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Snow Forts and Blogging

Since the first seasonal snowfall my children have developed a one track mind  to build the perfect snow fort.  They come home from school with anticipation of building a snow fort that has seats, a bowling alley, and somewhere to fit a big screen TV. 

It is when they are in the planning stages it makes me think how this snow fort is similar to the many stages of  blogging. They both take time, thought, and creativity. It is the creation of a vision that sometimes crumbles and other times takes on a life form of its own.

It’s in the early hours of the day we wait for inspiration to hit in order to write the perfect post. It comes to us whether we are in the midst of doing the dishes, going for a run, or  strikes the moment the perfect song come on the radio.

As I watch my sons become inspired with ideas  drawing their blueprints for their fort.  It reminds me of the times I create my own  outline for each post attempting to plan what I want to write and follow thru on the intent  of the post.

It is with the completion of the blueprints they spend the next fifteen minutes fidgeting, getting ready, and finally fumbling into their snow suits. The next fifteen minutes before I begin to work on my post is the final stages of procrastination – answering emails, getting up for more coffee, and operating the laundry machine before sitting down to write.

The boys finally run outside with their shovels in their hands and they begin to build their snow fort. They is dig within the snow and attempt to build their sturdy get away. I dig within my brain lifting layers of ideas until the words flow out getting lost in my own blogging space.

It is once the words flow-out I am left with a haphazard piece which begins to crumble before my eyes. It’s too wordy? This doesn’t work here? It is at this stage I begin to tear it apart and start over once again.

I look out the window and I see my sons debating the shape of their fort intent on making it only bigger! They pile the snow on top of the its  roof attempting to create more space and more room to play.

It is once I feel comfortable with my own  space, I feel it is fine,  I  then press the publish button. It is after I press the button I wait with anticipation for a friend to drop by to share their own thoughts with an imaginary warm cup of coffee.   I look  out the window to see a smile on my sons knowing faces that  their fort is sturdy enough to sustain a snowball fight  – they knock on their friends doors for them to come out and play!

It is the completion of both a fort and a post that make both a worthy task to complete on a snowy day. The ability to share something of your own with fellow bloggers, the and enjoyment of the comments. It is the same enjoyment my sons feel at  the perfect moment to throw a snow ball in the air and chase his friends around the park.

It is these special moments which make me enjoy the process of blogging, the thoughts, the creation, and getting to know other fellow bloggers. So I ask is anyone up for a good snowball fight?

What does blogging feel like to you?

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Darcie Cameron is a RYT 200 who believes Yoga is a gift that is accessible to everyone with proper modifications, a patient smile and just taking the time to breathe. One of the greatest presents you will ever unwrap is when you connect your mind, body and spirit in perfect sync with your own breath. Connect with Darcie on Facebook

52 replies

  1. blogging has become an obsession. a bittersweet love affair.
    want to let go at times, but at others it’s my sanctuary.
    so yes blogging is part of my life – without it i am incomplete
    and yes, it’s just the way you describe it – just like a snow fort

    i so wish i could teleport to your lovely place, wherever it is
    make ball after ball with the white fluffy now.
    oh wait!!! is it fluffy? i really do not know
    for never seen snow up front. have not felt how it feels
    but i sure know hot chocolate and a hot coffee
    smells and tastes wonderful on a snuggly wintry day 🙂

    nice post!!!

    1. Thank you! Maybe someday you will get to build your own snow fort and enjoy a good snowball fight 🙂 Blogging can be a bit compulsive at times especially this month because of NaBloPoMo. I want to make it to the finish line! LOL! It is also my own private space that I can share my thoughts and have a creative outlet of my own.

  2. It does feel like building, in a way. Though, lately I feel more like I’m building community than any great work of prose. I don’t outline – though I probably should! When I’m ready to write, I just sort of freestyle it, and then come back to it for edits until I’m more-or-less happy with the result. The best part, though, is when bloggy friends stop by to comment. Often the discussion in the comments is WAY better than anything I could write!
    Also? Having an excuse to sit at the table with a sweater and a coffee, warming my feet on my MacBook powersupply is pretty awesome, too. 🙂

  3. Thought provoking post – For me, blogging is like baking. The very loose outline is my recipe. I collect my ingredients/thoughts. Somewhere in the middle of the process things are a mess, but when it all comes out of the oven, it’s just what I had hoped it would be and I get to share it with my friends.

  4. Loved the days when my boys built their snow forts. When they weren’t outside building forts they were inside on the livingroom floor creating with their Legos or K’Nex. They are 25 & 27 now. How I miss those days! Their sisters are 20 & 22. I picture them in their dress up clothes with friends.

    I’ve enjoyed blogging over the past year and all the great people from all over the world i have met, some in person.

    1. I can’t imagine what they will be like when they are 25 and 27 – it seems so far away. I love watching them trying to move in their snow suits and hats! It is such a memorable time and I really cherish it 🙂

      I love blogging and getting to know fellow bloggers! I do hope someday I meet some in person!

  5. As I told my daughter, who needs a spouse when you have blogging in your life. Like Amira, blogging feels like my other half. If I’m not physically working on it, I’m thinking about what to create. After I poor my heart out, my spouse either responds with lots of chattering (comments) or sometimes I get the silent type response (like button only.)
    I love my spouse Bloggy! 🙂
    Fantastic Post!

  6. Blogging feels like hanging out with your best friends. You can say what you feel without worring. You can come to grips with what is bothering you with just a few taps on your key board. You can share your inner most thoughts and feelings easily. You can catch up with your friends, and see what they are up to. And comments just make your heart smile. I think back when I started blogging… All I wanted to do was to see if I could write… Now, I realize that the actually writting part is only a small piece. I am shocked at the friendships I have made and how much my bloggy friends mean to me….

    1. It’s true! I started out the same way testing the waters to see what was like and if I could write. But then you discover it is a whole world full of different views and so many connections have been made which makes it great! It is getting to know your blogging friends that makes a huge difference 🙂

  7. It’s not always easy to construct a post but I always enjoy yours and this is a really nice one. The snow fort sounds like a brilliant idea and just the sort of thing I would have done

  8. Oh, Belle, this is just beautiful: and so very true. Creation is creation: we begin with snow forts and we progress to writing and painting and managing and all the other myriad forms of creation. Such serenity in your words today 🙂 Thank you.

  9. Any piece of writing is worthy of a smile, whether a snippet through a difficult paragraph or a whole post. Blogging isn’t my primary focus, but it does feel good to complete each of my two weekly posts.

  10. Did you guys hear the latest news – the proverbial Six Degrees of Separation is now FIVE DEGREES! I have no doubt powered by Bloggers! I do wonder how small it needs to get before we become cohesive enough to building a better world … wouldn’t that be wonderful!

  11. Sometimes blogging feels like work; sometimes like play. When I have something to say/write, the play emerges. When I just feel an obigation to put something out there – it feels very much like drudgery. Perhaps because I usually keep my posts limited to health/weight loss issues, I’m cramping my fun. Been thinking about that…

  12. Blogging has a therapeutic effect on me and I love it and also it’s a great way to connect with other like minded people.

    Since I am a recent graduate I look for inspiration in a lot of blogs! A really good one i came across this week is
    Maybe you will enjoy reading it as much as I did:)

    I like the way you compared blogging to building a snow fort, it’s a fresh perspective!

  13. Great post Belle! It’s very well written too! 🙂 I enjoy the interaction with other bloggers as well and look forward to the comments. I think that is the best part of blogging really, connecting with people all over the world. It is pretty cool.

  14. I have to totally put myself “In the zone” when I write. It’s like embarking on an expedition, and I’m always SO excited to get going, but my mind keeps saying “Oh wait, you forgot something,” or “Nope, gotta do this or that first.” But when it’s finally done, I’m so happy and ready to do it all over again!

  15. I feel settled (in a good way) when I blog. I feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be and even though the course of a blog draft doesn’t always run smooth, I don’t want to leave it.

    It also feels really vulnerable. I end up hitting publish wishing I could spend a few more days editing.

  16. Beautiful post and I’m always up for a good snowball fight! Blogging to me is very satisfying personally. Even when I don’t want to blog, I feel great about completing a post – even if it isn’t really deep, funny, informative, or whatever. I like just writing what is on my mind. And for once in my life, once I post, I’m no longer left wondering or hoping if it is an awesome read for the masses. It’s just me – in that moment.

  17. I enjoyed seeing how your wove the the active lives of your boys with your writing life. The construction of anything worth sharing does require a bit of effort, I think. I see the snow fort as a homestead, around which your blogging friends can cluster, some will hide behind it, dodge the packed white balls flying overhead, and some will slip inside to avoid the battle.

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