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Hot Pink and Smokin’

[If I were brave took the fearless step to visit a silent retreat! EEKK! Needless, to say it was not what she imagined, she gave it a good 24 hours and then  opted for a good hotel with room service. She also dishes out great writing prompts such as this – Start your story with “My mother always told me not to play with fire.” End it with “And that’s how I ended up in the middle of nowhere—naked.”]

My Mother always told me not to play with fire. I knew the moment I saw him I was in trouble. He had those dark blue eyes, and had a swagger in his tight jeans. How could any woman resist? Jimmy was a player and I wanted a piece of the action.

It was the action that always drew me in to those men. He was leaning over the pool table ready to take a shot and I patiently waited for him to look-up. I was wearing just the perfect dress hot pink, tight, and low – cut. My stilettos accentuated the look by just keeping everything a little lift. I  slowly  walked over, “Got a light!”

Mermaid Smoking by JJ Levine

He flicked open his lighter and stood at attention  “Here you go darling!”

“Thanks Sugar!”

As I began to walk away he called out “What are you drinking?”

“I’ll have gin and tonic. Thanks!”

He followed behind me and ordered the drink to the waiter.

“So what are you doing in this dive?”

“I’m just enjoying the show!”

I looked him up and then down “I have to admit I like what I am seeing!”

He gave me a wink, “Would you like to see a little more?”

“That depends your place or mine.”

It’s with that we left the bar and hopped on the back of his Harley. We hit the open road and I enjoyed the exhilaration of the wind blowing through my hair. It was only a matter of time before I sealed the deal.

As we arrived at his house, I walked up the step, to discover it was completely under-surveillance. The cameras watched every move and I was in no mood for dealing with technology on that evening. We walked into the kitchen and headed straight to the back of the playboy pad.

He gave me a grin “What do you think of my new spot?”

I kept it smooth “It looks good!”

“So what is your party of choice?”

I gave him a curious grin, “I’ll just stick to the booze. Thanks!”

He handed me a scotch on the rocks, “Why don’t we take this party out to the hot tub.”

I clutched my purse under my arm, “Sounds good to me!”

I had to get in and out fast! The hot tub seemed to be the perfect solution. I cased the area and too my surprise it was the one place a camera wasn’t directed. I placed my open purse at the edge of the tub. I coyly slipped off my clothes and eagerly undressed him. The view of  his abs were impressive! He was quite the piece of work. It was shame I thought that such a nice piece would go to waste. But I knew there would always be others bigger and better.

I gave him a bite on the lips just enough to draw a little blood. He grinned, turned to reach his drink, taking his eyes off me. I quietly grabbed the magnum from my purse and I fired a single shot to the head.

My job was done for the night and I had to get out fast! It’s with that I looked my dress covered in blood! A perfectly good waste of Versace.

I grabbed my things and hopped the fence. I stood in the middle of nowhere naked  for several minutes wondering if I needed a new profession. Sometimes it wasn’t worth the mess!

If you could change professions what would you be?

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Darcie Cameron is a RYT 200 who believes Yoga is a gift that is accessible to everyone with proper modifications, a patient smile and just taking the time to breathe. One of the greatest presents you will ever unwrap is when you connect your mind, body and spirit in perfect sync with your own breath. Connect with Darcie on Facebook

28 replies

  1. Loved this. A fun little minute mystery. I didn’t see the shooting coming and neither did he apparently.

    If I could choose a different profession it definitely would not be professional hit woman. Too messy. I’d like to be a florist. The idea of being surrounded by flowers all day long for the entire year makes me happy.

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

      A florist would be a wonderful profession putting together romantic bouquets would be the gift that kept giving! It be wonderful to walk into a room and have the fresh scent of flowers each day.

  2. I love this!!! You are so creative! Well, given my day yesterday, I think I would switch my profession to exactly this one…. Aw, who am I fooling… Yesterday I would have been a hit woman for free!

  3. Thank you! Very kind!

    It did sound like you had a very bad day yesterday I hope today is looking up! In the meantime, I think your blog is the perfect front for your new profession hit woman for hire. No one would ever suspect a thing 😉

  4. I love the “audience involvement” component of your October posting. It makes me smile, as did this story.

    If I could change professions, I’d be a Nurse Practitioner. I do intend to become one someday, although it’ll take a little longer than I initially expected!

    1. Thank you! I’m having a lot of fun with all of the questions!

      I would find that a very stressful job. Sometimes our goals take a little longer to accomplish but keep your eye on the prize! I’m positive it’s within your reach 🙂

  5. This was very amusing, Mr “Slow on the Uptake” thought you were giving a small autobiographical snippet here. I read on with interest thinking you were recalling some date from a few years ago. As I got further into to the tale I became a little more puzzled: especially after you kissed him on lips drawing a little blood. I might have yelped at that point, but he merely smiled, which seems to have been a mistake because you then shot him. Thats when I realised it was a work of fiction. As fiction it’s really good and gives a great sense of character, ( hence my believing it was fact at first) and there is the making of a female assasin novel here and they often go down pretty well.

      1. I am going to do it this year. How hard can it be to put down 50,000 words, no matter how crappy they are? This is the first November that we haven’t had any travel or family for Thanksgiving (USA) – no excuses. Just no idea…

  6. WOW! Great story! I think if I changed professions, I’d like to be a lady of leisure. Lounging around on a chaise, somewhere tropical, while a pool boy with immaculately articulated musculature peels me grapes and fans me with palm fronds. Barring that, I’d be a teacher 🙂

  7. Thanks for the shout out, Belle! Funny, but what I wrote in response to this prompt involved a man and crime. I’m sure that says something about us. Hmmm….

    I have to go with lady of leisure. I was born to avoid household chores!

  8. I really look forward to your participation this year. Not me though, just not ready for such a challenge yet! Will you have time to keep us posted? I’ve tried to checkout Scrivener, but haven’t decided yet. I predict your book will be a success!

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