maintain my energy because life is too crazy. I just allow it to ebb and flow as it wishes. Clarity?! Ha!
    I begin by trying to have some sort of quiet and introspection and hope some ideas come to me.
    Thanks for this post! It’s getting me thinking!

  15. Well, I love this post a lot! It got me thinking. It’s not too long and gets right to the point- left me wondering what sparks my creativity. Love your entire website! Happy New Year 🙂

  16. My creative spark comes from the husband, the pets, and just life in general. I just write stuff down as it happens or as I think of it. The hardest part is remembering to jot it down. Sometimes I do get stuck with creativity, and I think those are the times I put too much pressure on myself to come up with something new and exciting. Those are the times I have to remind myself to let things be, and maybe to re-focus on another task (like having a glass of wine, for instance, ha ha). Eventually, my creativity returns to me, and I just pick up where I left off. Nice photograph, by the way! Love that firework show! 🙂

    1. Thank you! The picture was sent to us from a friend in Australia celebrating the New Years festivities. He gave me permission to tinker with it…A glass of wine has away of sparking creativity in all of us 🙂

  17. At times a spark is ignited by what I see, hear or imagine. Mostly, it’s as if all of a sudden it just landed there…or exploded.

    Unfortunately, I often flounder there…in the imagining stage. The energy and organization needed to complete a project is often what hinders my starting it. I’ve got a lot left undone and I’m hoping to take baby steps toward resolving that!

  18. Let’s see…sparking champagne is a very nice way to start the spark and maintaining the energy by sipping on it veeery slowly. Clarity makes it over with the help of stubborn persistence. 🙂
    I love your style. Thank you!

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