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Pale as a Ghost

It was a couple of hours after I wrote Homework and the Elusive Flu Bug that the scene from the exorcist was replayed across my bathroom floor with my youngest son.  It was at that moment I felt I had enough of puke  for a century as I scrubbed the […]

Snow Forts and Blogging

Since the first seasonal snowfall my children have developed a one track mind  to build the perfect snow fort.  They come home from school with anticipation of building a snow fort that has seats, a bowling alley, and somewhere to fit a big screen TV.  It is when they are […]

A Movie Confession

It may come a surprise to you that one of my favorite movies of all time is Bram Stroker’s Dracula. If a vampire was going to devour me whole then  I would give my neck to Gary Oldman for better or worst. He masters the character of Dracula with torturous […]

The Everyman

I believe there is a man haunting me in my sleep and I been having the same dream for five  consecutive nights in a row.  He is faceless, he reads my blog, and he leaves comments. The comments which leave me scratching my head in wonder…    It is as I […]

My Inner Dialogue

As I lay on my leather coach gazing out the picture window – my mind begins to swirl in an array of thoughts. It is at that moment of silence in which imaginary Freud pops in for a visit! Me: I wonder why she doesn’t like me? Imaginary Freud: Does […]

A Morning of Memories

It was a beautiful morning! We emerged from our tent, ate a hearty breakfast, and looked forward to a half day of white water rafting. Since our children were not old enough to take on the daring rapids we settled for the half day scenic adventure and it did not […]