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The Frozen Scream

[Thoughts Appear is rationing for the Zombie apocalypse and I suspect she has a very large stockpile of Pop Tarts to sustain her through the madness. She also has a deep love for all things Halloween. She recommends to ” write about Halloween: costumes, candy, scary stories.”]

Mary was laying on the couch eating the last of the Halloween candy. It was getting late and it appeared no more goblins, witches, or ghouls would be knocking on her door. She finished reading her last blog post for the evening.

She had recently gained a new follower and couldn’t think of the words of disgust  to describe his last post. It almost made her mouth gag from the sadistic photos which appeared across her screen. It was the last thing she wanted to see or read before going to bed.

She thought when she clicked on The Devil Yearns for Your Soul. It would be the campy Halloween blogs she had grown to love. It was not! It was sheer horror!

As she walked up the stairs shaking off what she just saw thinking what if there was such thing as the devil.Would he be so cruel?  She felt  a cool breeze run up her spine and it was enough to confirm her answer.

She went into her room and  reached for her cashmere sweater.  She pulled it down over her tank top and realized it was going to be one of those cold sleepless nights.

The wind had picked up outside, as she peered outside her window she saw darkness and a shadow which seemed to be lingering from the lamp-post. It was her mind once again playing tricks on her. It was after all Halloween and the images she just saw were still extremely hard to shake from her mind.

She wandered back downstairs to shut off the lights and ensure the doors were locked. She sighed, You never know who could be roaming in the neighborhood on a night like tonight.

Mary slowly walked back up the stairs and stubbing her toe! She let out a loud curse! And hobbled into bed. It was at this point all she wanted sleep as she pulled the warm duvet  over her head.

It was several hours later a loud knock on the door slowly wrestled her out of her deep sleep.  She slowly opened her eyes, looked at the clock ,it was midnight, she let out a muffled curse, and attempted to roll out of bed.

As she tried to sit up she felt a tingling sensation and realized she could not move. Her whole body had retaliated against her and it was a dead weight.  She was pinned to the bed by her own body. She tried to scream for help but all she could do was moan. She was in the depths of a heavy sleep paralysis and she was helpless until it wore off.

She kept looking around the room as the knocks got louder and louder. Was someone in the house?  She began to coax her thoughts, Stay Calm! Stay  calm! Just stay calm and it will wear off!

She maintained calm for a second until her eyes were fixated on what was clutching her arms and standing above her. In the  blackness of the night all she could see was red eyes peering at her, chanting in tongues, and it’s touch burning her to the bone.

Mary attempted to move but all she could do is wither and open her mouth with a frozen scream as her soul was consumed by the darkness.  The devil crackled a laugh and whispered, “The Devil Yearns for Your Soul.”

Will he be coming for you next?  Do you have a favorite horror  or ghost story?

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Darcie Cameron is a RYT 200 who believes Yoga is a gift that is accessible to everyone with proper modifications, a patient smile and just taking the time to breathe. One of the greatest presents you will ever unwrap is when you connect your mind, body and spirit in perfect sync with your own breath. Connect with Darcie on Facebook

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  1. Dude. I’m gonna have to get me some poptarts, I think. And a big dog. And a sincere promise from my husband that he will never work late, ever again. Great story, Belle! Loved it!

  2. Stephen King wrote a story about a haunted hotel room called “1408.” Like many Stephen King stories, the movie did not do justice. But I cannot travel without thinking about the story and feeling a little spooked.

  3. I don’t read scary books nor go to scary/scream movies. Now suspense movies that have a story plot I will go to like HarryPotter. I’ll never forget my friends took me to see Halloween (the first one) in high school. I went home and was scared to death for days and nights. I was looking under my bed and left the light on.

  4. You can guarantee that I will NOT ever, never, no-how-no-way open any Halloween related emails, attachments or even LOOK at pictures…ever. Never again. Thanks for the Halloween Creepies! 🙂

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