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The Walls have Pesky Ears

The sun was shining and it was the perfect afternoon to take my dog for a run at the off leash park. The trails were quiet with a few other souls walking their pups. As we reached the bank of the river my dog jumped in for a swim. 

I stood behind the bank and could hear two women talk, “I saw Esther at the club.”

“Did you see the work she had done?”

“I know! Did you hear about her husband?”

As I stood there listening to these two women talk I was able to connect the dots one plus one equals…Yes! I did know who they were talking about and was slightly appalled by the cattiness of the conversation. I would have liked to have feigned disinterest and pretend to ignore the gossip.  But It’s hard not to connect the dots or ignore a juicy discussion that is right in front of you.

As  my dog ran out of the water and we turned away. I was slightly surprised that they were so open and loud about the conversation.

I thought of the old saying “The walls have ears!”

I am human I have shared or savored a tidbit of gossip.I would like to think we are all enlightened individuals but sometimes it’s fun to discuss the time Norma had too much to drink and danced with a dirty old sailor. However, if word got back to Norma how would she feel  that we talked and chuckled about her amorous evening.

I have realized somethings should be left unsaid because you never know when that gossip can comeback to bite you in the butt. The walls always have those pesky ears and you never know who will hear it!

Have you ever shared a tidbit of gossip? Did it ever return to bite you in the butt?

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  1. Oh, I’m sure I have – more than once. I’ve been lucky to mentally block those! You see, I learned a long time ago that using that gossip opportunity as a positive works much better for me. When it comes back around, it’s a positive! I really try to avoid embarrassing moments – they are too painful. I’m not graceful enough though to never have them! 😦

  2. I think everybody has gossiped at some point in their lives, although I do at times, it still really annoys me when all people do is gossip. I was actually having this conversation with my friend the other day. :p Oh, and poor Norma. :p

    1. It’s true! But there is many other things friends can discuss such as life, books, art, music, politics…I wonder what draws us to the rumor mill? And chuckles to poor Norma! Every gal needs a dirty ole sailor from time to time ;P

  3. I’m sure…although age and experience has led me to a place where I avoid such things, at least consciously. My (last) supervisor told me ‘you know how to keep a secret’, a reference to the issues in my life, coping silently. Yup.

    1. I think when friends confide in us there is a line we should never cross. I would dread ever losing my close friends trust. We should never throw anyone under the bus….I would agree with your supervisor and I think it’s good that you are finally open to talk about everything 🙂 I’m still waiting for the memoir!

  4. Absolutely! I taught myself how to look up court case history one summer in middle school, principally because my mom wanted me to look up someone she was interested in dating.

    I looked up everybody whose name I could think of. One of the people I thought of was my science teacher, who’d had multiple speeding tickets, a fact I had to share with absolutely everyone in my entire class. All paths led back to me, so I got to divulge how it was I’d discerned this. I helpfully pointed out he was the only one of my teachers who had a record.

    All the research was worth it, though! I was able to use a piece of information gleaned from that to say, “O RLY? It was all made up? How about that restraining order by [x]?”

    I do believe we build the world with our words. I’m trying to disengage from gossip and/or try turning conversation to gentler topics. There’ll be times where it’s important to speak forcefully, or to speak up because doing so is necessary to find peace. But overall? I’m trying really hard not to speculate in ways that are or may be hurtful to others. I’ve seen a lot of damage done from that, and I don’t want to be the cause of it . . . !

  5. There is some difference between harmless gossip, of which many are guilty, including me, and malicious title tattle where the reputation and feelings of the person discussed are held in scant regard. That easily becomes a sort of bullying and I don’t have much tolerance for that

  6. I think we all are guilty of sharing gossip. It is so hard not to……especially when it is harmless. My mom learned of some “major gossip” that related to a former neighbor of mine, through a mutual friend. She didn’t want this “knowledge” of a long term affair cloud my feelings about this man, so she didn’t tell me until weeks before he passed. She swore me to secrecy, but I begged her to tell Marc, since he knew the man well. After lots of conviencing, she agreed… And when I told him, Marc admited he knew for years… Sheesh!

  7. I’m a secret keeper, especially if that secret could do harm if let out. That’s not to say I’ve never been drawn into gossip, but like @Nelle, I’m older and wiser now. And, seriously, I do such a good job of getting myself into embarrassing situations, I really don’t need to talk about anyone else’s major gaffs!

  8. I try very hard not to gossip or be drawn into it, unless the subject is a positive one. Word wounds heal much more slowly than physical wounds do, and leave much deeper scars. I don’t really want to be part of that if I can help it. Positive gossip, like rumors about someone being up for an award, or possibly about to get married or something like that is much more pleasant anyhow! That doesn’t mean I always meet my goal but I do try.


  9. I’m sure we’ve all found ourselves on either side of the gossiping phone line at some point in our lives. I have luckily, with experience, learned that gossip whether listening to it, or spreading it isn’t good for anyone involved. Would I have left the river bank having overheard the two ladies talking??? Probably not (just being honest) but I would have kept the information to myself (ha, or shared with my husband…which is as far as things go for me). Great post!

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