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A Morning of Memories

Our Morning View from the Campsite

It was a beautiful morning! We emerged from our tent, ate a hearty breakfast, and looked forward to a half day of white water rafting.

Since our children were not old enough to take on the daring rapids we settled for the half day scenic adventure and it did not disappoint us.

We put on our wet suits, helmet, and life jacket ready to go down the kicking horse.

Our guide took us down the white water the children laughed over the bumps and helped row with all of their heart’s content.

We stopped to scale a fresh water stream coming down the cliffs and discovered our kids were mountain goats three steps ahead of the crowd. It was at moments I gasped in fear that they might slip and fall! But they ceased to amaze me with their agility and strength.

The end of our journey the children looked on at the Kicking Horse wishing they were still on that raft.Β  They wanted to explore the rest of the river and thought of the excitement of being thrown from the raft into the raging white water. It is at that moment you could see their imaginations take flight wanting something more – wanting to be fearless without the consequences.

It was on this small journey down the raft in which fond memoriesΒ  were made and I hope that one day we will do it again. I look forward to the day our young boys are men and we can take the white rapids head on with a little more excitement!

What is one of your favorite family memories?

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  1. Belle, if this outing teaches us anything, it’s that there’s always something to look forward to when you have children! Now you have this memory, but just think, in a couple of years, you’ll have another, and so the cycle continues! πŸ™‚

  2. I always smile and grin when I hear ‘Kicking Horse Pass’ not from any direct experience with the pass but from recollecting Dave Barefoot of the Royal Canadian Air Farce’s character ‘The Honourable Member for Kicking Horse Pass’ -I guess one would have to be Canadian to realize the humour within. I have done the pilgrimage to the Rockies an seen Kicking Horse, it is a sight worthy to be seen. What stands out here, is your children not only seen but were afforded the opportunity to experience it. That is the key I believe, for memorable family memories.

    I don’t think I can single out one particular family memory (have no children, so I am referring to my own childhood). It would involve camping. An it was not the cushy kind variety with my parents. The smell of breakfast cooking either on a open camp fire or on a Coleman stove (you know the kind you had to pump the canister up when the flame diminished) flood back to this day. In my early teens it was in bush camps. One was only arrived at after an 8 mile boat ride, one portage, 12 more miles by boat, unload all the supplies for a two week stay, climb a hill, 4 kilometre walk through the bush to a secluded camp on a lake. As a young boy, this was more than a family holiday, this was an adventure. I remember every night laying in darkness listening to wolves howl in the wilderness that surrounded the lake. As I kid, it is where I learned not to be afraid of the dark but into enjoy it. I am forever grateful to my parents for such experience and adventures.

  3. I think I’m beyond the white-water stage of life, but with children? My goodness, how excited they’ll be when they have their opportunity to really “shoot the rapids”.

    I do have a wonderful photo of my cousin and I stepping across the very beginning of the Mississippi River as children. We were amazed by that – hard to imagine such a big river begins so small!

    1. It is hard to believe how a river shapes and turns opening up then engulfing into the ocean. It sounds like a beautiful memory I hope someday I will get the chance to see the Mississippi river.

      It was a great little trip in our raft and some of the rapids were surprisingly bumpy! I look forward to the day when we have the chance to do the really scary stuff! I know my children will be thrilled with the opportunity πŸ™‚

  4. life is full of memories that we want to relive. and for me – the mountains, the waterfalls, the lakes and rivers have a special space in my mind as it is on a rare occassion that my family and i get to see that – us being from the ocean of islands πŸ™‚
    one special memory is of the time in “nuwara eliya” and its water falls – in Sri Lanka. it’s a gorgeous place

  5. Believe it or not, I for one have never seen a river up close. I hear so much about it but for me its all just a distant dream. Not that I can’t go but I just don’t have the time.

  6. Beautiful location! Sounds like a lot of fun and great memories were made. We were first time rafters on the Kicking Horse this past June.It was a thrilling, scenic experience neither one of us will soon forget.

      1. We started out on the basic rafting trip since we were newbies. We had such a blast and they had room in the boats that were continuing on to class 3 and 4 rapids so we changed boats and continued on. All together it was about a half day excursion if you count the time it took for the safety briefind etc. I think we were in the water for around 2 hours. I wrote a post about it. If you want to read it I’ll send you the link.

  7. Wonderful memories I am sure your children will always remember. I would have loved to have taken my children on the adventure you spoke of. As a family we went to the mountains in Utah. It was spectacular and filled with great memories.

    1. I have a friend who loves Utah she says it has its own beauty. If there is one thing I would love to do with my boys is an all=American road trip driving from state to state – there is so much to see πŸ™‚

  8. My favorite memory from childhood was halloween. I was always sick, although now I realize it was allergies. My mom didn’t want me outside trick or treating, so she dressed me in my costume and she would walk through the house and close all doors so I could knock on them and say trick or treat, and then she would put candy in my bag…

  9. Memories large and small, frightening and happy. There are the trips westward, the pool sneak outs during bedtime, the days spent at camp in Vermont, the endless stream of sleepovers, and on and on.

  10. My favorite family memory is a “School of Athens” moment we had in Assisi, Italy . . . but that is a long story, and what really comes to mind after reading this post is our white water rafting trip this summer – my worrywart perspective is slightly different from your experience:

    My kids would have loved to have you as a mom.

    BTW – I’m sure you have been nominated many times before, but I just payed forward the Versatile Blogger Award to you.

    1. Thank you! I love the thought of being versatile! I will breakout into a little show tune just for you. “Let Me Entertain you! Let Me make you Smile! I can do some new tricks! Some old tricks! I’m very versatile!” This is where I kick my leg up in the air and attempt to strut πŸ˜‰

      Have you ever blogged about the school in Athens? It sounds like a very interesting story πŸ™‚

    1. Kayaks are always fun! I love taking them out when I have the opportunity! We did the scenic route was perfect for the age of our kids but man I would have loved to go down that river and take on some really big rapids!

  11. The first time flying kites with my daughter. My son was maybe 8 months old and my daughter was 2 1/2. It was a throwaway activity – just designed to fill the time until my husband got home. My expectations were not high. But as soon as the kite went up, they were both mesmerized. Best time ever!

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