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The Sidewalk Ends

[Virginia from the Kiss Chronicles has never been kissed and she is saving it for the highest bidder who donates the highest sum to cancer research. Now that’s what I call making your first kiss special!  She is also looking for  your story you know the one about your awkward first kiss.  Her one question is “You’ve reached the place where the sidewalk ends. Where did it end, and what are you going to do next?”]

The morning down peers down on my face, I inhale the fresh air, and from my headset Mindy Smith’s Peace of Mind touches my soul. It is the perfect setting for a walk along the sidewalk path in the mountains. As I listen to the voice of an angel my tears well up and I let out a sigh. It’s been a long week and the days seem to be getting just a little longer. The stride in my step seems to be slowing down.  

My busy mind seems to clear because we are all trying for that peace of mind and a hopeful heart. It’s times, challenges, which make us stronger, and make us want to be better than who we are…

We all strive, over-think, have been broken , but at the same time it’s these cracked and worn pieces that make us who we are and who we want to be. We have all made mistakes sometimes we don’t need to be reminded sometimes we just need a gentle helping hand to be there for us.

It’s moments like this when clarity can seep in your soul for a glimpse of a second, the song ends, and you continue your step. You look up to discover beauty is all around you. The mountains will be here when you leave, looking down at us, and always remembering our stories. It’s when the sidewalk ends I take a deep breath and walk into the hotel to rejoin my family knowing it will all be okay.

Where does the sidewalk end for you?

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Darcie Cameron is a RYT 200 who believes Yoga is a gift that is accessible to everyone with proper modifications, a patient smile and just taking the time to breathe. One of the greatest presents you will ever unwrap is when you connect your mind, body and spirit in perfect sync with your own breath. Connect with Darcie on Facebook

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  1. I enjoyed your story! Here are my thoughts on the end of a sidewalk: Motherhood

    *My parents gave me a doll for my first birthday. I spent the rest of my childhood collecting more.*

    As I stepped out the front door and off the porch, I looked ahead at the different paths leading from my home.

    *I undressed and redressed the dolls over and over, changing an outfit with another now and then, changing up their looks a bit. I brushed their hair and put bows in.*

    Almost all of the other girls were moving together down a single road. I followed them, hardly concerned with the boys wandering off in all different directions, a few girls sprinkled among them.

    *As I grew older, the dolls became more advanced. Some had hair that grew. I cut it. Some had bottles they could drink from and diapers they could wet. I fed and changed them.*

    There were almost no boys on the road that I chose. A couple. I did notice one strange path before I turned the corner and left the view of it behind. It was filled with couples only, all holding hands.

    *I married, and we immediately began planning when “the baby” would be making an appearance.*

    Some of the girls on my road began to pick up speed as they hurried down the path. Not me. I just kept on at a steady pace. I was in no hurry to reach the end of my journey.

    *Finally the baby arrived, a boy, and he was everything I hoped he would be. I cut his hair and fed him. I changed him, bathed him, and made sure he played and rested.*

    As I plodded forward, I began to notice several older women who were no longer travelling in the same direction as the rest of us, but wandering around aimlessly.
    After about eighteen years, my baby found a woman of his own. He got married and moved out.
    I came to the end of the road. Where should I go now? What should I do? I knew I didn’t want to end up like the aimless older women.

    *What now? Oh! I have a husband, don’t I? I wonder how he’s doing?*

    I began searching for the road that my husband had taken. After finding him, I took his hand, and we (belatedly) started down the path with the other couples.

    The story turned out a little more feminist that I had intended; I’m not a feminist at all, so I’m not sure how this happened. I believe in motherhood; I just believe that it should be the third most prized relationship in a woman’s life, after God and her husband.

    1. We all have a road we need to take all of us travel it differently and we never really know where the sidewalk ends. I think we become stronger mothers when we take time for ourselves even if it is only for a couple of hours a day. I also think there is nothing with feminism it sprinkles through our lives, we all have different views, and stories. It’s what makes us the women we are and will become.

      1. I wrote this a while back. I think mostly I am afraid of what it’s going to feel like to be an “empty-nester.” I’m hoping that I don’t lose my sense of purpose. I don’t think I will; still, it’s not something I’m looking forward to. A lot of my writing starts with personal fear, and builds from there.

      2. Sometimes I look forward to the empty nest and other times I think it will be very sad…They are growing so fast – it feels like only a matter of time. Writing is a great outlet for facing our fears and facing a new direction.

  2. Beautiful post, Belle. Your use of language is just perfect, just beautiful! The sidewalk ends for me in the mountains, too. Far enough away from everyone and everything that needs or wants me to do something for them, far enough that I can find myself and willingly go back. I once ran up the Rockbound Lake trail on Castle Mountain in loafers just after sunset because my mind was spinning and I just needed to get AWAY. It’s awe-inspiring. Beautiful and silent. And so good to come back home.

  3. My prompt! Woot!

    I’m listening to the song you linked to right now. It’s lovely. Thanks for the reminder to take it just a little bit slower and keep a hopeful heart and keep going where the sidewalk ends.

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