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Snow Birds and Broken Appliances

My husband was  recently on the phone with his parents and they were discussing their annual  trip to the Florida Panhandle.  They are the typical snow birds that descend south every winter  spreading their tiny wings to fly out of the freezing cold chicken coop. I was eavesdropping , I […]

Blogger Obituary

It in the past couple of weeks I have been getting some really great  spammer comments! However, when I received one that I had to read over, think twice, then pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dead.  “I have your obituary in my car to keep me safe and […]

Digging in the Trenches

I have days when I’m tired of expert advice and their suggestions about how to blog to be ranked better.  You know the social media expert who asks the important questions: Are you using the right tools? Are you social networking properly? Are you telling twitter you are picking your […]

I Love the Cheese!

It was just the other day as I went through my spam comments that one struck a nerve . It said “Your blog is just as bad as Norwegian Carrot Cake.” It was at that moment I snorted out my coffee and reflected on his kind words.  If I were […]

Who Wore it Best?

I am one of those women who loves the beach but does not love the inevitable task of  finding the perfect swim suit. However, you would not know  from observing my swim suit collection that has over forty different pieces of tops and bottoms. It is on this vacation I […]

The Perfect Butt Clench

The perfect butt clench is not something you master with ease over night! It is something that takes years of practice! I think of it as an effortless flow where I close my eyes, sip my coffee, and squeeze really hard like a curler with a broom! Sometimes I feel […]

The Other Side

Do you ever wake-up in the morning and sometimes your rose – colored glasses don’t want to wake up with you? Instead your goggles might have a green tint to them. I have those mornings all of the time! It’s the one were you see the women walking to work […]


Spark it is the link that ignite the passionate creativity from your brain to your heart! It is that moment of inspiration which tingle through your fingers as you type away at the keys. It is the eureka moment when the light bulb comes on in your head!  A spark […]