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Taxi Cab Lingerie

It was every Christmas Eve we were allowed to open one present and that one present always came from my sister who live miles away. It was each year she would make my sister Jane and I a present that represented  her own unique expression. The hand-crafted present would also advise you who made her naughty and nice list for that very year.

One of us would get the pretty present and the other would be left  wondering what did I say wrong…  It was only apparent as both Jane and I ripped opened her present who made the annual list.

Jane opened her present to discover a beautiful floral house coat and matching slip-on.

I  was excited! I tore open my present and thought, “What the hell is she telling me?”

A neon orange and black checkered house coat with slip-on stared at me!

I looked at it, I looked at the lovely floral gift my sister received, I looked at my parents, and then I looked at Jane.

It was with that we burst into laughter at my taxi cab lingerie!

I’m not sure what man I could beckon into bed with neon orange and black checkers!  I don’t even think the most desperate of rockers would hop into bed with me!

Did she think I was still going through the eighties hair metal phase? I mean really even the girls in a Motley Crue video wouldn’t be caught dead in this thing!

I know once upon a time I teased my permed hair but this cabbie assemble no longer suited my long tresses  and failed to flatter my faltering ass.

The only thing  apparent this lingerie would do would entice a man into an epileptic seizure with all of its bright checker action!

Maybe that was the point she thought I was too young to get that action!

I will never know why I deserved to receive such a strange gift! But I do know every year at Christmas Eve I compare notes with Jane on our presents to see who came out on top on my oldest sister’s naughty and nice list.

I have been on the naughty list for many years and maybe this year she will think I am nice. We will have to wait and see on this Christmas Eve!

What is the strangest Christmas Present you ever received?

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Darcie Cameron is a RYT 200 who believes Yoga is a gift that is accessible to everyone with proper modifications, a patient smile and just taking the time to breathe. One of the greatest presents you will ever unwrap is when you connect your mind, body and spirit in perfect sync with your own breath. Connect with Darcie on Facebook

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  1. I haven’t received any outrageous or unusual gifts.

    However, I have a good friend whose brother was quite a character. During Christmas dinner he gave all of the very educated, dignified, and cultured women in his family(mother, grandmother, and two adult sisters) nicely wrapped boxes. They were all a bit shocked when they discovered the contents; he gave each of them a vibrator.

    The only thing that makes this story funny (the family was unamused), was the gift he presented to each of the women the following Christmas: batteries.

  2. It was only in June of this year when I finally have my ear pierced. During the previous Christmases, one of my older siblings would give me a set of earrings. Each year, different set of earrings. And I wasn’t so much appreciative before. This Christmas, I have a feeling I’m getting another pair. Or maybe not. Sis is strange.

  3. You always have to wonder what goes on in the minds of handcrafted souls . . .
    maybe she ran out of the beautiful fabric by the time your gift was made!
    This was hilarious and the Motley-Crue bunch . . . oh, my!!!
    Can’t think of anything as strange as your present. 😦

  4. Heh. I wish you could go back in time and ask her!

    I suck at answering questions about specific things from the past, because I’d have to remember them to answer them. 🙂

    What I can say is that my strangest present probably originated from my BIL–it’s how he rolls!

  5. The strangest present I ever received, wasn’t for Christmas. It was an end of camp gift from one of my campers when I was in college and working as a counsler. One of the kid’s parents gave me and my co-counsler brown silk undies that the mother made. I opened mine first, and the expression on my co-counsler’s face was priceless, until she realized she received the same present. It was beyond bizzare!

  6. When people choose to give gifts it is hurtful to be on the end of the naughty list and I truely feel that it hould not exist.
    My family was on that list several times by my mother in law. she thought my house was never clean enough thus I recieved a box of old rags, bleach and pine sol. My oldest son recieved a box of cereal and my oldest daughter got an iron and ironing board. Her son came out very well with an expensive watch, a thousand dollar savings bond and to top it off a new to him boat.
    still the kids and i felt stupid sitting thre with our gfts.
    the followin year i got her good. In a nice big fancy wrapped box i put in two shiny pennies lettig herow she meant less than two cents to me. maybe it was wrong of me to stoop that low ut she was never a nice woman to me or the kids.

    1. WoW! That is truly awful! You win an award from having the MIL from hell! People can be really cruel…I also can’t believe the favoritism it’s stuff like that which really makes me upset. I couldn’t imagine showing that much favoritism to one child and none to the other. I love how you retaliated – it was well deserved!

  7. That was just one christmas but i think that it was the worse one because she and my fil had a huge fight and they never had words. He would just get up and leave the room. He was a wonderful man.
    The second cruelest christmas did not happen to me but to my kids. the year we seperated he put the kids in the car and took them to walmart and let them pick out the gift they wanted. Then when they got in line he said he changed his mind and then he left them at walmart. It was a nightmare sincce i had moved about 40 miles away trying to get someone to go and get them so they would be safe until i could go and get them.
    forgive my spelling i am on my cell phone and it is hard to type this.

  8. I am still laughing after reading your post – ha! I received a pair of white jeans with cherries, pineapples and bananas on them from my grandma one Christmas. Nothing like drawing extra attention to yourself in High School:) Happy Holidays!

  9. One time I got a used shirt that smelled like cigarette smoke from this old lady I worked with. Another time, I got a sweatshirt that had a picture of a kitten ironed on the front of it. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the sweatshirt also had a striped collar sewn into it. Barfy!

  10. It’s funny how you can never shake that image from childhood with family?? Strangest gift I got was a doll-size rocking chair from my brother. I was 25 years old and hadn’t collected dolls since I was 12 years old. Everyone thought it was cool because someone handmade it. I gave that chair to my daughter 9 years later after I was married and had children. She loved it. Hahah

  11. This was funny, but I agree there shouldn’t be a naughty list. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, right? At least the gift was intended to be funny! Some of the others above weren’t, and that’s just awful – doubly so when children are involved.

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