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Does the Lion Ever Sleep?

[ Desi Valentine is  super mom! She sees no limits and pushes herself  to live life to the fullest! I would like to congratulate her on her next adventure as she makes the journey into grad school. Desi’s one question is “If you were sleep walking while on safari in sub-Saharan Africa and happened awake near a watering hole where lions came often to stalk their prey, what would you do?”]

I woke-up from my slumber with sweat dripping down my back with the odd sensation of dirt under my feet. I opened my eyes slowly confused, looking up at the stars, glistening over the water hole, and then hear the sounds of tree branches crackling behind me. A bone chill runs down my back and I feel as if a silent killer is stalking me. I want to scream but am paralyzed with fear. I know there is no hero on a dark horse to rescue me from the clutches of the lion lurking behind me.

It is this paralyzing fear I feel each time I hear about the devastation in the Horn of Africa. The menacing lions are the corrupt governments and feuding gangs which have torn a nation’s such as Somalia from limb to limb. Men, women, and children are facing each day wondering if they will have access to clean water and food.

Somalia is battling one of the largest famines in decades.  It is just within recent weeks they have faced set back with torrential down pours and flooding making that much harder to supply clean water and food to millions of people. If I feel this paralyzed when I read the statistics and newspaper headlines. I can only imagine the daunting task relief agencies must face in the attempt to provide a helping hand.

It’s time for lion to lay down its head and allow for a helping hand to ease the devastation of the famine.MSNBC has compiled a list of relief agencies in East Africa who are battling this crisis on the front lines. It only takes a minute to check out the commendable work they are doing throughout such devastating crisis.

Do you feel over-whelmed when you read about the crisis in East Africa? What are the best ways  big or small in which we can contribute to making a difference in the world?

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  1. It isn’t easy. There are things the world can do to help, but it has to start with those who live there. Right now the area is hostile and dangerous.

    How do they, how do we deal with ramshackle armies who probably steal what little food the people have? How does it get to those in need? Who is going to provide this protection? Change begins with the people, but when the people are starving, what the hell can they do?

    And it is this vicious circle that most troubles me. Some within their numbers would rather the rest starve than give up their hold on what little power exists.

    1. I think that is why it is so important to have relief agencies that can co-ordinate in the chaos. It is not an easy task – you have to think of logistics, food rations, security, basic medical care, and clean water. How do you supply all of that when corrupt governments care little for their citizens and gangs roam free to do what they will? In a perfect world their would be easy solutions but sadly our world is far from perfect. The circle at some point does have to end but the question is when? And who will step in to defend the people?

  2. I believe that the very best and first thing you can do for people caught in crises such as the famine in Somalia is pray for them. I can’t be everywhere, but God is. God also is the only being that can change a person’s heart from evil towards good. There are so many needs in this world to be prayed for that it can be a daunting task, but I also have noticed that God lays on each of our hearts certain things that we are concerned about in particular, so somehow everything can get prayed over and worked on. (I shan’t explain my beliefs about how my loving God can exist when there are such terrible things in the world – do I hear a sigh of relief from the audience? – but the two are not imcompatible.)

    The second thing is to do something, even if it is only donate just a little bit, to one of the agencies helping your cause. $10 or $20 may not seem like much, but of 100 people send in $10, then it has suddenly multiplied to $1000, and so on. The same with programs like the Samaritan’s Purse Christmas shoe boxes; it’s not much (although you’d be amazed at how much stuff for a child CAN be crammed into a shoe box) but it matters to the child that gets one.

    Helping, even in a little way, is kind of like walking dogs at the humane society at lunch time like I used to do – I could never make every dog in the shelter happy for all time, but I could give one dog a precious 30 minutes outside that he or she thoroughly enjoyed, along with just a little extra TLC.


    1. Sometimes all we can do it pray and believe God is leading us all on the right path. I believe a little goes along way and investigating a charity that you believe in and is co-ordinated to help in these situations is the best investment you will make because it is helping another life. As well, just volunteering in our community does make a difference whether it be walking a lovely dog, giving an extra hand at your local red cross, or taking the time to help-out at your local food bank. All are great ways to give back to the community.

  3. I know some people from Somalia. The area where the famine is, apparently, has always been comparatively lightly populated because there is not too much to sustain life there. I think the chronic problems with civil war have pushed the population round and disrupted much of the attempts to help them. It is a sad and sickening situation

    1. It is a very sad and sickening situation. I also find it devastating that the government has been attempting to thwart people from leaving. I truly believe that a government that fails to help it’s people loses it legitimacy.

  4. Thanks, Belle! I wondered what you would do with my bizarre question, and I am amazed at your skill in handling it.

    Yes, I feel overwhelmed and paralyzed by much of what goes on in Africa, including the current devastation in Somalia. These are people – PEOPLE – who are struggling, starving, dying and clawing themselves and each other in a never-ending, desperate and seemingly futile attempt to get to higher ground.

    The best way to fix it? I’m not sure we can do that, in this lifetime. We have people governed by despots, while international corporations use their extra-governmental authority to exploit their resources – indirectly legitimating the despots. What we need to do, in my opinion, is educate the people. An educated population can be elevated beyond surviving to thinking, planning and making their government accountable. But that takes time, money and health. How do we get those things to them?

    1. An educated population can make a difference and people need to strive for change. But it seems like such an impossible task when people are struggling for basic necessities and attempting to protect themselves from the ruthless violence. Change is sometimes a slow process, the UN doesn’t have the answers, and the only thing we can do is rely on relief agencies to get the basic necessities to the people.

      I think the US learned a lesson during the Clinton administration with Black Hawk down and the question is how do go from there? How do you help a nation that struggles to help itself?

  5. Overwhelmed, I am just overwhelmed by the Horn of Africa disaster. Couple natural disaster (drought) with political/social disaster and the people of the countries are doomed without outside help. This is when I want my country (USA) to use some of our resources we spend on war to help. I can help (and have) by signing petitions and giving to organizations that are most familiar with the situation to make certain that whatever I give gets directly to those in need.

    Oh yeah, the United Nations – get off your asses.

    1. It’s important to research the organizations that you want to donate to because you want to make sure it is doing the right thing for the people and assisting a little in the alleviation of their suffering. I would love for the US or Canada to step in but just like other events of the past we are failing thousands of people in need. The problem with Humanitarian Interventions is there will always be opposition and people fail to realize that change does not a month or two but takes years. Wouldn’t it be great if the UN got off it’s ass and did something more then discuss…

  6. If it is a fact that international oil and gas corporations have any social influence in Africa, I think our government should start a dialog with the corporations, including General Electric, to initiate demands regarding human rights in all regions fossil fuels are developed, and pipelines built. A first step could be all aid be in the form of food and supplies – no currency of any kind. And, those things would have to reach all the people before the contract could be considered valid. I wonder if China and Russia would agree with that idea.

    Those people CANNOT help themselves – someone else has to do it. The leaders (legal or not) of any and all nations should be held accountable for what happens to their people.

    1. China will never agree to it – they have been blocking the issue with Sudan for several years. I think it is extremely important for government to open dialogues with corporations who invest in blood oil. Isn’t it time they invested in clean oil that doesn’t place blood on their hands? I scratch my head that Canada gets attacked by many about the tars sands. We are developing green technology. We are democratic nation. It protects and cares for its citizens. But our oil considered by some is not good enough for the US. I wonder what is the lesser evil they prefer?

  7. I sponsor a poor child in Costa Rica, yes there are poor people in beautiful places. I hope I get to see her next year. Any little thing you can do to help a little part of the world that makes a difference.

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