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Wasting Away in Margaritaville

[Momma Be Thy Name serves up a daily dose of humor with her views on relationships, politics, and motherhood.  She asks “Where would you like to spend your retirement?”] “A Margarita anyone?” As I pour another one into my glass and serve up a plate of nachos to my friends.  […]

If I Were a Cave Woman

[Nelle Writes is honing her craft as she toils away late nights on writing the perfect novel. She takes time away to share thoughts and snippets of her life on her stimulating blog posts. Nelle asks, “Can you share how your world would look if it were recreated in a […]

The Long Walk Home

[Flying Gma is pursuing her life long dream of flying, has an amazing eye  for photography, and can wrestle a bathtub with one hand!  Jeanne asks, “What changes would you make in the second half of your life if once you got there it wasn’t what you thought it would […]

The Frozen Scream

[Thoughts Appear is rationing for the Zombie apocalypse and I suspect she has a very large stockpile of Pop Tarts to sustain her through the madness. She also has a deep love for all things Halloween. She recommends to ” write about Halloween: costumes, candy, scary stories.”] Mary was laying […]

The Unknown Road

[T.  of “As Long  as I’m Singing” a rock n’ roller with a good sense of humor who embraces his faith recently confessed he talks to his blog. It was a great relief to me that I was not the only one! T. asks “Would your life be any different, […]

Does the Lion Ever Sleep?

[ Desi Valentine is  super mom! She sees no limits and pushes herself  to live life to the fullest! I would like to congratulate her on her next adventure as she makes the journey into grad school. Desi’s one question is “If you were sleep walking while on safari in […]