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A Bad Case of the Onions

My husband  has his cooking  specialties schnitzel and steak. It is the rare of occurrence he steps out of his cooking box and attempts a new dish. It is at these times I cross my fingers and hope for a semi delectable dish with take-out as an option on speed dial.

It was the other evening my husband declared he was going to cook ginger beef! I smiled with the take-out menu handy and wonder how my wok would fare in the process of this turmoil.

The kids ran into the kitchen as my husband began chopping and they began to giggle.

My husband then  began to heave and gag!

The children began to yell “Mom! Mom!”

I looked up from my computer and dodged to the kitchen expecting a medical emergency. “What is it?”

The kids exclaimed “It’s dad!”

I looked over to see my husband in tears, a pile of onions laying haphazardly across the cutting board, and his face covered with a dish towel for protection.

The children not skipping a beat exclaimed “It’s Dad! He has a bad case of the onions!”

I began to laugh, picked-up the phone to dial for take-out  – I  knew tonight was not our adventurous chef’s night and his newest creation could only lead to gaseous troubles.

Have you ever suffered from a bad case of the onions? 

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  1. Um, well, I think you know the answer to this one 🙂 chuckles. And when I think of the picture I took while i had the case of the onions, I shudder… What was I thinking by putting it on my blog???

    what did you end up ordering?

  2. LMAO – poor dude – at least he can rely on the kids to lighten the mood:) Reminds me of the onion scene in Julie & Julia movie! Also, reminds me of the time my dad burnt his belly helping my mom cut up jalapenos – he thought it would be a good idea to help out w/o a shirt because it was hot in the kitchen – still laugh about that one – ha!

  3. Hahahahaha! I have never suffered a case of the onions, but it is really, really funny to watch my husband go through it! Flour is my kitchen nemesis. For some reason, it makes me sneeze my face off – much to my husband’s profound amusement. I guess it’s a good thing we can entertain each other. 🙂

  4. Luckily I hate onions and would never have the chance to get a bad case of the onions. LOL. I loved this blog though, very cute and funny. Sounds like there is never a dull moment in your house!

  5. I used to work in a steakhouse and one of my prep jobs was to peel and chop onions – 50 lbs at a time! Going into a walk-in cooler helps when the tears get too bad.

  6. Since C has gone back to work, i’ve had to take on meal-making duties as well, and while i thought i was doing OK with it, the last time my eldest saw me making spaghetti sauce, he said “just leave it alone dad – no need to over-garlic it again…”

  7. It had been a while since I had a case of the onions. I had switched to Vidalias and other sweet onions, but recently chopped a regular onion. Definitely felt like I needed a gas mask– it positively gave off a gaseous fog! Should we call the EPA? What is the Canadian EPA called? 🙂

  8. I think soaking onions in cold water first is supposed to make them less prone to bringing tears to your eyes, but I’ve never tried this trick so I can’t vouch for it. I usually just chop away, bleary eyes and all.

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