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All I Wanted Was My Dog

After a splendid weekend of camping the next day I soldiered through the laundry and hopped in the car ready to pick up my beloved pet from the kennel. I drove half way across the city and landed at the spot at exactly 12:05pm. I went to open the door and it was locked.

I then proceeded to read the sign on the door. We are open Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm however we are closed between 12:00pm and 1:00pm. I sighed “You have got to be kidding me” 

No one had ever mentioned this fact to us before, it wasn’t listed on the web site, and they didn’t mention it on their answering machine. I looked around the building cars were parked, lights were on, and I assumed if I rang the door bell someone would answer.

But they didn’t! I suspect they were too busy playing poker!

The location was in the middle of no where so I was left standing waiting for someone to open the door. All I wanted was my dog. It only takes two seconds to pay and then leave with the adorable pup. However, I waited, I phoned, no answer, I rang the doorbell, still no answer! At exactly 1:00 pm they opened the magical door which lead to my dog.

“Good Afternoon! How can I help you?”

” Good Afternoon! I’m here to pick-up my dog, I have been waiting hour outside, could you please go get her.”

Another girl emerged ” Is there a problem?”

“Yes there is a problem! I have driven half way across the city to the middle of no where only to discover that you are closed at the most convenient time of the day between 12:00 and 1:00pm.”

“Well you should have known!”

“I should  have known – how could I know if someone doesn’t tell me, list it on their website, or leave this tidbit of information on their answering machine. The whole time a paying customer is standing outside to pick her dog up and you don’t even have the common courtesy to pick up the phone or answer the door.”

“It’s not my problem. You should have known the time was listed on the door.”

“So what you are telling me is I have to drive half way across the city to read a  sign on the door?”

It’s with that she stomped off in a huff. I could hear her exclaiming through the walls at the girl getting my dog how awful I was….

It was at that point girl came out with my dog. I didn’t reply, I didn’t tip for the care of my dog, I left, and I will never return again. If they are in the business of losing repeat customers – I think they may have succeeded!

What is one of your worst customer service experiences? Did you ever return to that business?

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  1. Oh my gosh, yes! It was the Tax Office in a small town where I have rental property. The sign said lunch was 12:00 – 1:00. I visited at 1:27 to pay my taxes. Nobody there. When the woman finally arrived, there were several people waiting with me. Her excuse, “I have a personal life and had to run errands.” No, I don’t go back; I mail my checks to arrive the last day they are due before penalty! My tax money is paying for her services, regardless how incompetent she is.

  2. I once wrote a post about mine. Where I live you can’t park on the streets after 5/1 without a parking ticket. The town doesn’t give out on weekends until June, or before 11 during the week. I once went at 10:45 and the woman wouldn’t do it. I came back an hour later and the SAME woman helped me…. what was the point?????? She did the same work just an hour or two later….

      1. I know.. or in this case, government mentality… Blows my mind… I can “sort of” understand if it was someone elses job, but not if it was yours, just a few minutes earlier…

  3. That’s pretty awful… although I am not one that should be telling awful stories!

    I did have an experience with a broken television once, and I had one with my stereo, first one I bought, back in the 70s. I bought it in 75, with a 3 year warranty. By early 78, some of the dial lights needed replacing, so I brought it in for a tune up. Three weeks, I’m told. Huh… three weeks to tune it up and replace a few bulbs? Three weeks go by, I call. Not ready. Four, not ready. I wait two weeks, this time I go there. I ask for my receiver, give the receipt, clerk goes out back…and comes back all sheepish.

    “We lost it.”


    “We lost it. We sold it.”

    “You sold my stereo receiver?”

    I was ready to break out in sweat… but he told me to go in the showroom, pick out one that was a step up from mine, which I did, and came home with a newer, better machine and a new 3 year warranty. I didn’t bring that one in for repairs. 🙂 My eldest daughter now uses it.

    1. Holy Cow! I can’t believe they lost it! But at least they owned up to there mistake! I think it’s great that they let pick out another one at no cost – now that is recognizing the mistake and fixing it. A good example of customer service! Does that even happen anymore?

      1. I was satisfied… with critters, I normally brought our Newfie every couple of months to a specific shop I liked for grooming. On one occasion we needed a boarder, and they didn’t offer the service, so we had to use another in that instance. Well, the new place wished to groom him, and what the hell, you’ve got him, give it a go.

        I go pick him up, and instead of the usual superb job, I got a jagged looking pooch who was none too pleased. He was a big boy, with long hair – his tail fur was somewhere around 8 inches or even more long. They cut that down to like 3 inches. I was miffed. What did you do to my poor bowserino? We never used them again.

        At the other, Bailey was being groomed, and given his size, they worked him right on the floor. Another smaller dog was up on a table. The little one kept yipping at Bailey, who ignored it for a long while. (This is the story as relayed to me by the groomer.) After several minutes of this, Bailey turned his head towards the smaller dog, let out a tremendous WOOOOF! which silenced the room, allowing him to go on receiving his haircut in peace.

  4. If the girls that were working in the kennel at that moment were not the owners or managers, you probably should call or write them to let them know about what happened and how rude the helpers were. Owners and managers often have no way of knowing when something like that happens so they can correct it.

    My mom had a muffler replaced by Midas once, and she called them and took it back several times to tell them that it seemed too loose. Each time they told her they had fixed it. It finally fell off in the middle of a busy road, but Mom managed to retrieve it. Funny – once she walked into the waiting room swinging the fallen muffler back and forth, Midas was able to put one on that didn’t fall off!


    1. I know I should have taken it to the next step and regret not doing so…

      Chuckles! My husband had a similar experience with the alternator! I couldn’t figure out what they fixed but after the fourth time they got it right 🙂

  5. Wowzers. Just this past spring I had a school receptionist call me eight times over the course of two weeks to try to get us to change kindergarten classes, then call and lie to me about the availability of yellow bus service for our chosen class so we would have no choice but to change classes, and then make such an effort to cover her lie – after I had called school transport to verify our service arrangement – that we ultimately decided to change schools. I’m still mad about it. I mean, who does that?!?!?

    1. Yikes! We had issues with enrolling our kids the first year we arrived – no space, wrong zone, ya da da da. I wonder if schools feel pressure with cutbacks and over-sized classes? I’ve discovered sometimes you just have to get past the secretary…

  6. Wow, that’s pretty bad! I wouldn’t go back there either. And as Nancy suggested above–I’d let the owner/ manager know about it.

    I had a problem when I was buying a car, years ago at a dealership. Long story short, they kept putting me off and giving me one BS story after another about why it was taking so long to deliver my car, and then why it was taking so long for them to return my deposit when I told them to forget it. I would up going in there on a Friday evening, when the place was pretty busy, and making a scene about it. They gave me my money back, and one guy left the dealership telling me that if that’s the way they treat cash customers that he was in the wrong place–and he thanked me for shedding some light on how they operated.

  7. I think my parents have a picture of a similar bunch of dogs playing poker. I love that picture.

    sorry about your plight. I wouldn’t go back either if I were you. You are the customer and she blamed you for not reading their minds.

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