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In the Garden

As we welcome a New Year we take the quiet time to reflect, to think of the future, and hope for a brighter day. We come to a time were resolutions will be made and carried out throughout 2012. I have always claimed I prefer the word  goals to resolutions […]

Hard of Hearing

What could be more wonderful than sharing the kitchen with the ones we love over the holidays? However, I hate sharing my kitchen, and my mother hates not being in the kitchen! It was at the middle stage of Christmas preparation that we had this conversation:  “Mom, do you want […]

The Shepherd

It is every Christmas eve after mass our family goes for a drive to  admire the Christmas lights  strewn on houses and high up in the trees. It’s at this time we quietly comment on the decorations and listen to  Alan Maitland’s rendition of Frederick Forsyth’s, The Shepard on CBC […]

Taxi Cab Lingerie

It was every Christmas Eve we were allowed to open one present and that one present always came from my sister who live miles away. It was each year she would make my sister Jane and I a present that represented  her own unique expression. The hand-crafted present would also […]

A Skier’s Dream

The first heavy snow fall always reminds me of my father.  It was his belief the first snow  was one that would determine the winter for cross-country skiing. He dreamed of the fresh powder which allowed you to glide with ease across the open trails in the winter time. After […]

Stubborn as a Donkey

It was on this vacation my two little men had two wishes on their list one was to zip line and the other was to snorkel with the fish. It was when we came across a boat trip to the secluded beach Las Caletas that it would be the perfect […]

The Dune Buggy Adventure

If there was one thing I wanted to do when we arrived in Puerto Vallarta it was to explore the luscious green countryside. I didn’t want to do the regular bus tour where you are crammed in a bus with thirty other tourists and bore  my children to tears. It […]