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I believe there is a man haunting me in my sleep and I been having the same dream for five  consecutive nights in a row.  He is faceless, he reads my blog, and he leaves comments. The comments which leave me scratching my head in wonder…   

It is as I am about to ask him a question he always leaves with a blink  of the screen!  I awake with only the memory of running from my computer in a sweat with a snake jumping at me!

It’s at that moment when I am wide awake staring at the ceiling trying to remember his wise words of warning.

I wonder what does all of this mean – do I spend too much time on my blog? Is it weird that I am having dreams about comments? What is my subconscious telling me?

 I have been channeling my inner dialogue but Freud is still upset about my last  post and won’t respond to any of my questions.  Even though I know he is dying too! He thinks he has all the answers…

Do you ever have odd dreams? What do they tell you?

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Darcie Cameron is a RYT 200 who believes Yoga is a gift that is accessible to everyone with proper modifications, a patient smile and just taking the time to breathe. One of the greatest presents you will ever unwrap is when you connect your mind, body and spirit in perfect sync with your own breath. Connect with Darcie on Facebook

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  1. I have odd, weird and bizzare dreams at times. Some I remember and just shake my head going WTH?!? Others I try to erase from my memory. Then there are the ones I try to intrepret and really end up just going in circles trying to figure out a meaning:) In the end I think the TRUE MEANING is that I NEED a BREAK FROM REALITY – have some fun, get some R&R, break away from technology and the hustle and bustle!!!

  2. I always have weird dreams…I never understood why and for a long time I thought it was normal. The weirdest thing to me is that I can remember small details about my dreams when most people forget they dreamt at all. I have no idea what my dreams mean sometimes but I sure wish I knew! I think your dream is telling you that you need a small break from blogging. LOL. Your blogs are now joining forces to haunt your dreams!!!

  3. When I was in Grade 6, I had a nightmare, whereby my sister, my parents and I were on a open staircase over water (well known place in Toronto). Suddenly I heard a chainsaw and was peeking over the edge of this staircase, with my mom saying “be careful”, when the whole thing toppled over. As I came to the surface, I could see we were all separated in the water, though my dad was reaching out to try to save me. We were all floundering. Everyone on the walkways were just watching us.
    I woke up and immediately threw up. My mom brought me paper and had me write down all the details.
    Within a year, my mom and dad separated and I lived with my mom. Within three years, my sister moved overseas, my mom was with a new man and my dad and I lived with each other.
    The Power of a Dream.

  4. This creeps me out lol because I’ve been having INSANE dreams lately, too!

    I wrote that almost a month ago, and it’s about almost the exact same thing.

    The thing that terrifies me is that just the other night, I had a dream that my son fell off some sort of ledge, and was either HORRIBLY injured or died. I hope that dream never, EVER falls into that category. I hope this gets resolved for you soon!!

    1. Thanks! It was quiet in dream land last night! I feel back to normal! Or as normal as I will ever be…

      It must have been a horrible dream! Luckily, for us, they are just dreams. Is there anything that you are worried about for your son? It might just be manifesting in your dreams.

  5. I have weird dreams a lot. Usually when I’m super stressed, or not getting enough sleep. Or I have taken too much benadryl. Sound like you?
    Maybe your dream symbolizes your subconscious knowing that many (most?) internet connections are really faceless and one-dimensional?
    Or maybe I’m just crazy and still sleeping. 😉

    1. How did you Know? I think for me the internet is a great place to connect with other people which are all full of different perspectives and layers. However, I think sometimes I need to find more balance with all of the great social media tools that are out there…Does that make sense? My coffee hasn’t kicked in yet 😉

  6. I can’t remember any weird dream, although I know everyone has them, including me. I know I had many unusual dreams but I just don’t remember the details, well, I don’t even a vague idea for that matter. But I think nightmares are very rare. Dreams are hardly ever terrifying, they’re just plain weird! Its like they’re on the tip of your tongue but you just can’t find the words.

  7. Lol that’s funny that you have dreams about a faceless commenter on your blog! I’ve had odd dreams too but so far none about blogging, though I wouldn’t be surprised if they occurred though! 🙂

  8. Hmmm. Might be time for a break from the ol’ computer screen? I’ve never had a bad dream about my blog, but I HAVE been chased by snowpants and woke up in a cold sweat after having not being able to find the last matching mitten I need to get my crew out the door to a scheduled activity. Maybe I need to talk to your friend Freud….

  9. I often have strange dreams. My poor hubby dreads the line, “You’ll never believe what I dreamed about last night…”.
    A funny dream I had once was that Martha Stewart walked up to me, put a water hose down the front of my dress, and turned the water on! I was so mad that I grabbed the hose and did the same to her. Way too many Freudian symbols there. Yuck.

  10. You’ve read my ‘chatter’ and may have even read one or two of my blog posts, so after seeing my humor and imagination, you could probably guess that I DO – absolutely – have weird dreams. Unfortunately, they are often terrifying and sinister, but sometimes they are plain weird. I like weird a lot more.

    1. I get a kick out of your blog posts and chatter 🙂 I also prefer weird dreams over sinister and dread having the really bad nightmares. The ones that terrify you of oncoming doom for the next month. I hate those!

  11. Maybe these dreams are a signal that you are worrying too much. I would need to get a dream book out with all the symbolism in your dreams. I hate snakes! Number one fear.

    1. I know they are terrible! I was once chased by a man holding a bag of snakes and I screamed running through India Gate like a mad white woman. But that is another story within itself…

      I use to have a dream book and should dig it out! I am a bit of a worry wart.

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