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The Hawks Eye View

[ The Task at Hand provides warm insights and historical perspectives – always leaving you with a new trinket of knowledge. Shore Acres asks “What is your favorite Bird? And Why?”]

If I could soar through the sky, stretch out my strong wings, and glide across the warm sun I would gaze down on the landscape.  It is from my view I would behold the presence of the beauty that reaches  beyond me. As a red-tailed hawk I would stretch out exploring the North American landscape.

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It is the landscape that is majestic, vast, and wide. The tales it would tell, the history of the ruggedness the land would whisper its secrets.  It is with a hawks eye that I would have new view of the world.

I would sit at my high in my perch and soak in the spirit of the wilderness. I would feel the land reaching up to the sky and grow to new heights.  It is from my time as a hawk I would let the natural world   engulf my time and let it serve up it’s just desserts.

It would be with  excitement to explore the overlooked beauty in forests where man has failed to place his tainted touch. It is the hope to fly high above the trees, feel the warmth against my feathers, and shiver on the starry nights.  It is with this hope I fly above the North American landscape  watching it progress and moving forward into a new day.

Is there a view you love to soak in?

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  1. There are just too many to narrow it down, I think. When my daughter and I grow up a little, we’re going to go out into the world and soak in some views overseas. I think any view I share with her will be just about perfect.

  2. I don’t think I have a favorite bird, no.. I don’t, but I think eagles are owns are intriguing. I wouldn’t mind sitting on a hammock on beach right now and watching the clouds roll by..

  3. Wow this is really well written!! I like it! I think I’d like to have a hawk or eagle’s view too, because it would be so different. I don’t know if I’d have a certain landscape I’d be most inclined to wanting to see though. I’d probably want to fly around the world. 🙂

  4. Wonderful post: wild and romantic, Belle.

    My view is a little less romantic but it’s my favourite place: Folkestone, a seaside town near Dover in the UK. It’s a really poor area and the harbour is stark and utilitarian. But it’s the door to the English channel, one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world.You can just – if you squint on a clear day – see the cliffs of France.

    1. Thank you!

      It sounds beautiful! The moment you said Dover – I automatically thought of Matthew Arnold’s Poem “Dover Beach.” The white cliffs must be such a spectacular view! I hope to admire them someday 🙂

  5. I love loons, their call, their colours, their grace, how they survived for millions of years. At my old home, they flew back and forth over our house in summer, and in fact would signal the start of each new day.

  6. Oh this is beautifully written! I want to fly high above the snow capped peaks of the Himalayas 🙂
    The most beautiful view I’ve had till date was on vacation to Sikkim. Our hotel room had a huge window and sit-out, which overlooked the Kanchenjunga, and the sight of the first rays of the sun hitting the snow capped mountain peak…it took my breath away!

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