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Winter Bon-Bons Vs. Summer Bikini

I have a love/hate relationship with food! I love it because it tastes so good and I hate it because it has away of making my muffin tops expand to new heights. In the winter bon-bons are a glorious treat to chase the cold away.

It is this past month my body has sunk into winter hibernation mode which means it is bon-bon season.  My body craves fat and sugar to keep me warm over the winter months. However,  I am going on a beach vacation to escape the snow and the bon-bon gorging season will have to wait until I get back!

So this week I am up to my neck in  push-ups, buns of steel, and salad. I am taking this pledge that I will avoid the candy, the wine, and the red meat. I vow within the next few weeks I will squeeze my body into some form of swimwear.

If I fail this pledge than forgive me because I will be laying in a pile of bon-bon wrappers and  scouring the internet for that perfect Spanx bikini.

How do you approach the bon-bon season?

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Darcie Cameron is a RYT 200 who believes Yoga is a gift that is accessible to everyone with proper modifications, a patient smile and just taking the time to breathe. One of the greatest presents you will ever unwrap is when you connect your mind, body and spirit in perfect sync with your own breath. Connect with Darcie on Facebook

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  1. i love winter bon bons! fortunately, every winter I lose a lot of weight, i don’t know how but it just happens 😛 but all that weight comes back in the summer. So, i suppose i am just weird?
    Send some bon bons my way? 😉

  2. Avoiding the wine? Impressive! My down fall is the holiday baskets that come to my office… every winter I gain a few pounds. But this summer stress knocked them off so I vowed against the baskets… sounds good until the first one appears

  3. That IS the challenge of a wintertime vacation to a warm destination, isn’t it? I was actually glad that my last two warm-weather Christmas destinations (sailing in the Florida Keys and sailing in the Virgin Islands) both happened when I was six months pregnant—if the Spanx swimsuit doesn’t work out, you’re welcome to my gloriously-bon-bon-covering maternity swimsuit! 😉

  4. You had me at Spanx and muffin tops expanding to new heights! One of the posts I’m working on is actually about pantyhose… another thing us women have endured through the course of our lives. The bikini is definitely worse, though. Especially the string bikini. Oh God. I might as well hang a neon sign on me that says “Look at my problem areas!” 😉

    1. Tis the season between Halloween and Christmas! It’s the most dangerous season of the year! I turn into a rolling bon-bon 😉 I can do push-ups! I have push-up breakouts during the day. I know! Odd! Right?

  5. A beach vacation? Hooray for you!!! I wish it were part of the Canada Health Act that all adult Canadians had a government subsidized two week escape to the sunshine between November and March. I bet we would all be healthier!

    It’s kind of bonbon season year-round for me, I’m embarrassed to admit. And since it’s been over a month since I could do any serious cardio, I can FEEL my ass expanding. Sigh. I guess all good things must come to an end. Goodbye Halloween candy. *sobs*

    1. I’m still crying over all of the sugary goodness! I also think it should be in the Canadian Health Act – it is the perfect solution to vitamin D deficiency and you would have happy Canadians all season long 😉

  6. I agree! The winter is hard for me also because I love the warm comfort foods (such as, mac & cheese)! However, one way I have found to stay on track for this season was signing up for my first marathon in March… I’m hoping this helps me stay on track, but i’m also trying to be very conscious of what foods i’m eating and the portion sizes.

    Good luck this bon-bon season 😉

  7. Ohhhh my gosh, if I’m cooking something with onions, I HAVE to have my husband do it! My eyes just water and water, and my nose runs, and I generally just get MISERABLE. I hate cutting onions…devil vegetable! lol

    1. Wow, obviously this was supposed to go on the “Bad Case of the Onions” post, and now I just feel stupid hahaha. Dang it.

      But I DO love this post. I haven’t been in a swimming suit in front of people in over two years, so I really haven’t thought about it. I’m naturally (and annoyingly) this tiny little beanpole who just happens to have wide hips. I have no chest and no backside. 😦 Depressing. I wish I had just a LITTLE bit for curves.

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