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Silence for a Solider

[Texas June inspires with her thoughts and perspectives on life. She talks about daily musing on her farm, comments on politics, and has a flare for creative writing. Her one question is “Considering it would be the ultimate Republic goal, what is the one thing every citizen could do towards protecting the sovereignty of our nation?” ]

Imagine a world where government has no respect for its citizens, it is lawless, over run by war lords, rapes it woman, and no longer cares for the weak. It is in this society the government has lost all legitimization to rule its citizens.  If we look deep into the past and present the lesson  learned is tyrannical rulers  are detrimental to the common good of any society.

Copy Right The Canadian War Museum

If we are to live in a society that strives for equality and the right to individual freedoms then at times these freedoms will be challenged  by other nations.

If all else fails at the political table when compromise cannot be met through negotiations and offers of peace. It is up to each citizen to make the choice to defend their nation.

It is on Remembrance Day we take a moment of silence to honour the soldiers who have fought for our democratic rights and freedoms.

It is these soldiers that return home some to hug their loved ones and others to be laid to rest. It up to us as citizens of our nation to honour all of their sacrifices on Remembrance Day and Veterans Day.

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  1. War represents failure. When people die in war, when they must give their lives, it is to pick up the pieces of governments unable or unwilling to work out their differences, or keep some from engaging in exploitive and destructive conduct. Leaders don’t pay a price for their failure, citizens. do.

    When I was a child, Veterans Day was a biggie, what with a parade with soldiers from the two world wars. A neighbour was a victim of a mustard gas attack, and walked hunched over as a result. He and his wife sold their home in 1964 to another family we knew, and moved into a nursing home.

    The wars were closer to us then back in the early and mid 1960s, in time, in losses. Memorial Day ceremonies meant cars parked along both sides of this road probably a half mile of car lined road. We’d go into the cemetery and watch the ceremony, and the memory of doing this still has a fresh feel in my mind. Today, no cars line the road on Memorial Day, and no Veterans Day parades are held.

    As Pete Seeger sings so well in Where Have All The Flowers Gone? ‘When will we ever learn?’ If we don’t remember the losses, if we don’t feel their pain, we won’t remember the causes, and we’ll repeat mistakes again. Hello, Iraq.

    1. We still have people close to us that battled WWII my husbands Grandfather in ninety and has shared his families story. Many people have come and gone. Canada has significant losses with soldiers in Afghanistan. I don’t think people ever forget the pain that war creates…But imagine if those soldiers didn’t go to battle in WWII? What would our political landscape look like? It is something I shudder to think about…

      I would never would want to be in a President or Prime Minister who has to make the decision to send so many people into the trenches. It’s not something that they take lightly.

  2. Belle, having been an Army brat, I know quite well what the life of a soldier is like. My daddy always taught my sisters and I to respect, praise, and honor soldiers. He’d say, “They are people willing to give up their lives for their country. They deserve nothing but respect.” Soldiers never question the motives of why they are sent to war. They do as they’re told and do whatever it takes to defend their country. I don’t know where’d we be without them. Beautiful post, lady.

  3. We have soldiers and veterans in our family and in our circle of friends. That they do what they do for us, often without our moral support, without funding for new equipment, without seeing their families for months at a time…. I’m grateful that the ones I love the most are safe and secure. I am grateful to our soldiers for that.
    Lovely post, Belle.

    1. Thank you. The do so much in this world and get so little in return. It would be nice to see more funding for equipment especially while they risk their lives in places like Afghanistan. It would also open the doors for Canada to participate in more peace-keeping missions. But that is another topic…

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